Tuesday, May 31, 2011

garden haiku

Cherries looking good.

Sad: birds are eating my fruit.

But my cat eats birds.


More on dad tomorrow. No conclusive news, but the docs at least have some interesting hunches....one that involve rare syndromes that can only be identified by tests that take days to get results from.

Monday, May 30, 2011


The closest I was able to get to a Memorial Day event this year was driving by between the hospital and home.

Dad's the same. ICU. Ventilator. More tests. And they don't know what's wrong.
Ahhh, the not knowing.

I'm the same. Tired.

I'm not sure how I managed to get everything done this week that I did, to be honest with you. Out of the whole to-do list, and all the extra appointments, the only things I missed were teaching knitting at the senior center (a volunteer position), and getting it together for the freebie blog. Everything else I managed to pull off, even though I wasn't sure how I was going to manage, and that was before dad getting sick, too.

This afternoon TheMostImportantGuy and went to the new digs and walked around with paint chips trying to figure it all out....

(ooooh, hey...that's the new floor in the sunroom/studio)

Painter comes next week, and once he's done, TheMIG moves in. I am finally starting to feels some excitement around the whole "house thing" again.

But of course we still have "phase two" of the remodeling to deal with next. The in-law unit (the apartment above the detached garage in the rear), well....the general contractor and his crew start demolishing tomorrow.
So here we go again LOL ;-)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

i'll take the humor anywhere i can get it right now

One thing that gave me a laugh today:
A display in the window at a sporting goods store (next to the local Indian food restaurant--lots of take-out lately):



Way. Too. Tired.

Things with dad are about the same, except that he's been moved to another hospital. Closer, but with shittier parking....so it's all relative, really. It will probably still take me the same amount of time to get in and out to see him, just less time driving and more time parking and trekking into the building.

Still in the ICU, still on a ventilator, still no clue as to what is wrong.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

snaps on saturday

The kindness of neighbors.
MyFavoriteKid re-auditions for next season's Youth Symphony.
We go see him perform in this year's season finale.

Sent from my iPad.....in the ICU.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Another freebie friday with no freebies.
Sorry. There are other pressing matters. Stay tuned.

Current logistical stuff about dad:

Still have no idea what is wrong with him (tests= negative, negative, negative), still in the ICU, still on a ventilator, still being kept sedated, while they try to figure it all out. When they take him out of sedation, on what they call "a sedation vacation" to see how he's doing, he's responsive, which is great. Mom and TheMostImportantGuy (how I adore him) were up there all morning together while I tended to getting my broken wheelchair repaired. I came in and relieved them for the afternoon and went with dad when the took him down to the imaging department for an MRI (the current theory is that there might be some sort of damage or infection in the neck area). His drip ran out of sedation stuffs just as the MRI was ending, and they asked me to come be with him because he seems calmer when family is talking to him. He knew it was me and was able to acknowledge me with a nod of the head or a hand squeeze when I asked him things.

Having spent much time in the hospital and under sedation myself, I somehow developed an affinity for certain hospital sounds. I particularly adore the rhythmic suction noise of certain ventilators, and I looooove the whir of CT scans and MRI machines. It was very calming for me this afternoon. While they did his scan, I knit on a simple, repetitive, cozy wool wrap I have been bringing with me every....and I listened....

...and snuck photos.

My current logistical state:
I am so thankful and grateful for the zen center and the opportunity to practice at the recent retreat (when was that?? LAST weekend?? Sheesh! What a time warp!). I am keenly aware of how present I have been able to be the last few days, and it's been such a help. I once heard a buddhist teacher say that every time you meditate it's like putting a drop of medicine in a bucket, and then when something comes up and you need the medicine, the medicine is there. I am finding that to be quite true. At the time when I heard him say that though (a few years ago), I remember thinking that even if I was meditating and I was somehow able to "make" this so-called medicine...I had no friggin' bucket. Well, I now DO have a bucket, a container if you will, and the bucket for me has been practicing at the zen center. The the forms, the practice, the sangha (the community, the people), and the teachings from the zen master there....they are the bucket. And I am so grateful.

Today I really just watched everything around me, and in me, come and go (turns out that around me and in me are becoming one and the same). My thoughts, my feelings, the events that were taking place around me...I somehow just found myself just being present, just experiencing it all, not pushing it away, not grasping onto it, just being with it.

It's been pretty dang awesome I tell you.

