Wednesday, December 03, 2008

today's patience report card:

That's my grade today using the PatiencePauseButton.

In all fairness, though....

It happened while I was on the phone with a supervisor at X-Box regarding the repair they need to do. The box is under warranty, and it is a problem they are plenty familiar with (it even has earned the name "Red Ring of Death" --woohoo!). What XBox does in this situation is to have you package up your system, and they email you labels to print out and bring with you to the shipping place.

The problem? The have tried to email me the labels twice, and I haven't received them. So they emailed them to TheMostImportantGuy instead, and still no dice. They have tried to snail mail them to my physical address. Twice. No dice again. I have now phoned in 7 times over 4 weeks, had 5 case numbers, and have spoken to 2 supervisors. I still have no satisfaction. I have to call back tomorrow to give them another physical address to attempt to ship labels to. I would have called them back today with that, but I was too busy sending an email to the guy from the local news station that has the segment where they resolve crap like this (I have no idea if he's interested, but it sure felt good writing that email, dammit!).

So, ummm. Yah. Pause Button: F-A-I-L
Oh, well. Tomorrow is another day.
At least MyFavoriteKid and I are doing noticeably better. Hooray for that.


Djinn Jen said...

Oog, the Red Ring of Death. Ours did that, though thankfully there were no label problems. Also they SHOULD send you a box to pack it IN. They did for us, anyway.

Make sure you remove the hard drive (if it has one) before you mail it. I remember a disclaimer saying "If you send us your hard drive with the Xbox it will either come back formatted or not at all."