Monday, April 06, 2009


Ok, so I missed posting yesterday. Oh, well. At least I'm not all "offical-like" like last year, doing 365 and all....

Yesterday was good. TheMostImportantGuy took me out of the house for a bit so that relationship-wheel could be reinventing. Yay! (I love him so much). Talking and clarifying and taking some actions to correct stuff that wasn't working, and we are back on the path. *sigh of relief* Then we went out for dinner and drinks and came home and had some snuggle-time, and I actually did think about the computer and blogging (I even outright mentioned it out loud), but the other stuff won out ;-)

Today has been a bit hectic, and tomorrow might be a bit busy, too.....It's James' birthday tomorrow (the guy I visit in the convalescent remember him?). It's our regular day to visit, and it is landing on his birthday! I'm bringing him a special lunch and hope to have time in the morning to pick up a couple extra fun things to brighten his room.

That's what's up here. I feel a bit shallow with this post. I have some other stuff to delve into, but as par for the course around here, I need the time to actually sit my ass down and type it. And I can't seem to find that big of a block of time these days. Must fix.


Unknown said...

:-) Happy to hear all is well with you and your boy.

~Donna~ said...

Yay! and Happy B-day James! Hope he has a wonderful day. :)

My next post is my 500th, so I've been hesitating to post cos I want it to be special. You guys'll probably never hear from me again! hahahahahhahahahaha