Friday, May 31, 2013

.....and so that is exactly what i am doing this evening.

Busy. Being crafty. New toys. More soon.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

heart attck

It's very late. I'm halfway between being on and in my bed. I'm working on a post.  I hear MrDarcy (the tuxedo cat) come in through the cat door (finally) and I'm about to get out of / off of my bed to go shut the door.

Darcy jumps up on the bed and spits out some big brown blob dead center in the middle of the king sized white bedspread.  I am trying to figure out what he's got but I can't see...the lights are too dim and I am thinking to myself that it sucks that I need some reading glasses, and that's when I see the brown blob is moving and it has a whole lotta legs and holy crap it sure does look like a tarantula (!) but wait we dont have any tarantulas here, do we (?) but maybe it's one of those potato bug things (?) and all off these thoughts are running through my head as I am flying through the air off my bed and screaming, basically.  Lordy.

It ended up being the biggest cricket sort of thing I have ever seen in my life, and he's hopping around and hard to catch, and by the time I finally catch him I have given up on the idea of taking a photo of him for the blog so that you'll believe me how big he if I am going to get him to pose for the camera or something, right?? LOL

Well, I caught him and set him free in the jasmine bush outside of the front door.  And I caught my breath after almost having a heart attack.  And now whatever post it was I was working on is just way way out of my mind by now.

(edited Friday morning for clarity and a whole lotta adrenalin built in typos LOL)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

what i woke to this morning

And Frack.

Sorry so fuzzy.  I was fuzzy when I took it.

I had a horrible bout of insomnia last night. I couldn't get myself to fall asleep until after 11:30. Then I woke up at 2:30am and couldn't get myself back to sleep until almost 6!!  My brain was in "fret-mode".  I thought I'd catch a nap today, but it never happened.  Instead I visited with TheBon online for awhile, went to the library, grocery shopped, taught the last knitting group of the year at the high school, did some hand sewing (my new favorite thing), made dinner, caught up with friends on a Ravelry forum, and then a friend of TheMIG's came over and joined us and the dogs for a late night walk and chat.

I'm hoping the late night walk will help with getting to sleep quickly tonight. I need it!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I made a little list today of the many small things that are weighing on my mind lately.  None of them are huge, individually.  Collectively, though? Oy vey.

I woke up this morning and TheMostImportantGuy was looking at me from the next pillow over, and he was looking all smiley and loving, and I was looking back....all smiley and lovey...the best I could...even though my mind was already beginning it's daily list of troubles.  But smiley and lovey I was.  And then TheMIG said, "You look worried."

I can't even hide it!  Gah.

Once I get into a mental cycle like this, I'm a little wacked.  Deer in the headlights on the outside, racing mind on the inside, basically.  Today I tried to take a little break from my thoughts and do a little "window shopping" on Amazon.  At the beginning, it was very effective!!  And then a few minutes later I realized that I was worrying even worse than before, and that's when I realized I was shopping Amazon for earthquake and disaster supplies!!!!

I had a good laugh at that one.  LOL
I am such a nutjob sometimes!  I am so glad I can laugh at myself, it's awesome.

But it doesn't decrease the list of worries any.

Monday, May 27, 2013

doesnt really matter if george was there or not!!

Even though it premiered on HBO last night, we didn't have a chance to watch Behind The Candelabra until this evening (it was hard to resist watching it on the sly on my own, but TheMostImportantGuy was working an audio gig, and I wanted to see it with him!!).

After seeing trailers for it week after week and getting totally ramped up about it, my expectations were pretty danged high. Well, it totally exceeded my expectation in every possible way. The acting was amazing, by the entire cast (which is FULL of huge names and faces you will recognize).....and I can only imagine what awards the production will garner for costuming and especially make-up (seriously...the face lifts?!!).  Incredible. Not to mention the digital work it took to make it look like Michael Douglas could actually play piano.

