Sunday, January 31, 2010

get 'er done

I finally sat down and tinkered with a shawl I had been working on a few months ago and set aside because it had a mistake....very far back.

As usual, I couldn't just leave it and keep knitting, even though it was probably going to be unnoticeable in the long run.

But I also didn't make the time to fix it. All sorts of excuses. Never enough time or good lighting or a flat surface. Today I finally did it. I dropped down, ohhhh....over 100 rows?

Probably the real reason for my stalling the fix is that I'm not a fan of dropping down to fix garter stitch. I'd rather fix an error in a complex lace pattern than repair plain ol' garter stitch! But this time I used a double ended crochet hook for the first time and it was a snap! It was good to finally get it out of the way, and I'm moving on now, making progress again.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

snaps on saturday

Love. Birds.

I watched these two for awhile at the pet store. Every where Yellow went, Blue followed.
Almost took them home just to ensure they'd never be separated.
Lord help me. I do not need to rescue more animals.

Friday, January 29, 2010

yay more socks

Hey. I just want to say a big thanks for all the comment this week, you guys. It was really a treat to hear from y'all. *hugs*

More socks.

Another pair of socks, done. And again, as part of a KnitAlong with the Sock Knitter's Anonymous group. These socks qualified in the December category for "Almost Socks" (because they are short). I love them because in summer this is pretty much the only type of sock I wear!

* Ravelry Project Pageg
* Started: 12/31/09
* Finished: 1/29/10
* Pattern: Just your standard sock. I winged it.
* Yarn: Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop, "Riders On The Storm"
* Needles: US 1½ / 2.5 mm
* Notes: This was my first time knitting socks with handspun (though I didn't spin it myself, I learned about my spinning by knitting with it). The socks have a folded cuff. In retrospect, had I skipped doing that, I may have had enough yarn to do the whole sock. Instead, I had to use a contrasting color for the toe. I like it though. The red gives the socks a bit of a SockMonkey quality, which I find pleasingly silly. I'm tempted to needle felt some eyes on there and make a face!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


(photo taken from my front stoop)
Yesterday was dry, but for me it was still mostly foggy and overcast.
This morning the fog was lifting around 8am, revealing blue skies, which have not been seen in these parts for weeks.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hey! I forgot to share some knittin'.
(good thing, 'cuz I am wiped out, and this might help fend off TheBabbles)

Miss Marple Socks

These are socks that I was working on as part of a Mystery KnitAlong with the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry. I had until midnight EST on December 31st to finish them and also post a photo. The picture ablove will show you that I finished then while out to dinner (with my loving and most understanding family) on New Year's Eve. Right. There. At. The. Table. I got the photo uploaded 15 minutes before deadline. Talk about cutting it close.

Here's the details:
* My Ravelry Project Page
* Pattern: Miss Marple, by Star Athena
* Yarn: Dream In Color Smooshy, November Muse (the brown)
Knit It Up! Shiny Toes, Plainly Sensible/Charlotte Lucas (the blue)
* Needles: US 1, 2.25mm
* Notes: This was my first time using slip stitch colorwork on a garment (I've only ever done it on a dishcloth). It was a totally fun and addictive knit, and I really think they turned out quite spectacular :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ten on tuesday

Well, it would seem that the Ten on Tuesday person has missed a few weeks, as there is no topic posted! I've decided to make a list of my own this week.

Ten Comments That I Need To Respond To

I read every single comment, love and appreciate them all (except for the asian spam...what-up wit dat?!). I love the support of people who comment regularly, and I love it when one of you finally de-lurks to say something. At times I am diligent about replying to every single comment within the comments, and other times (like, ummm...since Jan 1), I fail to do that. I know y'all have told me I dont really need to reply to comments, but the truth is, some of you actually ask questions in the comments. So here are some that have popped up since Jan 1, and my replies.

1) Jan 4, Jennie asks: So when you left the pub, did they have to rename it The 2 Cripples pub? LOL Actually, as I was leaving, a little girl in costume was pulling a sled around with a little boy in it. She stopped to talk to me because I asked her if she ever got a turn at getting a ride. She told me no, and that it was hard work pulling around her brother Tiny Tim. So for just a moment, we were 4 Crips!