I have a little story about the moment where I took that picture above, actually.

Dad's ICU nurse today was the bomb. She was so attentive and caring, and just...on it. She was so focused on dad and his needs, but she was also watching my mom, and she also kept checking in with me and how I was doing.....and while they were getting dad ready to in to the MRI machine, I was just watching her, and...well, the whole team, really.....and I was just so taken by how much they all were caring about him. I mean, dad was pretty out of it, totally sedated at that moment, he will probably not remember any of it. But they treated him like he was there (which he was). And they whole crew was talking to him, even joking around with him, and telling him what was happening, and what they were doing, and how great he was doing, and I just got so full of how amazing it all was....and my eyes started to well up....totally out of appreciation.... and the nurse saw it out of the corner of her eye, and so the next time she had a moment she came over and sat down and asked me how I was, and I told her what the tears were for and that it was because I was so thankful for how great they were all being with my dad.

(And that was your daily dose of run-on sentence. Cubed.)

Anyhow, if I had been absorbed my thoughts, I would have missed that experience, and wouldn't have gotten feel what I was feeling at that moment, I guess is what I'm trying to say...and today was full of moments like that in all shapes and varieties. I was more present than usual with feelings, and sounds, and tactile sensations of all sorts, etc etc. I'm diggin' it ;-)

the rooftop "garden" at Kaiser
photo taken Wednesday when I went in for the nerve conduction study on my arm,
right before the shit with dad hit the fan

I am doing okay.
Just exhausted.
But I'm here, and I'm present.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

clouds coming going

Typing from iPad, so this update might be a choppy mess.

Dad went to our local Kaiser yesterday afternoon with chest pains. EKG showed issues, more tests needed, but they couldn't perform them there, so he was transferred up valley...that's where my post came from last night in the ICU.

All tests negative, heart strong, no blockages.But also not knowing what's wrong. Dad was out of it because tests required pain meds. Came back to hospital first thing this morning and dad was up, and alert, and feeling well. Doc thought he'd be transferred back to the local hospital, because they'd performed the tests Kaiser could not, and dad seemed stable.

I left for two hours to go get the mammogram (at our local Kaiser, no less) and also an x-ray for the right hand since we're still trying to sort that out. Called mom when I was done to see if dad was going to be transferred and if I should just stay put...but mom said while I was gone dad had other "event". Came back and dad was in lots of pain. They did more tests to check for clots...negative. Bunch of other stuff, negative. They got his pain managed and they said he was going to be stepped down from ICU and maybe transferred back to Kaiser tomorrow.

Left again to pick up MyFavoriteKid after school and to get him ready for his big school band concert. Last middle school band concert, and he's first clarinet, plus had a solo. Called mom after the show only to hear that dad is on a respirator. There's blood being pumped out from his stomach and his blood pressure is wackadoodle and low.

I come into ICU here just around 10pm and here's mom with PBS on watching a re-run of the special about the buddha.

And so that's where I am and where thing are. I am calm but very concerned and completely exhausted. And hungry. Going to try now to go fix at least that last one.

Thanks so much for all the notes and mojo. Will keep you posted.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

remember what i said would happen?

Remember what I said would happen if ONE MORE THING got added to my plate this week??

It's 8:15pm and I'm in the ICU waiting roomwith mom becuase dad is in the hospital. They thought it was a heart attack, but now they have no friggin' idea.

More news soon.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

half-arsed and distracted...

...because I am typing this while watching the season finale of Dancing With The Stars. This is not at all a regular thing for me, but I somehow got sucked in when this go 'round when they got down to about the last 5 or 6 dancers or so.

So I'm typing during the boring parts and commercials LOL.

How about I do a little generic response to comments and oooooo....wait! I know! First I will show you my own little dance floor?

In progress, of course...but GET OUT !!! Dudes! Will you look at that?!!!!!

Still to be sanded, still to be sealed, and in the end it should look a little bit closer to the existing floor. Not exactly, not perfectly, but the goal is to have it feel like it "belongs". It should flow. The existing floors were installed in 1932, so hey. One of my favorite things about this floor guy is that he really wanted to match the wood exactly (same type of wood--white oak, same width boards, same method of installation). Everyone else bidding was pitching engineered flooring that wouldn't match. Another favorite thing about this floor guy is that he is doing some special tweaks for me to make a really smooth and gradual transition between the rooms for my wheelchair (the sunroom/dance area is a different height and could not be tweaked because it is slab concrete).