My only disappointment was that I kept waiting for Liberace to say, "I wish my brother George was here...."
and he never did.
But then again, I don't really know if Liberace actually really said that, or if I am just thinking about Bugs Bunny.  LOL

If you have a chance to see this...DO IT!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


TheMostImportantGuy is quite busy today.  He is doing a partial day of meditation at the zen center from 6am until noon-ish, then he's working a sound system rental gig for a wedding way into the wee hours.

So I am stag today.

I'm going to hang around the house. Laundry, dealing with the remaining cherries, lots of crafty-makey of things....and probably loads of background television to keep me company. 
That's my plan, and I'm stickin' to it ;-)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

snaps on saturday

Friday, May 24, 2013

dear universe:

Dear Universe:

Okay. You can stop now.  Just. Stop.
You've had your fun. 

First it was the dog's butt. That was a massive chunk of change and a whole lotta effort.

Then yesterday, it was the garage door.  I hit the power switch so we could leave to take MyFavoriteKid to school, and I heard an odd pop. The cable had spun off its spool and wrapped around the support rod. The door wouldn't close, not even manually. I couldn't just leave my garage wide open, so I had to call in a repair guy for an urgent visit. More time and dollars spent.

But today?  Well, today took the cake.  Today I had to bring the car into the dealership because I couldn't lock the rear passenger door. The auto-lock mechanism wasn't working correctly.  I'd lock the doors (or the car would lock itself, as it does once you are driving the road for a minute or so), and the back door lock would pop back open.  I might as well have just hung a "break into me" sign on the door.  I thought maybe the damn thing just needed a shot of WD40 or something, but nooooooo. No, the whole danged locking mechanism had to be changed out!  More money out.  Two hours spent at the shop.

Universe, you seem to like it when things happen in threes, right? case you aren't counting....


I do believe I have fulfilled my quota for awhile, would you not agree> 

Let me also tell you, one other thing, Dear Universe....and that is fact that I am due for at least one day of rest.....but let me clear and tell you that I am onto you.  I know how you are.  If I ask for a break and then you give me the flu, or a migraine, or some other mini (or grand) disaster, and then say, "SEE! LOOK! You are resting!!!" ...


It is  not at all what I am talking about.
You and I both know that is not what I am looking for.
 I am looking for a day with no drama, a day with a little breathing room and no lost time or money. A day to catch up with stuff and perhaps enjoy an extra finer thing or two.

I'll work on manifesting that visually from my end (granola!!!)....and you....well, you just make it so.

With So Much Love ~

Thursday, May 23, 2013

where's a dumbphone when ya need one

I had to take MyFavoriteKid to the Apple store tonight.  Laptop problems, and that is just not gonna work for him during these last two weeks of schools with finals.

So what do I do while I'm waiting for him to deal with "TheGenius" at the TheGeniusBar? (I love that LOL)  I talk to one of the sales reps about how my phone service has been due for a free upgrade since February, and I've been sitting on it. I've had an iPad for a good long while (1st generation), but my phone is seriously archaic.

Which, of course, has me exiting the Apple store with a new iPhone.
My very first smartphone. 

Except I don't feel that smart yet. I am still figuring stuff out.  I feel dumber than when I am using my dumbphone, actually.
I know it's a curve and I know I'ma learnin'  ;-)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the pits

Yesterday I heard it: the squawk of the birds bickering over MY CHERRIES.  The cherry tree branches have been hanging heavy, but I thought I had until the weekend to do something about it.  But if I let the birds get to it first, they'd all be gone (ask me how I know).

So today was a big harvest day.

I paid a neighbor guy a few bucks to come by to help with the upper branches. We pulled enough to fill 6 paper grocery bags!!  He took a bag home and shared it with his mom, then I spent a chunk of my day looking like I was dealing (cherry flavored) drugs out of my car.  I met a friend who cans at Starbucks and gave her a bag. Another friend came to my house and scored on. I delivered some gallon bags full to two neighbors and to my parents. I gave a big paper sack full to the local firemen.

I pitted a ton of them and tried my hand at canning for the very first time.

Jars filled and on their way to be becoming Cherries in Wine (those are the cooked cherries waiting for the wine-y cooking liquid to be reduced and added to the jars prior to hitting a water bath).  Leave it to me to scald the holy shit out of my left hand while straining the sugary cherry wine liquid that had just come off the boil. 
My hand has been on ice ever since.