2) Jan 5, (formerly) no-blog-rachel asks: Did you get a chance to visit the Lyman Museum and their home next door? No! We did not. We really wanted to, and even drove right by it, but we got goofed up that day because I had to return the rental car and get a new one (the check engine light had come on!). But we did go to the Tsunami Museum, and also the downtown Hilo Farmer's Market. I love Hilo.

3) from Jan 8, Carol asks: Did you know you are nominated for a Bobby on Ravelry? For your profile pic? Yup. I found out just a few days before you mentioned it and I posted about it here on the 19th. What I still can't figure out though is when the voting ends! Do you know? I cant find it anywhere, and the mods of the bobby awards arent even answering someone who asked the same thing on their forum board!

4) from Jan 15, Jenna asks: We don't have that brand of meatless products around here, do they make good products? Keep looking for it! It's a new product! I actually found out about it just a couple of days ago when I saw a chef using them in a demo on the Ellen DeGeneres show LOL. All Whole Foods carries the line, as do some regular (more independent) grocery chains. The brand also has some "chicken" stuff too, but I've only tried the "beef" cubes that I showed you. I sauteed them in a little olive oil before tossing them in the stew, and of course I sampled one before I tossed. I actually preferred it sauteed. Was good stewed, too...but the consistency was most awesome right out of the pan.

5) from Jan 19, jodi asks: Dear gods, is that Whitesnake up there? Heh. Indeed it is. Girlfriend knows her HairBands, doesn't she!! That picture kinda makes me want to roll around on the hood of a car LOL.

6) also from Jan 19...For those who missed it, I posted about a contest, which is still running (click here, scroll down)...donna guesses: Most likely to do time? Nope. And I did that before my senior year anyhow ;-) ROTFLOL.

7) from Jan 22, donna wonders about malas: Wonder if I can make one. Sure! Why not? Actually, the monk at the zen center told me that he had made his own. In zen practice, malas have 108 beads (plus the big one with the knot indicating the round)...except they often come in fractions of that number. The monk made his 54 beads and so he goes around twice. Mine is 27 and I go around 4 times. I do have one with 108 beads, but for me the 27 is easier to manage with the bowing. The 108 one goes flyin' around. Oh, and since you are the bead lady, check online (a place like here) for some lovely inspiration....and go for it! ;-)

8) from Jan 25, ragnar asks: Second of all...why did that make me start crying? After reading your comment, I realized I didn't really even know what caused me to cry! So I went and watched it again (the 4th or 5th time in two days, and it still gets me teary-eyed), and payed attention to when my eyes would well up. What I can tell you is that it is not the performance itself. It is primarily the response of the people watching. Watch it again, and pay attention to the onlookers!
There is something completely magical to me about what happens when we get to be witness to art (or anything, for that matter) that completely takes us by surprise. Look at the faces! Look at how the people watching just sort of get caught up and merge into the whole experience in their own varying ways! There is something so entirely profound about what happens when something so spontaneously surprises us! And I find it really powerful when that sort of experience happens to a whole group of people at once (it's actually very similar to the way people will connect over a tragedy as well, yah?)
What also made me happy-cry about this, is knowing that a whole huge group of people came together to create this magical scene for the witnesses. They become magicians. Shit stirrer-uppers (heh. I like that.).
And lastly, what makes me emo...look at what a range of performers! Look at them all! And look how soooo many different types of people pulled together to make this happen! This is not like being moved at the ballet by a troupe, ya' know? This is normal people. ANYONE could have been part of this project, and that to me (as a fan and participant of dance), is super-duper awesome.

9) not a question, but I must acknowledge this: Thanks for all the comments regarding migraines. Special thanks to Barb for pointing out the possible aspartame connecton. That may actually be it. I'm not sure I would have noticed that on my own. I'm tinkering, tracking, and recording.

10) Also not a question, but Gwen pointed out that my job description with the cancer stuff is to support the support. So very true. And I am also thinking that makes me S.S.AmpuTeeHee.

