Sunday, May 15, 2011

so much for trying to be clever

I was so danged certain that I could use my mini photo scanner thingamajiggy and get a vintage snapshot of myself onto the iPad, thereby creating a post that would be somewhat ineresting, but with very little typing 'CUZ AS MUCH AS I LOVE MY IPAD I CANT STAND BLOGGING ON IT and I reallllly realllly miss my laptop....and the iPad isn't reading the scan off the SD card.

Instead of a vintage photo ypu ow get one "lovely" run-on sentence.

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Unknown said...

I know it's absolutely no comfort to you, but I'm learning from your pain. I'd been thinking of getting an iPad so I could work on the go without lugging around a laptop, but you've convinced me otherwise.

Here's hoping your laptop is fixed soon!

~Donna~ said...


I'm not having any luck with being clever either. It all sounds so good in my head, but then when I actually write it or say, well, it's not...