But the cherries are going to screamin' deeeeelicious poured over ice cream.

I have four more gallon bags in the fridge.  One or two will go to my buddy Kimberly who taught me how to water bath can last Sunday at her place, hence the inspiration.  The other bags that are left... I dont know yet! I think I might pit them tomorrow and pop them in the freezer until I figure it out! Or maybe I'll make some more drunken cherries, or maybe I'll try my (one, good?) hand at jam or a chutney.

And guess what?
We only harvested about 60% of the tree!!!
I might try to get to it. I might let it become the Bird Share!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My last two days:
Deeply saddened about Oklahoma, punctuated by stress about dog buns.

Monday, May 20, 2013

when a really bad tune sticks in your head

All day long today I've had the stupidest of tunes running through my head:

Hot. Cross. Buns.

(except that I turned it into: Hot. Compress. Buns.)
(poor Teeny. poor me.)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

doggone it

Poooooor Teeny.

We had big plans for today, but we ended up spending most of it at the vet.  You see, we woke up this morning to find that Teeny had a little something going on near the rear of the house, so to speak.  It turns out she has a ruptured gland back there. And it turns out that for us that means a combination of five (five!!!) medications or topical ointments that need to be administered twice daily for 2-3 weeks. 

And that doesn't count the hot compresses.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

snaps on saturday

The. Last. One.
No more announcing until next year.
Thank goodness.

Also today?
A quick trip to SF where TheMostImportantGuy bought more fancy clothes (I have created a monster...the best kind of monster...he looks hot!!).  A pear and gorgonzola pizza with a "Spring Pimms" cocktail before leaving the city.  Dinner with friends, chinese food and a huge lazy susan.  Local Vallejo Comedy night.  Back to our place for a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity.


Tomorrow, I clean the oven.

Oh well. It can't all be a party, can it?

Friday, May 17, 2013

i already am a slave to my animals... don't you dare give them a bell.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

on glamour

Makes me feel like maybe I should be putting on eyeliner more than just a couple of times a week! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

captain quirk

Today I was at TheNewDiggs while MyFavoriteKid was having his weekly snare drum lesson, and I noticed that our little resident robot...

....was trying to pull a "beam me up, Scotty!" teleporting maneuver by way of the Sodastream.

TheMostImportantGuy must have been at the controls ;-)

Monday, May 13, 2013

elvis is in da house

Well, he's in the convalescent hospital house, that is.

And it is good news that I know this, because this means that James has been returned "home", as he calls it (sometimes he says his home is "19B", like it's an actual complete address or something, which always bums me out a little bit deep down inside).

A few weeks ago James went into the "hospital-hospital" for a bladder infection and ended up having his gall bladder removed while he was there.  He also struggled with low blood pressure. He was in the hospital ICU so long that the convalescent hospital gave up his room temporarily, but they never packed up James' stuff, which was quite the pleasant surprise.

I came in today to see him back "at his home" and he was a bit of a mess. He was having a bit of trouble breathing and I had to have his oxygen machine checked over (it was on the wrong setting). I had to push the staff to get him a shave and then to get him put back into bed because he was so uncomfortable sitting up in a chair (he had asked to be taken out of bed and put into a chair only because he knew I was coming to I  needed that.  

A few of you have asked about what I might be able to do to help him more, but I really need to remain a volunteer.  Yes, it's true that I could do more for him if I was power of attorney, but that is not a responsibility I can accept. It's just too much for me.  I signed up with a volunteer organization to visit someone who doesn't get visitors. I've had many buddies over the years, but usually they are much older and are in a deeper state of decline with their health, and even if they don't get regular visitors, there is often a family member several states away taking care of important legal details.  James refuses to fill out any Advance Care Directives, and if I had power of attorney, that would leave me to make some decisions about his life that I'm just not about to do.  It would also leave me responsible for many other matters.  I just can't take it on, as much as I love him and have grown close to him after 8 years of weekly visits.  He does have a sister.  Sure, they're not very close (she lives 8 hours away and they are so far apart in age that they barely knew each other growing up) but she is in the picture a little bit (a letter and a care package a couple of times a year), and I'd rather any big decisions be made by his own family.