I'm going to add one more here. I can't call it #11 because it's so important it should come before #1. It's a personal note in response to Carol: I did not know about your dad :-( I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending love & light your way *hugs*.

Monday, January 25, 2010

what caused me to happy-cry today

I had seen the "stillness version" of this sort of thing before, but never had I seen this:

Just makes my eyes squirt.

The link was forwarded to me by KarenTheDancingLurker, my co-dance teacher and fellow collaborator, because it is related in some ways to an image we are using to inspire our current choreography in progress:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

snaps on saturday (on a sunday)

Oops. I guess my Blog365 attempt just became Blog364. Oh, well. I'll still keep at it.

I had taken that photo Saturday morning with the intent to post it last night, but I totally passed out from exhaustion before remembering to post it. Saturday I was up at 4:30am to be back at the retreat by 6am (oh, and Friday was a full day of practice, not home until 10:30 either!). Yesterday was full with zen practice, but also the spinning class and the dance rehearsal, and then back to the zendo more not home again until 10:30-ish! And today, Sunday, back up at 4:30am again!! I am soooo tired.

I had wanted to log on to post this a couple of hours ago, so I could finally crash, but the power has been out all evening.

I'm not sure if one single thing I have written has made any sense at all and I'm too exhausted to read it an edit, so please forgive me if it makes no sense and just scroll back up and look at the pretty picture.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Friday, January 22, 2010

lets go zendo

my mala (counting beads I use for prostrations/bowing)

I'm on my way to a 3-day retreat at the zen center. I will be there today from 9am-930pm. I will come home to sleep and take care of the pets.

Saturday should be interesting. The practice schedule is technically 6am-930pm, but I have to turn it into a split-shift to accommodate the spinning class and a dance rehearsal (both meditative in their own ways I suppose--especially if I intend them to be so). So on Saturday, I will practice from 6am-10a, break for the spinning and dancing, then practice again from 6p-930, then home once more for pets and sleep. Sunday I'm back at the zen center for the full program, but it's a shorter day.

This retreat will be my longest practice period, even with the break on Saturday. The only other retreat I have been to was a 1-day practice a month or so ago. The retreats are basically set up as half-hour sessions of sitting (zen meditation) broken up by walking meditation and some occasional chanting, some eating.

The general gist with sitting (in zen meditation) is that it is just a given that thoughts are going pass through your mind, but you sort of treat them like clouds. When you notice you are thinking, you let the thought go, and bring your attention back to something, often the breath. Or a question. Or a mantra. Whatever. Point is, it has the potential to be fairly boring (which is odd for something that is actually not as easy as it sounds...go ahead, try. LOL)

Anyhow, back to that 1-day retreat last month. As we prepared that day for our fourth session of sitting meditation that day, I sat down, got myself settled in and comfortable, and then my brain said (audibly, loudly, inside my head):

So! Now whaddya wanna do!

This weekend will be triple the fun. I'm sure my head has all sorts of interesting things to blab at me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

varying degress of disintegration

Hate to bitch, but there isn't much else to say, as things are just falling apart. These are the times I regret my brilliant commitment to Blog365 in 2010. Even I don't care about what I have to say.

First it was that NotQuiteMyFatherInLaw has cancer (now how's that for a that a keeper? Ok. Good. He has been donned.)

Then Rodger died.

Then my parent's cat becomes very ill. Like they can't figure out what it is, and she's been in the hospital for two days with a super high fever.

Throughout I've been feeling invisible (ie..everyone is so wrapped up in their own shit that I dont even know who to talk with to process some or any of this, so I just shut up and blend in with the scenery).

And for the last 4 days I have allowed myself to become ridiculously stressed out by a situation with one of my dance partners. I will talk to her tonight about it and I'm sure it will help. She didn't do anything intentionally, and she doesn't even know that I am irked. What this means is that I have been over here by myself manufacturing my own stress over the issue (which is insane), which also means that I am now getting myself stressed about the fact that I create so much stress! Isn't that just peachy??!! ;-) Love when I take that path (sarcasm, indeed).

