Friday, September 14, 2012

i might be taking things just a little too far

If you were squicked by the last snacking vulture action photo I posted, then do yourself a favor and scroll no further....because this one is gooood and snack-y!

Let me tell you how this photo came to be.

I was leaving from a pit-stop at TheNewDiggs, and as I rounded the street corner, I almost ran over a vulture because he was snacking in the middle of the road on freshly squooshed possum.  I slowed down, and MrVultureMan (and no, I have no idea it this is a really a Mr or Mrs Vulture) put his food down and moseyed over to the curb.  After I passed, he went back out into the middle of the street to work on his snack again.  I pulled over and watched him do this routine over and over again. As every single car approached, the car would slow, the vulture would drop his food and go to the curb and then come out again in between oncoming traffic.  But the poor guy never got enough of  a chance to get any food!  Then a FedEx truck almost took him out.  I went from feeling a little bad for him to feeling concerned.

So you know what I did?

I pulled around, got my wheelchair out of the trunk, used a plastic baggie that was in the car as a pair of gloves, and dragged the squished possum by the tail over to the side of the road and launched it onto the lawn of the house we were in front of.

MrVultureMan was watching this whole operation from his perch on a nearby roof.

He seemed a little leery of eating the possum after I moved it...well, he probably wasn't leery of the possum, he was probably just leery of me!  I was still standing there waiting to see what he'd do, and I suspect that for a moment there, he thought that I was competing for his food, and that my grabbing the possum was some indication that I was wanting a snack too...and besides, I was also in the scary wheelchair machine!

Eventually though, he could resist no longer.

I know.
I might be taking this whole "Wild Kingdom" thing a little bit too far.


Anonymous said...

Once a chef, always a chef.

Linda said...

Wahoo, here's to permitting vultures to do their natural cleansing of the environment!

Donnaj said...


Kerry said...

And I thought I was crazy for taking in a monarch with a bum wing! LOL Thanks for making me feel perfectly normal. I need that every now and then! ;-)