Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ahhh, yes...I have an unfinished thought from an earlier blogpost, and I think I said I'd catch y'all up on it.

Earlier in the week, TheMostImportantGuy was bitten while trying to rescue a feral cat. This resulted in a trip to the ER for vaccines and antibiotics. As I mentioned in my post about it, the ER staff had left the waiting room television dialed into Animal Planet, nd just in time for it's NightTimeScaryAnimalsHaveAttackedMe shows.

I think that in that post, I alluded to the fact that we had a similar incident of inappropriate waitingroom visuals the following day.

It happened when I took MyFavoriteKid to the podiatrist. He has an ingrown toenail issue that had blown up to a degree far beyond my skillset to assist with. He also has a plantars wart that was not responding to over the counter treatments. We were well overdue for a trip to the doc's for some real help, and MyFK was completely freaked out about the toenail part. Like, he was imagining he had gangreen and was going to lose toes. That sort of freaked.

So I had done all of the typical reassuring. This doctor has experience. She is a specialist. All she does is feet. She's has good reviews from other patients. Here's a photo of her, and hey---she even looks like she is a nice person. Blah blah blah....all that.

We get to the appointment, I've completed the neccessary forms, and we are waiting in the lobby. We see one of the treatment room doors open, and hear the doctor saying she'll be right back, and we see her step into a different room down the hall to gather some supplies. As she does this, she leaves the treatment room door open, and MyFK and I now have a perfect shot of the chair that the patient is sitting in. It's sort of like a big armchair recliner basically, but all we can see from where we are stationed is this person's FEET.

And this person is missing at LEAST three toes. The ones that remain are deformed.

So much for my reassurance.

MyFK is trying hard to compose himself, and I am explaining (with no real knowledge or facts to back my ass up) what he is seeing (so of course, he is not buying any of this).

We finally get our turn with the doc, and she's looked him over, and has explained the options, and he is being logical and mature about it, and she is about ready to proceed with what basically amounts to a nail trim. Unfortunately, she is going to do this procedure with a tool that is looking far more industrial than our standard ol' clippers, and MyFK stops breathing, and tears start to well up.

Now, for the doctor, this seems totally out of the blue.

So I tell her that I am pretty sure he is responding to the fact that he had caught a glimpse of the feet of the patient before him, and I see the look on her face as she is processing this, and watching her face change as she is realizing WHAT he saw, and how it is that he came to SEE what he saw, and let me tell you....the doctor...well, she felt so bad....but I could also tell that behind her composure, that she was about to crack up laughing. I could see this in her, because I knew from the moment I met her that she is just one of these people that I would probably love to get to know better and have a glass of wine with. She's kinda "East Coast Open and Out There", she's probably about my age, and she has a kid of her own who is 10, and who was actually IN the office that day, because she didnt have day camp lined up for him that particular week (and by the way, on our way out the door, MyFK talked to her son and said, "I bet you NEVER get ingrown toenails." hahahaha).

Anyhow, the doctore. She THEN goes on explain to MyFK that this person's feet were like that before she'd even met them, and it was not her doing, and then....and I have no friggin' idea how we got there, because this all went so fast, but she somehow ended up using me and my missing leg as an example, and as a similar situation. I'm still not quite sure how that all went, it went whizzing by so fast, but she noddd to me as if to ask me if it was okay to use me as an example, and I nodded back yes, but like I said, I didnt even quite get how it was all working out! I just know that she understood, and MyFK understood, and that I had no idea what I'd just missed, but whaddya know, MyFK said he was going to be okay, and to proceed. I wasn't about to ask for a replay and break the flow. She snipped his nail, stuck a bandaid on it, treated the wart while they talked about basketball and what he was going to do this summer, and then tadaaaaa....he was cured. Every day he's talked about how better his toe feels and how great she was and how glad he is that, "he was lucky enough to see a REAL professional."
(yes, in quotes...LOL)

How am I doing here. I get awfully rambly when I am this tired.

Anyhow, the point of the story was that we had two days in a row of seeing bad things in waiting rooms while waiting to see doctors...the end.

What I did today?
Slouching. A whoooole lotta slouching.

I was going to wake up early and drive to San Francisco to meet up with my sock knitting group, but I just couldn't do it. It's about an hour drive each direction, and for 1-1/2 of hanging out, and then going to a yarn shop so I can be tempted into buying more yarn, which I absolutely I am certain I am not needing any more of.

I stayed home with TheMIG and we watched the Tour de France, then all of the extras from the dvd we'd watched last night, and I pretty much did laundry and cleaned up and got to packing things up, because MyFK and I are going to take off for a couple of days.

But the hotel has I'll see you there ;-)


~Donna~ said...

Good thing you were able to fix that toe with just a little snip snip at the doc's. Spencer had to have toe surgery - twice - to remove his - one each side. He was a trooper and it really wasn't all that bad - day surgery over in 10 min and all that.

Anyway, I skipped sock club too as I was without bike - flat tire! and spent the day getting supplies and then fixing it.

Have fun on the trip!

not supergirl said...

Don't you love it when you work with a professional you can respect AND think you'd like outside of the office, too? I've been so lucky in that respect.
In fact, my MD gave me a great tip about plantar warts that has worked for me. If you soak your feet in the hottest water you can stand for about ten minutes a day for a week, the warts will go away. Not only did it work for me, but when I called the podiatrist who'd intended to slice my feet without doing anything else first, he laughed at me, so my doc offered to get in his face about it. She's the bomb. (If you want to try the hot water thing with your son, it may help - and the water shouldn't be hot enough to burn, obviously.) Better luck with the visuals at the next dr. appt.!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Donna ~ Well, let's SEE if we can fix it. I am hoping that it was just a trimming error that occurred while I was on tour last summer (that's when it all started). But it DOES run in the family, and he might need more work if he keeps lapsing back into it. Also--I am actually glad to know we both missed it, cuz most of why I wanted to go was to visit with YOU! I would have been bummed to have missed you!

not supergirl ~ OOo I like the advice, thank you!