And now. You'll love this. I spilled wine all over that yarn I was spinning for homework for the class I am taking. RED wine. See, I washed the yarn, but wanted to speed up the drying process so I could knit the required test swatch before the next class. My brilliant idea was to hang the yarn over the neck of a wine bottle and dangle it off the kitchen counter, over a heater vent.
Except the wine had been previously opened and had one of those metal/rubber stoppers in it.
Or not quite in it, as it were.
I'm swift like that.

This really has not been a great couple of weeks for me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

nothing like a funny face

I am behaving like such a crabcake today! Gah. I'm not sure if it's all the gray and rain, or the fact that I am feeling somewhat invisible. Maybe it's the gloom and doom of all the death and illness that seems to be hanging in the air around me (today, in addition to TheMostImortantGuy's dad being ill, and Rodger passing, we now have my mom+dad's cat is quite ill; we just brought in her in to the vet tonight, where she remains for a battery of tests).


Unfortunately, I wasted a portion of the day worrying about things and feeling invisible and pouting and scowling, watching the pouring rain. Not very productive.

I did manage to do a little spinning today, though. At least that felt productive.

It's for a 3-session class I am taking about how color in fiber plays out in handspun sock yarn. Homework.

Anyhow. My face today. I only think it smiled once, and that was while I was checking out Pride & Prejudice as told using Emoticons. If you are a fan of Jane Austen, you MUST click through.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ten on tuesday w/a side of shameless self promotion & a contest!

~~Ten On Tuesday~~
10 Songs You’re Embarrassed to Like

I started thinking about this topic when it was announced last week, and I decided that my plan would be to make mental note of every really ridiculous song that I heard on the radio that I caught myself singing along to. You know, the songs that not only are you embarrassed to like, but oddly you also know every single word. Unfortunately, my strategy for making the list didn't work out so well. All week I listened to audio books and lectures, or my own music cd's (none of which I am embarrassed to like).

So. I can't name 10 Songs. What I probably can name though are 10 BANDS that I am embarrassed to like. And they probably all have guys with really big hair in spandex pants.
Like this:

Don't worry.
I won't bother with 9 other pictures LOL ;-)

In other news.....

I was going to keep my mouth shut about this, but what the heck. If you are a "Raveler", you might want to go check out the voting page for this year's Bobby Awards. There are many fun categories, actually...but DO specifically check out the ballot for "Funniest Ravatar". It turns out that yours truly has been nominated!


I had no idea I had been nominated (in fact, I didn't even know what a Bobby Award was) until someone pointed it out to me a couple of weeks ago. I decided I wasn't going to toot my own horn here on the blog about it because it sorta feels like stuffing a ballot box or something, but what the heck. Sheesh, I didn't even vote for myself! I voted for the one that says:

I've seen it 27 times now and still makes me chuckle. Every. Single. Time.

I also really like the men of Star Trek doctored up to be wearing handknit rainbow colored ski hats with ear flaps. Awesome.

So do vote for who you want, of course..but if I win I can then come back and tell y'all what a Bobbie Award IS exactly, because I don't actually know (do I get a trophy and do I get to make an acceptance speech? hahaha)

Oooooo! Now, here's a trivia question for you! Oooo! And let's make it a contest!!

In her senior year at high school, Ms.AmpuTeeHee was nominated for which category in the year book?
(hint: it was not most likely to succeed...heehee)

Whoever is first to get it right? I'll send you a handknit reuseable coffee cup cozy to replace those cardboard sleeves, and I'll buy you a coffee (or two or three) in the form of a giftcard to go with it.

You game?

I'll announce the winner here on the blog the same day The Bobby Awards are announced, k? (I'm not sure exactly when that is actually. If someone can figure that out, please let me know. I think it might run til the end of January.)

Have fun! :-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

pile it on, please

This is not the post I had planned for tonight. Was hard at work on something entirely different. But just a few minutes ago I got a call from James (he's my main buddy at the convalescent hospital I volunteer visit at), and now my heart is just not it.