My other favorite thing about this guy is that he's an independent local. And this is exactly what bums me out so much about the broken window. Yeah, it's his fault the window broke, but I'm really bummed knowing that it will affect his bottom line, and that he's going to lose money on this job. I mean, he's a one man guy (with a couple of guys in tow on busy days). He does have insurance, and all...but he's going out of pocket on this one. He's really been stand up and professional about the whole thing.

As for why it is me that is making the arrangements for the repair and not him, well....I think it actually makes sense. This way he's not bringing another contractor onto the property (and one that he doesn't know, because he's never had this happen before), and this way we don't have to doubt the quality of the work. I'm cool with it. Someone is coming Thursday morning to look at the job, and I asked the floor guy if he wanted me to get a second bid since he's paying, and he's really fine with whatever we need to do. We'll just take it out of the final payment.

Ok. As for cutting down the to-do list this week.
I don't see it happening. It's achievable, just packed. Packed, packed. I couldn't cancel the dentist because it was not a routine visit. I had gone in a couple of weeks ago to replace an aging partial crown, and I had to go back this week to get the temporary out and the permanent new thing in.

And as for the mammogram, while I was due for one this year anyhow....this is not something I'm wanting to postpone. I noticed some changes a few weeks ago. I saw the ob-gyn last week for a manual exam, and she noticed it, too. She's pretty sure it's just a fibroid that was noticed a few years ago that we've been keeping an eye on, but she agrees that I should keep my appointment. You never know if something wicked is lurking behind there.

M'kay. I'm off to finish the show. Pardon the typos and babble if there is any, because I'm not re-reading this! G'night all :-) xo!

Monday, May 23, 2011


As you know, I missed doing the regular Freebie Friday thing, and I know I said I'd do it today, but I've changed my mind, and I'm really sorry, but it's just the way it is. I'm fickle ;-)
I'm just gonna wait to catch up until this Friday.

But I have other things I need to take care of here.

Hey. Do you remember my telling you that there is one room of the new house that we call the sunroom? And that it overlooks the patio and pool? And that it's called the sunroom because....well, because it's sunny, duh...but because one entire wall of the room is floor to ceiling windows?? I'm sure I've mentioned it. It was washing that 27-foot expanse of windows that caused me to blow out my shoulder and create my new arm pain. Remember?

Well. Today the flooring contractor started (which means the FINISH LINE is in sight, by the way). The floor guy is refinishing and resealing the entire upstairs floor, plus the downstairs bedrooms. He is also ripping out that nasty-ass carpet that is in the sunroom, and he is putting in wood floors in there.

He calls today, about 4pm.

"The floors are all sanded and have received their first coat! But you have a little problem in the sunroom. Well, actually I have a little problem in the sunroom. I broke one of your windows. A nail shot out incorrectly, and it took out the inner pane of the dual paned glass."

Kids, that panel of glass is about 6' x 7'.
Sure am glad it is his little problem.

Well, money-wise, at least. It still is my problem, because he's asking me to make the arrangements to replace it. TheMostImportantGuy helped me sniff out a glass place (the ones I called were only scheduling a couple of weeks out). And I called our handyman to see if he could put something up to keep it from being a hazard in the meantime. But it will be me that needs to be there to meet with the glass dude, make sure the floor-guy is in agreement with the bid, and then oversee the installation. Whenever that is.

It's just funny to me, at this point.

See, I was looking at my schedule for the week last night, and I said to myself, "WOW, this is going to be one crazy week! I have all of the regular stuff I need to do, plus MyFavoriteKid has several end of school year events, plus there are end of season Youth Symphony things, plus my wheelchair broke and I have to get that repaired, plus I'm scheduled for my mammogram this week, plus I have a dentist appointment, plus they want me to go in for a nerve conduction study on my arm....holy crap, it's one of those weeks where the schedule is so packed that if one extra thing comes up, I'm sort of screwed!!"

And now something has come up.


I think I'm only laughing about it because....well....once you do the obvious and schedule the repair, what the f%#$ else are you gonna do?!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

as the world turns...

Or should I say, as the mind wanders...

Somewhere in the middle of all that floor staring, come about Saturday evening, my brain was like, "Holy crap! Yesterday was Friday! And I didn't do the weekly Friday business on the blog!" (I let that thought go. Not much I could do about with my arse glued to a mediation cushion).