What I am doing for James is contacting the county to see if he qualifies to have coverage for an official healthcare advocate.  It's just the best I can do for James from the volunteer visitor perspective.

Anyhow, back to today at Chez19B. At one point during my visit with James I heard music floating down the halls, and I went down to the lobby and lo and behold, there was a SortaSkinnyFatElvis belting a few out.  James had heard they were serving up root beer floats and that he could go get one since he had gotten out of bed and into a chair,  but since he asked to be put back in bed he couldn't go down and get one, so I went down and I scored one for him. He was very happy about that, too....back home AND ice cream.  A good day for him.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

scenes from mother's day

A pile of cards for all the moms we had over today: Me, my mom, TheMostImportantGuy's mom, and TheMIG's sister. 

I did a brunch today for all of us at TheNewDiggs.  With the moms of course was: MyFavoriteKid, my dad, the brother in law and the niece. The only one missing was the nephew, who had to work.

There I go, tinkering around with the set up the coffee, tea, beverages.  I cooked several things for the brunch, but I tried one new recipe that was a very big hit, and that was a baked blueberry french toast dish (it was super-good, not to mention that it was so easy to make it practically made itself).

After brunch we sat on the patio and chatted while the kids floated around in the pool.

And here's the card MyFavoriteKid gave me.


Happy Mother's Day to all the other SuperMoms out there!!  I hope it was a fabulous day.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

snaps on saturday

It's official.

I am entirely sick of this view.

It's actually not so bad when the music is good, and it most often is, but today was just horrible.  The judges in all 3 performance venues said it was the lowest scoring day in their entire careers.  At one point, a middle school concert band performed Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. It's doable. I've seen it more than once. But the band that did it today was so bad it made my eyes water (real tears!), and when I turned back to look at the judges, one of them actually had his head in his hands (he might have been trying to cover his ears).  I think I heard Freddie Mercury actually turn in his grave, I shit you not.

At these things you sometimes see incredibly amazing band directors, and sometimes you see some that are not so good (or even bad). But today I saw couple that I swear to you may actually have been harming these poor kidlets. Like, damaging. It's a little sad.

I have one more day of this, next Saturday (and just Saturday, no Friday next week).
I hope we go out with a bang :-)

Friday, May 10, 2013


Thursday, May 09, 2013

one thing i will never get sick of

Thanks to volunteering for 5 weeks in a row, I'm a little bit sick of looking at the interior of the high school band department/theater.

That being said, I will never get sick of seeing MyFavoritKid on that same stage.

(a Super-Booster-Mom has already put up a video)

The school hosts two more weekends of the Music In The Parks events (in which I volunteer....MyFK, volunteers, too!... as other schools visit ours to be adjudicated). Once Music In The Parks is done, I think MyFK only has one more performance this year:
Performing Pomp & Circumstance at the graduation ceremony for seniors.

Being that this school is only 3 years old and the first year open, the school started only with Freshman & Sophomore's, this year is the school's first graduating class!


Tonight on the way home, MyFK and I were talking about how over the last few months I've started to notice that I'm in the very beginning stages of "missing him" as he grows up and is noticeably "growing away".  He hasn't really gone anywhere, not nearly as far as he will go once he is of age, that's for darn sure....and he's been headed towards independence and autonomy since the day he was born, right??  I've noticed it all through his growing up, or course.  But in the last few months, there has been another wave of detachment, and it's noticeable.  It's right on track, it's how this deal goes, but it's real interesting that I am starting to really feel the difference within myself. 
MyFK told me he's already missing me a bit, too...and that he loves me. 
And then he asked me to tuck him in ;-) 

Somehow I think no matter how old your kid gets, your kid will always be your kid.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

as seen at ikea the other day....

Need I tell you how much this pisses me off?

May that jerk never crash that bike, may he never end up in a wheelchair, and may he never not be able to access his car because he cant roll up to the door.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

what is up with all the table shots lately?!!