We lost Rodger yesterday.

It's a huge surprise to everyone. I mean, yeah...he was a patient in a convalescent hospital so clearly there were some health issues. But nothing pressing. He was stable. For crying out loud, I just saw him last week. In the last month or so I have sat down with him at lunch and/or visited him for chat in his room. TheMostImportantGuy and I had a nice chat when we visited after Christmas, too. Old and feeble, but sharp as a tack, and signs of decline.

James thinks he had a heart attack, but he's only got that much info through the rumor mill. The ambulance was called for him, and apparently he didn't look so great as they were wheeling him out. Obviously, he didn't make it back.

I go there tomorrow for my regular visits. Maybe I'll run into his family.

I guess if you're gonna spread it on, spread it on thick.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

recnac kcuf

Many things, many things! My head is so full, of so many many things.
Let's start with a big one.

Something's been unfolding over the last few weeks. TheMostImportantGuy's father has a health issue.

It's the big "C" word.

Kinda makes me want to break out and knit him some "Fuck Cancer" Socks or something, although I'm not sure if that would be appreciated.

It's in his bladder. The tumor was found via spy-cam embedded in the wall. No signs of trouble outside the bladder or in the surrounding tissue (good news), so the docs were able to get it out using a minimally invasive technique. While they were in there though, they found more fucking cancer, and it's in the bladder tissue itself. The options now are removing the bladder entirely, or going down the path of chemo/radiation. Or the doing nothing option, I suppose. Which I do not believe is being considered as an option.

There are consultations with surgeons and oncologists to be had over the next couple of weeks. One of the big deals here is that TheMIG's dad (hmmm...he's gonna need a monniker, aint he) also has the additional complication of being diabetic. Either procedure has it's pros and cons enhanced by that fact, so more information is needed. And hopefully it shall be gained expeditiously.

Let us all do some mojo, shall we?

For myself personally, I am just trying keep an eye on how I may be of the most help. So far, it seems like my best function has been to be some sort of EmotionalHallMonitor.

TheMIG's mom (hmmm...more monnikers needed) is the sort of person who will not ask for help because she doesn't want to put anyone out. She's also the type of person who, even if you realize that she does need help and you offer it, she'll refuse it the first time. You have to use the salesman's strategy of "overcoming the objection". Once you do that, she accepts and is extremely thankful. I'm the one kinda pointing out the fact that repeated offers to help need to be made. Or I'm suggesting that maybe we dont even offer. Just help.

Mmm. One other HallMonitor-ish thing regarding his mom. She is a high energy lady who never stops moving. She might just keep herself busy dusting and reorganizing the garage through this whole thing. I'm a bit worried about what is going to happen if she slows down enough that the feelings squirt out. Could get messy. Not that squirting feelings are bad. Just thinking support might be a good thing. Timing is everything.

I'm also keeping an eye on my sweetie. I think he's doing okay. It's hard to tell sometimes. He's the quiet type. He seems alright. Maybe an undercurrent of stress showing itself as fatigue and the need for more sleep. He is doing what he normally does, which is to go on a huge fact gathering mission. I love that about him. When something big (or small, actually) comes up, he does a whole bunch of research...which is hugely useful to everyone involved...but really I think that part of why he does this is because the whole process itself of gathering that information seems to soothe him. I'm so glad I have figured that out about him. When I first met him I mistook it for hiding behind a laptop. I thought it was some sort of avoidance technique of his to have an issue and then run for the computer. Now I know that he isn't logging on to play FreeCell. He's actually getting educated about the subject because....well, isn't it more comforting to be armed with information instead of feeling in the dark about something?

My strategy where TheMIG is concerned is to just keep him fed (so he can focus) and happy. These are things I try to do for him at all times anyhow, but for now I am trying to do them with the added element of "cozy".

There is one big lurking EmotionalHallMonitor concern that I have, though.
It's TheMIG's dad.
This guy is smart and funny, he's a pleasure to be around, and he is very much loved by his friends and family.
My concern is this: I do believe, and this may just be my perception, that because of his ill health due to his age and diabetes, that he sometimes sees himself as a burden to others. I cannot tell you how many times I have felt his distress. He expresses his frustration with me when he can't do something that he would like to, and I have often seen him feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed for either needing assistance, or needing to do less than he thinks he should.