Tonight I am busy reintegrating myself back into the household routine, especially the parts where it involves the parenting of the teenager (lots of end of year happenings causing shifts from the routine). But tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow! In the afternoon! I will draw, and I will put up another lil' somethin' somethin'.
Stay tuned.

And for now, g'night...and I hope you all had a great weekend :-)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

snaps on saturday

live, from the center.....


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Friday, May 20, 2011


Lotsa people from other zen centers are visiting this retreat.
Get a load of what my neighbor uses as her lap blankets:

Om :-)

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

more on that....

Ok. Time for some comments on comments.

Pickyknitter writes:
OK I'm dumb, why can't you drink out of a chipped mug? If I threw out all my chipped mugs and plates I would starve. PS. I like the idea of "the cup is already broken" - except in my house it is "the cat has already peed on this".

You wanna know what's dumb? Every. Single. One. of my cereal bowls from IKEA has a chip on it. Every. One. (I just checked). And I use them. I think the chip thing has something to do with a perfect memory being soiled by an imperfect mug or some shit LOL. And I'll see yer one cat and raise you one peeing chihuahua ;-)

Jen Anderson writes:
See, but I think repurposing it would be Buddhist too because it takes things so long to decompose in landfills that it's irresponsible to just throw things away in the name of embracing impermanence. Or something.

Dude. You are such an enabler.

thestashattacked writes:
Found some. Dunno if they're exactly the same, but they look very very similar.

Oh yay...that is THEM!! EXACTLY!! But I kinda hate you (in the best sort of way) because holy crap it's a set of mugs, and they have not just the mugs, but an actual espresso cup with the matching saucer...and matching bowls...and matching towels...and matching....


Well, I'll have plenty of time to reflect on this cup thing some more, to be sure.
Three day mediation retreat weekend again.
Yaaaaay FLOOR!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

this cup is already broken

"One day some people came to the master and asked 'How can you be happy in a world of such impermanence, where you cannot protect your loved ones from harm, illness and death?' The master held up a glass and said 'Someone gave me this glass, and I really like this glass. It holds my water admirably and it glistens in the sunlight. I touch it and it rings! One day the wind may blow it off the shelf, or my elbow may knock it from the table. I know this glass is already broken, so I enjoy it incredibly.'"

~~Achaan Chah Subato, Thai meditation master

I first read this years ago, long before I was practicing buddhism...and it really stuck with me....although I could swear that the word "incredibly" was replaced by "completely"....and I could also swear that he was talking about a "cup" and not a "glass".... and I only tell you about these silly little differences, because when I completely broke my favorite cup the other day, this is exactly what resounded in my head:

I know this cup is already broken; so I enjoy it completely.

Okay. Maybe it's not broken completely. It is just chipped. I do know the difference.

But let me tell you the story of this cup. I first saw it in a Peet's Coffee shop and I did not buy it because....well, sheeit...ask me if I really need another coffee cup, right?? I actually had to exercise huge amounts of self-restraint to resist buying that cup, because when I saw this cup, it brought me straight back to Paris in one big whooshing sweep of memories. I will never forget that trip, nor the moment in time that this cup reminds me of.

I was in France for two and half weeks as an exchange student during culinary school. It was a weekday morning, very early, and none of my traveling companions were awake yet. I slipped out of the hostel we were staying in, hopped on the Metro, took an exit on a whim, and when I came out of the station, there I was, next to a huge fountain on the banks of the Seine, with Notre Dame in view. There was a corner cafe, and I sat down for the best cappuccino and croissant I have ever had in my life, and I watched Parisians rushing to and fro getting to work as the sun came up and the fog lifted. I will never forget it, nor how I felt (the excitement of travel and history and all things foreign and adventurous!), and this damn cup had the power to bring it all back.

And out of self-restraint, I didn't buy it that day that I saw it at Peet's,

And out of lack of control and sentiment, I went back to buy it....and it was gone.

And then a few weeks later, I just happened to be in another Peet's in a different location, and it was there, and I practically took down a display shelf lurching at it crying, "mine! mine! mine!"

This cup transports me to Paris every single time I sip from it. I love this cup. So much so, that about a month ago, I was thinking that I realllllly needed to get rid of a few mugs from the cupboard as it was becoming crowded, and I shit you not, I said to myself, "You know...I really don't need more than one mug. If I were to keep just one, which one would it be??" And of course this is the one that wins (ask me if I actually tossed out the others, and I will hear a lazy slacker saying no).

