Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a public announcement (so that it sticks)

I hereby proclaim that I will be back and blogging daily, come rain come shine, come highs come lows, come suckass contractors come beautiful bathroom (but please oh please, let it be a beautiful bathroom, already...sheesh!)....

Sunday September 1st.

You can hold me to it ;-)

Thursday, August 01, 2013

something like an update

Long time, no

Hello, friends (and hello, blog! I almost forgot how to log in. Sheesh!)

I left rather unceremoniously, didn't I.  Sorry about that. I really didn't mean to freak anyone out.  I stopped due to problems with the blogging service, and then I kept away day after day for different reasons at different times. The list is long.

Over the last week or so I'd been thinking I'd start back up again Aug 1, but to be honest, I'm still not quite there yet.  I have a couple more weeks left of a hectic summer before MyFavoriteKid goes back to school, and I have a couple more weeks left of this danged bathroom renovation at TheNewDiggs.   The damn thing was supposed to be a 4-weeks-or-so project (maybe a bit longer as our sub-contractors have been on summer schedule with their families) but this is now week 10, and it will probably be 12 weeks in total before we're done.  Quite frankly, there's been so much drama and stress around this renovation at times, I even get sick of hearing myself even thinking about it, let alone talking about it, and there is no way I have wanted to reinforce my angst by typing it up.  And you can thank me for sparing you. Truly.

A couple more weeks. I'm giving myself that. It's a good thing. For all of us.
Look for me mid month or so ;-)

X's & O's to all of you, and thanks so much for the notes checking in on me. Love you guys :-)