I do believe he is one tough cookie and fighter, but I am really really really worried that there is a part of him that could just use this as an out and give up. I am totally projecting and have no idea if he is really feeling this way, but my point in writing about this is because I'm not quite sure what to do with my worry! (hmm, jeez...maybe I DO knit Fuck Cancer Socks...if not appropriate for him, for ME).

If he really IS feeling this way, I mean, I don't think anyone should deny their feelings if they have them, but that attitude is typically not one that helps the fight, ya' know?? I'm telling you right now: if this here HallMonitor catches him sneakin' around trying to play hookie on life, I'm gonna be the first to kick his ass back into class.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

snaps on saturday

How that the window...

(taken after going to the zen center for morning practice, while walking to the local breakfast diner)

Lots on my mind. You will be seeing more than just photos very soon.

Friday, January 15, 2010

cold weather comfort food


...becomes sssssssssstew....

...which I have not made in quite some time, and which I have never made using "fake meat" (quite yummy, btw)

The season demands it. Cold. Windy. More rain on the way.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

see what i mean?

lotus & koi outside a Japanese restaurant in Waikoloa

Got home very late from dance class tonight only to realize I had forgotten to post earlier in the just like I said yesterday...
more Hawaii photos to the rescue!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

mini-photo album: hawaii style

I've been remiss at sharing some of the photos from Hawaii. I have so many good ones they might just be trickling out for weeks (or not. y'all know how good I am with following up.) when I can't figure out what else to say.

Anyhow, here are few highlights ;-)

My big smile after surviving the open door helicopter ride over Volcanoes National Park, and surrounds.

Oh. There's an active vent from the volcano taken from the helicopter ;-)
(and my thumb. sorry.)

Snapped a shot of a pair of dolphin (wild) from the submarine near Kona.

Me smooching a (not wild--but just as awesome) dolphin at the resort.

Buddha. Takin' in the waves.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ten on tuesday

Ten on Tuesday
10 Best Movies You’ve Seen Lately

Well, this should be quick and easy. I have not seen 10 movies "lately".

1) Avatar. Oh, how I resisted. The trailers made it look like something I would realllly dislike, but the reviews from friends were so good I decided to give it a go. Turns out I realllly liked it.

2) Up in The Air. Also wasn't too sure I'd like it, but I loved it. Didn't like the gaggle of grown women behind me talking and texting throughout the movie though. Sheesh, even my kid has better behavior in the theater.

3) Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Saw it on the plane ride home. Cute, funny. And I totally developed a crush on "Steeeeeve"


I want to thank y'all for the comments about the migraine stuff. I have been tracking all sorts of stuff, but it never occurred to me that the weather could play a factor, and so now I'm tracking that, too. It definitely does seem "cycle related" (IfYaKnowWhatImean) mostly, although I am keeping a real close eye on potential food causes. I really appreciate all the input :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

calling in sick

Well, calling in "migraine", actually.
This headache business has been going on for awhile and as of late picking up in both frequency and intensity. I am in the recording and tracking phase right now to see if I can figure out the cause.
Being that I didn't have a single issue while traveling though, it sure makes me wonder if I am allergic to home.
Ugh. Horrid notion.

Anyhow, more tomorrow.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

re-entry, what a bitch.

I'm actually transitioning to being at home (meaning IN the home) with no problem. Kinda diggin' it, actually. Restocking the house with fresh food, unpacking, laundry, being with the pets. It's all great and I'm actually enjoying it. It's been the coming back to the COLD that sucks!!

Just yesterday afternoon I was complaining that it was too hot to even be wearing a t-shirt, and dang it, why didn't I pack more tank tops?! And this morning?? A cowl-neck sweater, a pea-coat, and a handknit beret!!


I wanna go baaaaaaaack! I want more slices of pineapple and ripe juicy papaya (warm & golden from the sun!)...I don't want to be here craving a pot of stew! Waaahhh!

