Wednesday, July 06, 2011

a post made in an attempt to cover up last night's kvetch

I knew that a good night's sleep would make a world of difference. I woke up at 6am (with a headache, unfortunately, but...) in a much better mood.

And then I realized, wow! I'm always running around all over the Bay Area doing all the things I do, wondering, "whenever am I going to find the time to schedule a four-hour-window for this or that repair person." And guess what?! I have now have it! And hey....I finally have time to try out that loom I bought 6 months ago! How's that for making lemonaid?!!!

I try. Really, I do. LOL
And I can do this. I know I can. And with a positive attitude and everything.
Sometimes I just needz me a good fallin' apart to get the energy moving, is all, I think.

So, it's 7am here, California time, and some comments have already come through on last night's blogpost.

To TheBon: I love you, too. And I'm doing everything I can to try to make this trip happen.

To PickyKnitter
: Thank you so much for reminding me to put on the gratitude hat. You are so right. The outcome of everything has been amazingly good.

To Evil_Cat_Grrl
: Yes, I do meditate regularly. It's the only thing that has gotten me through the last four months without falling apart until now LOL. I am going to beef my practice up a bit here at home, and I'm already working on coordinating with TheMostImportantGuy so that I can take a break and get to the zen center for more formal practice on Saturday morning.

Yah, I am toootally on a mission to find dog-care. My regular vet is a half-hour south of me, and over a bridge with tolls (I never switched vets when I moved up here because I love them so, and have been using them for almost 20 years). Because of the distance, the folks they know that do pet-sitting don't work up in my area. I've spoken to the ladies that run the doggie day care place I bring Riley to once a week (the day when I'm on the road for 13 hours), and they have some referrals. And I've got a few other local pet owner peeps I know that I need to check I'm going to go check the bulletin board at the local dog park and see what I can come up with.
As for my own vet doing boarding: they do. And they will take Riley in their regular boarding area if he is well enough and needs nothing more than medications. Couple of problems with that, though. First, Riley would have to walk through the hospital area to get to the boarding area, and I'm super worried about freaking him out. He already "hates" the vets. And their boarding area is really set up like an animal shelter. They are in a strip mall, so the dogs are in crate sized kennels, and taken outside twice a day for walks. I know it wouldn't be the end of the world, but our usual kennel has a bit more freedom (bigger kennels and huge outdoor pens for the dogs to run around in for hours). Secondly, I'm not sure what state of health Riley is going to be in by the time this travel opportunity happens (three weeks from now). If he heals well, he might just be on meds, and then the vet could kennel him. But they are worried that the damaged tissue my be necrotic and that he might need a second surgery to cut it all out. They also aren't quite sure if the sutures are going to hold his jaw together, and he might need another surgery to add wires or pins or something. If any of that happens, he'll be in a recovery phase again by the time I would travel, and then they can't board him. I think they could keep him in their hospital area, but that would be at their hospital rates, not their general boarding rates, if that makes sense (the hospital and the boarding are in the same strip mall, but in two separate buildings, with two different sets of staff, etc...if that makes any sense).

So, yah. I'm working on things. Especially myself :-)

Thanks for all the support and comments and love for Riley...and sorry for not calling you out here individually on that score, but Riley just starting pacing around and whimpering, so I am outta here and hitting "publish"!! XO!!!!!