I dunno!!!

But here's another!

Tuesday night knitting group at the sports bar!  Giants game, beer, food, friends...
and I worked on some needle felting.

Monday, May 06, 2013


I realize this is a first world problem, but ohmygosh, did I ever get lost in IKEA today.

I purposely waited for a weekday morning when it's nice and slow so that I could run in and pick up three things:
~ a few magnetic boards (a photo project at TheNewDiggs coming soon!)
~ a glass (to replace one in set I broke)
~ and a couple replacement light bulbs for my folks

I don't go to IKEA all that often, but I knew that all of these things would be on the marketplace floor and where, and this was going to be one very quick dash-in/dash-out affair. 

I walked through the marketplace door, and they had rearranged everything. By everything, I mean that not only did they relocate the various departments (kitchen, bath, organization, etc), but the had also moved the walls around, and therefore the maze that IKEA can be was totally not where it had formally been.  Employees were all over the place moving stuff and stocking shelves and even they didn't know where anything was when I asked for help!

Of course, we all know that stores rearrange so that we will get lost and therefore discover new things to buy as we find our way.  And I did leave with more than 3 items (add cute paper napkins and some shelves my handyman suggested I check out for next to the stove in the kitchen).   

But 15 minute dash-in/dash out?

Sunday, May 05, 2013


(delayed post, user error!) 

A fabulously fun Sunday with friends, food, knitting (and some smuggled in fresh lime daiquiris!)....a bunch of us happily lost 3 whole hours hanging out at the weekly Off The Grid food truck even at Larkspur Landing.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

snaps on saturday

Ok. I might be getting just a little bit sick of this.

I have more to say on the subject, like why I might be getting a little bit sick of this...but now that I am home and relaxing with TheMostImportantGuy (and on a kid-free weekend, no less), I'm done thinking about it for the moment!!

Friday, May 03, 2013

today's tables

The Friday Morning Knitters table...

The Ladies Who Lunch table...

The Announcers table at the High School (again...and tomorrow, too)...

More announcing tomorrow from 8am to 3pm, but the rest of the weekend should be full of fun :-)

Thursday, May 02, 2013

if it were always just as simple as a glass a water

The jumpy leg stuff stopped late Wednesday night, so I finally got some uninterrupted sleep (although not enough)....but then I woke up at 5:30am with a splitting headache.

I was absolutely headed for migraine territory when I realized....I was really thirsty!  Like, really really thirsty.  It's been in the upper 80's low 90's here, and....well, I was really dehydrated!  I drank two full super large glasses of water, and viola! Right as rain, headache gone.

Now if I could only make that glass of water trick work on everything else!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

and tomorrow will be a better day

It just has to be a better day, because today sucked ass.

I think I have mentioned this before, but every 4 to 6 weeks or so, I get this thing I call "jumpy leg syndrome" in my short leg.  There's no rhyme or reason to why it happens (and I have analyzed it to death with the intention of not ever doing again whatever it is that causes it).  I know that it's nerve related, that it feels like it comes from the sacrum or down the sciatic nerve.  What I can say for sure is that it feels like I am being electrocuted and that I stop breathing for the few seconds it is happening (unless I am exhaling a curse), and that the moment it stops, it is gone.

But sometimes it happens periodically throughout the day.  And then there are times when it lasts for a few days. And then there are days, like today, where I wake up in the middle of the night with it, can't go to sleep, pain meds don't respond, and I get electrocuted every 30 seconds or so for hours and hours.  It's days like that when I finally whimp out, buckle, shed a few tears....and no matter what I do I can't get comfortable. My breath gets taken away so many times that I give myself a headache on top of it all, and my shoulders get so tense that I wish someone would send me a cabana boy for a massage (daaaaang, wouldn't that be nice?!!!)

Anyhow. I wasted an entire friggin' day due to this.  I took pain meds that made me super dopey but didn't take the pain away. I have been awake since 4am.  And I didn't do diddly squat except feed everyone that lives here.  Oh, and I knit a few rows!!  THAT was good!

So tomorrow will be better. I am sure of it.