Monday, January 25, 2010

what caused me to happy-cry today

I had seen the "stillness version" of this sort of thing before, but never had I seen this:

Just makes my eyes squirt.

The link was forwarded to me by KarenTheDancingLurker, my co-dance teacher and fellow collaborator, because it is related in some ways to an image we are using to inspire our current choreography in progress:


The Bon said...

There are a ton of great musical/dance flash mob performances on the web. Thriller is a popular choice, although they're frequently outside as opposed to in train stations. This one is fun!

Ragnar said...

First of all Pete started dancing along about half way through that, and clapped the end.

Second of all...why did that make me start crying? If that was a staged production that I watched in a theater cynical me would have labeled it "hokey." Thanks for reminding me that art, especially unexpected art, has the power to move people.

Linda said...

NICE; thanks for posting the Amsterdam performance.