I am attached to this mug.

I dropped the mug the other day, and it's not "broken broken", but it has chips all over the brim. No, I was not drinking from the the mug all chipped up like that....it's just been moving around the house from place to place as I cannot seem to bring myself to throw it out. There it is in that photo right next to the laptop and my bagel crumbs as I type this. Why is it next to the laptop?? So I could google around and try to find a replacement...how about that for attachment?!!!!! Sheesh. And now, as I sit here getting ready to toss it, I am of course thinking I should really try to find a way to re-purpose it somehow or something. Like here I am, in my mind, breaking it up into pieces and embedding the shards into cement and making little garden stepping stones for the new house ....because I cannot let go of this impermanent THING.


Yes, I know I am attached to memories, not the mug. Yes, I know that even if the mug is gone, I still have the memories (although spend a few weeks visiting convalescent hospitals like I do, and you'll know that the memories aren't always permanent either, but fuck....at least you could have your mug to maybe jog 'yer noggin'). I know that I should probably just quit being wistful about Paris for crying out loud, and just go back....because I have wanted to ever since.

I think what I have always got out of this little buddhist broken cup story, is the notion of enjoying things while you have them. And I do that. But I never quite got to the part where you contemplate the fact that you don't have to be attached to the thing if you recognize that it isn't always going to be there anyhow.

And the cup is now back on the kitchen counter again LOL.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

second verse, same as the first!

Because I spent a huge portion of my day with a migraine (a migraine in the ItsSoBadI'mTossingMyCookies category), I am simplifying things tonight with another vintage photo.

That's me, 2nd from the left....airborne.
Circa Feb 1980, as you can see from the ink bleeding through from the back of the photo.
I was a cheerleader in 8th grade, if you can believe it (and it is hard to believe, because by 9th grade, I was a flunky and a trouble-maker LOL)

Monday, May 16, 2011

vintage me

My laptop has been restored and is back in my grubby little hands!!

(although now I must ponder how lost I felt without it, because I had no idea I was so dependent)

This is me as Dorothy in a 6th grade presentation of The Wizard of Oz.

There's no place like home.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

so much for trying to be clever

I was so danged certain that I could use my mini photo scanner thingamajiggy and get a vintage snapshot of myself onto the iPad, thereby creating a post that would be somewhat ineresting, but with very little typing 'CUZ AS MUCH AS I LOVE MY IPAD I CANT STAND BLOGGING ON IT and I reallllly realllly miss my laptop....and the iPad isn't reading the scan off the SD card.

Instead of a vintage photo ypu ow get one "lovely" run-on sentence.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

snaps on saturday and a belated freebie friday

This blogging without a full sized computer is a real pain in the ass, I tell you. Waaaah!!

Thanks to TheMostImportantGuy however, the laptop is spending the weekend with one of his IT guys from the office, so with any luck, you won't hear me complaining much longer.

Here's a SnapOnSaturday:

It's the new ceiling fan in my future dance space at the new digs. Man, I am getting sooo excited now. The guts of the house are almost done. Insulation is wrapping up on Monday, and then it's floors and paint, and then...that's it!!

For awhile. LOL

In-law unit renovations still occur throughout the summer and early fall, and then early next year we're back into the main house for kitchen and bath remodeling...but hey! The main house will be functional and traffic free for a few months in between...woot!


Freebie Friday (on a Saturday LOL)

The winner of last week's super cool pattern keeper was Margaret, whom I can't link to, and is very new here (first timer, even?), and got here via Karen (and no, you didn't win because you and Karen think I am funny...hahahaha...but thank you guys!). You won because TheRandomGenerator chose your lucky number! Please see the link to my email address in the sidebar of my blog and send me your mailing address and I'll get this right out to you!

I'm also still waiting to hear from KathodeRayTube on the cute little WIP bag from the week before....and I may be missing something due to the laptop blowing up, so please do try me again!

On to this week's Freebie!

It is another one of my all time favorite knitting do-dads that I'd rather not live without.