Ok. End of whine.
Tomorrow I go shopping again for soup ingredients.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

snaps on saturday

Last image taken on the camera today (homeward bound)....

Just got home.
To reality.
(ie laundry started, which in nowhere near as fun as that Mai Tai)

Friday, January 08, 2010


Before leaving on this trip, I fretted quite a bit about how I might not get to do everything I wanted to do with MyFavoriteKid, due to the state of my gimp-ness. I really wanted to be able to show him the rugged parts of Hawaii, and usually I don't worry about any of that, I just go for it -- but I also usually have an adult or two around to lend a hand if I get stuck. Not that I ever neeeeed help (hint: stubborn!), but I am more likely to jump in and try things if I know I have an out.

Turns out that I have pulled off some pretty interesting one-legged feats this trip. There's me hiking a lava encrusted coastline. I was also brave and did what I feared doing the last I was on the Island, which was hiking through a lava tube (ie dark & slippery). I've also managed to climb up a set of portable stairs into a helicopter cockpit without getting my head lobbed off. And I've managed to ascend and descend what was accurately described as "the near vertical staircase" of a submarine, which the staff didn't even think I could pull off.

Now all of this is cool and great because I am surprising even myself with what I can pull off and I loooove impressing and amazing myself and all...but I have to tell y'all that every time I think that I am so great?

It actually pops into my head in the version of a show-tune.

anything you can do, I can do better...I can do anything better than you! no you can't! yes I can!

My head is so silly sometimes.

ps... and I can also knit a sweater and make a pie ;-)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

live! from waikoloa, hawaii

Pretty danged perfect, wouldn't you say??

OH! Wait! Wait! there ya' go! (even more perfect).

Kinda deceiving, those pics. They give the appearance of "wesst an weewaxation!"
Truth of the matter is that there have been very few dull moments. The first half of this trip were spent hanging with locals and visiting volcanoes and waterfalls and whatnot. The second half has been resort-ish, and we are now both sun drenched, water-logged, and just plain whooped.
Not that this is a bad thing ;-)

I'm not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow. We had planned to explore a couple of local beaches, but most of them on this side of the island are closed due to high surf advisories, so I dunno. We'll see. If it's down time (finally LOL) I'll put together a collage of photos or something. Poolside.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

ink blot test

That's right! Still in Hawaii.
Doing some research about how to let the body become one with sand.

You Are Driven and Focused

You view people with optimism. You have many meaningful relationships in your life.

You had more conflict with your mother than your father. Your relationship with her was healthy but challenging.

You deal with stress in an effective and competent matter. You are able to remain calm.

You are the type of person who knows how to get a lot done. However, sometimes you can't help but get overwhelmed by life.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

hello from hilo & ten on tuesday

view from the back of the hotel
(Uncle Billy's in Hilo)

We have been in Hilo for 3 nights and MyFavoriteKid and I are having a blast. Can't say much more about it at the moment however, because we are staying at a mom & pop hotel where internet service is odd. There is wireless (for a fee), and you have to sit on one of two very specific couches to get the signal. Not that I mind. I came here for the local vibe anyhow ;-)

Today we drive over to the other side of the island to stay at a more resort like place, and I've been promised free wireless/high speed internet throughout. If that's true, more to come.

Written before I departed to serve as an autopost...but it's Tuesday, so here it is anyhow!

Next week: 10 Things You're Looking Forward to in 2010

1) collaborating on a group dance piece for March's Rakkasah
2) helping my dance students put together a student performance
3) working on new stuff I want to throw into my teaching mix
4) more time at the zen center, including a few retreats
5) the knitter's retreat in October
6) taking a trip over the summer with MyFavoriteKid
7) setting up a shed full of earthquake supplies
8) investigating the possibility of new/different prosthetic
9) having a smaller, more manageable garden in spring
10) putting in a deck outside the backdoor so it is more useable

Monday, January 04, 2010

3 crips roll into a bar...

