Monday, May 27, 2013

doesnt really matter if george was there or not!!

Even though it premiered on HBO last night, we didn't have a chance to watch Behind The Candelabra until this evening (it was hard to resist watching it on the sly on my own, but TheMostImportantGuy was working an audio gig, and I wanted to see it with him!!).

After seeing trailers for it week after week and getting totally ramped up about it, my expectations were pretty danged high. Well, it totally exceeded my expectation in every possible way. The acting was amazing, by the entire cast (which is FULL of huge names and faces you will recognize).....and I can only imagine what awards the production will garner for costuming and especially make-up (seriously...the face lifts?!!).  Incredible. Not to mention the digital work it took to make it look like Michael Douglas could actually play piano.

My only disappointment was that I kept waiting for Liberace to say, "I wish my brother George was here...."
and he never did.
But then again, I don't really know if Liberace actually really said that, or if I am just thinking about Bugs Bunny.  LOL

If you have a chance to see this...DO IT!!


Kathy said...

I don't know if Liberace ever said that either, but thanks to Looney Tunes, I assume he did! I am dying to see Behind the Candelabra but we don't get HBO, so have to wait for DVD.