The first time I saw one of these, I was at StitchesWest in the Carolina Homespun booth, and a few of them were sticking up in a bowl of rice near the register. I picked it up, looked at Morgaine, and said, "Holy crap, this is clever," to which she replied, "It's better than clever. It's genius. And I can't figure out why one hasn't existed before. We had to get Laci's to make it for us. One night a bunch of us were sitting around knitting at a retreat and we were complaining that what we really needed was a this exact tool. I crochet hook with a needle point at the end. We were talking about how it would solve all our problems, and we were trying to figure out what we'd call it if it existed, and we joked that it would be "A Tool Called Wanda". So it's now the Wanda Tool."

It's an awesome thing. I use my for EVERYTHING, but the basic use is for picking up those pesky dropped stitches or for fixing mistakes. Once you pick up your stitch you can knit right off the other pointy end. I cannot even tell you how handy that is if your mistake was in the middle of a bunch of decreases and yarn-overs in a lace project. One of my favorite other uses involves that little divet in the middle. It's really the thumb grip, but it also makes for a perfect cable needle. I go into the stitches with the hook end, slide then onto the divet, and knit off the pointy end.

And the double ended crochet hooks? Where the hooks are alternating, one up then one down? Perfect, I tell you, PERFECT for fixing a boo-boo in garter stitch. You never have to turn the hook around.

You can buy these through Laci's individually, but here you go: A full set.

To toss your name into the number generator, just leave a comment saying so, and it shall be done. I'll draw next Friday and post!

Hope y'all are having a great weekend :-)

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Friday, May 13, 2011

pretend with me. please.

I know it's Friday, but pretend with me it isn't. I'm a bit off kilter. So tomorrow I will pretend it is today (except by then it means yesterday...?).
Let me just collect myself tonight.
Tomorrow will be a Freebie Friday plus a Snapshot...and I wil figure out how to do it all on the iPad, too dangit.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

very very sad.

***I wrote this and posted this Thursday at 5pm, but blogger was down from noon Thursdy until Friday morning!!

No more Tad.

Tad, TheMostImportantGuy's kitteh, is "no moar".

Tad was a quiet and slightly gumpy ol' man of 17. His age was beginning to show the last few years, but a few weeks ago, TheMIG brought him to the vet for a booger-y nose and serious lack of appetite, and it was determined that Tad's kidneys were just huge with cancer and that he didn't have long given the signs.

For the last few weeks, every time TheMIG has stayed over, he has brought Tad with him. We have made the den his bedroom, but we'd bring him out as much as possible whenever my cats were outside and gone for the day and the dogs were snoozing. Even when my pets were around, they didn't bother Tad. I think they all knew :-( Many nights, TheMIG made up a little cot in the den so he could sleep in there with him.

The last couple of days Tad all I could keep saying was that Tad looked like a, "big bag o' bones". He wasn't in any pain at all, but he was getting wobbly, eating less and less, getting loved on more and more, but last night he just couldn't get comfortable, and was starting to lose bladder control (or at least couldn't make the effort to get to the cat box anymore). This morning TheMIG brought Tad to the vet and the vet assured that given his level of toxicity, had he waited longer, he probably would have started having seisures, so I guess the timing was right.

I am sad.

I have a couple of neato pictures of him....but they are on the blown out laptop (well, some of them are on an external drive, but I cant hook it up to the iPad)...so I can't show them to you right now. If and when I get access again, I'll do a belated memorial type thang. The photo here on this post (and I'm hoping like hell I was able to attach it correctly) was taken just this morning while TheMIG was sitting with him waiting for the vet's office to open. I think he looks like an angel.

TheMIG and I are going to be making a little pet cemetary at the new house. We had my old cat Tramp's ashes in a box, and FlashTheLeopardGecko is entombed in a box of sand we have yet to bury. TheMIG's other cat NewMew who passed a couple of years ago is buried at his current place, but the in the bottom of a huge panter box.....so we're going to move all of them to the new house and plant a lovely little memorial garden or something.

TheMIG told me a little story about Tad. He brought him home when he was a wee little kitten, and he already had NewMew. He put wee little wobbly kitten-head Tad down in front of NewMew to introduce them to each other, and NewMew looked at him, bopped him on the head, and walked away LOL. I do recall them being better friends as they got older, though ;-)


I am sad.

Or did I already say that...?

Yes. I did.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am feeling quite lost today without the laptop. TheMostImportantGuy is arranging to have his IT department fix her up. Apparently the virus I contracted was a doozy, and the whole harddrive has to be pulled out and connected to another unit or something (since I am not computer literate and therefore know not how else to describe it). All I know is that replying to emails and creating blogposts is more difficult.