If you are getting this post, it's because I'm on vacation.
I am either having way too much fun, or I am recovering from it ;-)

The weekend after Thanksgiving, I went for the very first time to the Dickens Fair in San Francisco. We met up with a couple of friends of mine who go regularly and have either worked there before (as a character, in full costume), or they just attend as a visitor (but still in full period costume).

It was a great day out. Sort of like going to a Renaissance Fair, but I actually liked it even more. It was sort of "squooshed together" to feel like the streets of London, and it was jammed full of interesting shops and shows and all sorts of goings on. Characters would come up and engage us as we walked around (like a chimney sweep offered my kid a job, and so did a guy that was looking for a small person to fit through windows).

True to form, MyFavoriteKid bitched the entire ride over to the Fair about "why did he have to go to this stupid thing," and of course once he got there, he had a total blast. I knew he would. And even if he didn't have fun, it was perfectly in line with his schoolwork because they were in the midst of reading The Christmas Carol together as a class. This just totally brought it alive. I mean, hey.....

...he got to actually SEE one of the ghosts (that no one else but Ebenezer Scrooge can see) LOL.

He also got to see Mr.Dickens himself, by peeking through the windows of his home as he dined with family and friends.

Oooh, and he got to take dueling lessons with TheMostImportantGuy.

I have to say, it was a little odd watching my Favorite and MostImportant people arming themselves against each other LOL (the kid won, btw).

My personal highlight for the day though, was to head on over to "The 3 Cripples Pub" for a little drinky-poo.

Please note that behind me there are two other "cripples"---hahahahaha.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


If you are getting this, I'm still on the road ;-)

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us -don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

~Emily Dickinson

Saturday, January 02, 2010

a lemon

If you are seeing this post, it's because I have melted into the calm that is Hawaii.
(or I'm exhausted from the "getting there")

Saw this van parked in the lot of the local supermarket:

Hey, look! You can EZily get yourself a new car!!


Why, at the Warehouse of Cars, of course!!


(i find this hilarious)

Friday, January 01, 2010

begin again

Hey, y'all! Happy New Year! Welcome to 2010!
The Year of "I Sure Wish She'd Shut the Hell Up!"

I'm not quite sure where Blog365 went off and disappeared to, but the folks over at National Blog Posting Month (ok, the folk being MsEden of Fussy--she's awesome!), they are still blogging full force, and since any month (not just November) can be a blog posting month with them, that's who I'm hooking up with.
I'll just do month after month after month ;-)


So that photo up there...that's my hand, that's my rock. It does make for a lovely New Year's Day post, doesn't it?? I mean, New Year's Day can be all about resolutions (which I don't make--why bother, 'cuz I make and don't keep) and then there is that fresh feeling of calendars rolling over and all that.

The real point of that rock in my hand though, is to remind me to begin again LIKE EVERY FRIGGIN' SECOND.

I don't know if this is springing out of my zen meditation practice, or if I am just now beginning to get old enough to be done with "getting stuck in the mire of shit that has already happened" and how it prevents me from seeing things as they are in the moment. I do have a history of taking something that has already happened and allowing it to keep me from finishing or doing it again differently. I don't think I do that when it is happening, but with enough hidsight? I do. And I'm starting to see myself getting stuck right as it is actually happening, not even needing hindsight.

I think I used to have to go through this whole process of "Letting GOoooooo" of the old stuff (long process), "forgivvvvvvving myselllllllf" for what I did wrong (even longer). And then "findiiiiiiiing a new wayyyyyyyyyy" to do things (ages--never done).

Lately it's been more like, "Oh! Shit! Look what I just did! Ha! BEGIN AGAIN". Like, without all the attachment to the crap that has already happened, 'cuz guess what: it already happened.

In theory (which has now become my practice), I think it should kinda work more like this:

Don't like what I just said? Begin again.
Don't like what I just did? Begin again.
What I just ate? Begin again.
What I just knit? Begin again.
What I just thought? Begin again.

Not sure if this makes any sense. I'm not even sure if it makes sense to me yet (it's unfolding and evolving). Whether it works or not remains to be seen, but I can sure tell you I'm happier for the trying.