Things at the new house are cruising along. The insulation guy is doing his thing on Monday, and then what we need to do with the "guts of the house" are done. Then we're on to paint and floor refinishing and installation....and thennnnnnn.......it's a break, and TheMIG moves in.

And thennnnn..... we fix the in-law unit (go team!).

Speaking of teams, I'm watching the baseball game, so I'm gonna get back to that...and my knitting!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a poem for you from TheMIG

blah blah blahg, i say
virus attacked laptop yesterday
browser, start menu, everything POW!
boyfriend + ipad = poem for you now

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Monday, May 09, 2011

best / worse

WORSE : 10pm and laptop contracted a virus, and I am definitely NOT the resident geek, so I am blogging via iPad (prior to 10pm my worst was that I had some dental work done this morning and by 5pm the temporary filling fell out)

BEST : the electrician has finished everything at the new house, it passed inspections, and (woot!) he brought in a cople extra pair of hands to clean up his mess

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

happy mother's day

happy mother's day

Saturday, May 07, 2011

snaps on saturday

Was my kale. Is now snails.

Friday, May 06, 2011

freebie friday

Wow...so many of you loved last week's little project bag, it makes me wish I had a plethora of them to give away instead of the assortment of things I have in the pile! (but I do have other things of greatness still left in the goodie bag...trust me).

The lucky winner (compliments of the TheNumberGenerator) is: Kathy (aka Kathode Ray Tube) Shoot me an email with your mailing address, please! (link to email in the sidebar)

If you didn't win and you really really want one of your, you can still have one! Not for free. But hey. You'll be supporting an indie crafter, right? You can order yours here ;-) Check back often as she makes new ones in different fabrics all the time.


This week (as every week, actually) I am giving you one of my favorite things (because I am only giving away my favorite things LOL). This is a knitting tool I would rather not live without. Ever. It's a pattern keeper from Slipped Stitch Studios.

Admittedly, I own more than one of these pattern wallets, but this one is my absolute favorite.
Sheep. Dog. (get it??)

So here's how it works. You open it up, and there is a non-glossy, just thick enough, plastic page for you to slip your pattern behind (or recipes or travel itinerary, yadda yadda). It can hold several pages easily.

If you want, you can use optional "magnet thingies" to mark your place.
Oh, and there's a place to stick a pen or pencil.

You can also bend the whole thing backwards on itself, re-snap the closure, and it will stand up like an easel.

How cool is that.
(I'll tell ya' how cool. So cool that I'm not even putting in a question mark.)

On the back side of the wallet is a small zippered pocket. Mine usually has a tapestry needle in it, a little dropped-stitch fix-it tool (stay tuned, because I'll be giving away some of those, too), and often the ball-band that came off the yarn.

And this week, I'm not giving you something that is sort of like mine. I am giving one that is exactly like mine.

Well, except that your sheepdog is on the right and my sheepdog is on the left. Yay for handmade!

Just leave a comment on this post to add your name into the hat. Say whatever you want, but I still choose the winner with a number generator (although you guys really do write some amazing "why I need this" stories LOL). You can even leave a comment if you have something to say but don't want to be entered...just say so, so I don't toss your name in.

I will draw and list the winner next Friday! Have fun, and yay weekend!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

vintage me

some sort of musical extravaganza (LOL)
Jewish summer camp

Me, on the left in the yellow...age 14

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

my only haha

The biggest giggle of my day (found on the blog for Yarnista/ThreeIrishGirls):

Women and cats will do whatever they like. Men and dogs should just get used to the idea.

The NON-haha's??

* Spoke to mom oh the phone just after dad's KidneyDoc appointment and wants to meet in person to discuss the results.
* My(NotSoFavoriteAtTheMoment)FavoriteKid back-talked at me today in front of his friend, and I had to ground him, so he flung things around, and accidentally hit me across the face with his guitar amplifier cord.
* ThePainter cannot start on time, and needs to start a week late. Another delay. Yay.
* TheWindowCoveringsGuy called to say that even though we spent two hours and forty-five minutes together ordering coverings for three windows, there was an error, and the fabric I chose doesn't come in the width of my windows.
* I asked the electrician to put a switch on the huge and bright motion activated light outside between the two units....and he installed the switch at the TOP of a flight of stairs (I'm on crutches...hellllloooooooo).
* The electrician either rewired the existing doorbell or put in an entirely new one, but either way...when you press it....it's the full on "ding dong, ding dong.....ding dong...ding dong" elaborate sort of thing. It's almost like Lurch should pop out and say:


Conversation happening right this very moment with TheMostImportantGuy as I sit here typing this:
me: Bah! I am typing! And I am full of complaints!
Him: Yah, so what else is new!!! *laughing*
me: But it is my way!!!!!! *laughing*


Well, I guess there is one more bit of good news today:

The pool. She is fiiiiinally up and running...ready for swimming!!!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My parents will probably kill me for posting this, but whatever. It wouldn't be the first time I was a bad kid, and besides, it's my blog, and I need something to write about ;-)

Yesterday my mom left a message on my phone saying that she was going to have a huge amount of dental work done today. I called my folks house around 2pm today to check in and see how she was doing and if they needed anything.
This is the actual conversation:

(*ring ring*)

Dad: Hello?

Me: Hi, Dad...it's me!

Dad: We just walked in.

Me: Ah, okay....well....I won't keep you long....it's just that I'm on my up to Napa to take MyFavoriteKid to Symphony Rehearsals, and I was wondering if mom might like me to pick her up some soup or something at Whole Foods. I could swing it by on the way home.

Dad: No, that's okay. We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home and I bought a box of wine.

Me: (??!?!) That's it?? A box of wine for dinner?

Dad: Something like that.

Me: So you are telling me that mom doesn't want food, and that all she needs is a box of wine?

Dad: Yeah, that's about all she can handle right now.

Me: (??!!?!) Ok. (?!) Talk to you soon.

Dad: Ok. Bye.

Sometimes my parent just totally crack me up :-)

Monday, May 02, 2011

decisions, decisions.

Hooo boy. Did I ever spend a big chunk of time today picking out a few window coverings for the new house!

Some of the windows in the new house have wood shutters in place (thank goodness). But every. Other. Single. Window. In the house. That does not have a shutter. Has NOTHING covering it.

Being that the house was bank owned, it would seem that the previous owner took anything that was not nailed down and threw it out on the lawn during his month long "flea markets" that the neighbors told me about (the flea market thing explains a lot of missing things, actually).

Anyhow, once we closed escrow, we stapled up some fabric over the nekkid downstairs windows in an attempt to make the place look at least a little less vacant. We were careful to choose fabric colors that actually pass as window treatments (in other words, they don't look like granny's flower-print sheets or anything). They're even slightly coordinated. And it must be working, because we haven't had a "security breech", and from speaking with the neighbors this weekend, they all thought we were moved in. (successssss...*mwahaha~!*)

But now the real fun with the window treatment begins. The electrician is almost done, and the insulation guy comes in on the 16th, and the wood floors get refinished and the sunroom gets hardwood the week of the 23rd, and then the painter comes in the first week of June. And the painter will take down the stapled up fabric covering the windows. And I'll be damned if I'm going to staple fabric back up when he's done.

So I should go out and buy some window treatments and have them ready to go up right after the paint is dry, right??
Yah, well. None of them are standard sizes.

*big fat crazy maniacal grin*

So today I ordered some custom window coverings for three of the windows that need something special (the rest of the windows that are nekkid can get simple rods and curtains that I can alter, and I can do that easy-peasy)....but my visit with the window covering guy today?? That I thought would take about an hour??
Selecting THREE window treatments!


I spent a lot of money.


I have nooooo idea if the TheMostImportatGuy will like what I pick out!

He says he doesn't care, and that I should just go for it, but he says that about lots of things. He's already said that about both light fixtures and paint colors. He says, "I don't care," or "Whatever you choose will be fine," and I say, "Oh, great....then how about this one?" Then he says, "No, that's too modern. " Or, "I don't like the finish." Or the ever popular, "Nooooo."

Wellp, I just blew a wad on custom, non-returnable window shades that I could only describe to TheMIG over the phone before I handed over a deposit on them. It will take a few weeks for them to come in.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

please excuse me tonight.

At the moment, I'm kinda busy knitting things.
Wooly knitwear that I probably won't be able to wear for six months.
It was 80 degrees here today.

I think I need to dig through my stash and pour over my queued up "I wish to knit that" list for a more summery project.
A cotton/linen tank top perhaps?