Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ten on tuesday

Well, it would seem that the Ten on Tuesday person has missed a few weeks, as there is no topic posted! I've decided to make a list of my own this week.

Ten Comments That I Need To Respond To

I read every single comment, love and appreciate them all (except for the asian spam...what-up wit dat?!). I love the support of people who comment regularly, and I love it when one of you finally de-lurks to say something. At times I am diligent about replying to every single comment within the comments, and other times (like, ummm...since Jan 1), I fail to do that. I know y'all have told me I dont really need to reply to comments, but the truth is, some of you actually ask questions in the comments. So here are some that have popped up since Jan 1, and my replies.

1) Jan 4, Jennie asks: So when you left the pub, did they have to rename it The 2 Cripples pub? LOL Actually, as I was leaving, a little girl in costume was pulling a sled around with a little boy in it. She stopped to talk to me because I asked her if she ever got a turn at getting a ride. She told me no, and that it was hard work pulling around her brother Tiny Tim. So for just a moment, we were 4 Crips!

2) Jan 5, (formerly) no-blog-rachel asks: Did you get a chance to visit the Lyman Museum and their home next door? No! We did not. We really wanted to, and even drove right by it, but we got goofed up that day because I had to return the rental car and get a new one (the check engine light had come on!). But we did go to the Tsunami Museum, and also the downtown Hilo Farmer's Market. I love Hilo.

3) from Jan 8, Carol asks: Did you know you are nominated for a Bobby on Ravelry? For your profile pic? Yup. I found out just a few days before you mentioned it and I posted about it here on the 19th. What I still can't figure out though is when the voting ends! Do you know? I cant find it anywhere, and the mods of the bobby awards arent even answering someone who asked the same thing on their forum board!

4) from Jan 15, Jenna asks: We don't have that brand of meatless products around here, do they make good products? Keep looking for it! It's a new product! I actually found out about it just a couple of days ago when I saw a chef using them in a demo on the Ellen DeGeneres show LOL. All Whole Foods carries the line, as do some regular (more independent) grocery chains. The brand also has some "chicken" stuff too, but I've only tried the "beef" cubes that I showed you. I sauteed them in a little olive oil before tossing them in the stew, and of course I sampled one before I tossed. I actually preferred it sauteed. Was good stewed, too...but the consistency was most awesome right out of the pan.

5) from Jan 19, jodi asks: Dear gods, is that Whitesnake up there? Heh. Indeed it is. Girlfriend knows her HairBands, doesn't she!! That picture kinda makes me want to roll around on the hood of a car LOL.

6) also from Jan 19...For those who missed it, I posted about a contest, which is still running (click here, scroll down)...donna guesses: Most likely to do time? Nope. And I did that before my senior year anyhow ;-) ROTFLOL.

7) from Jan 22, donna wonders about malas: Wonder if I can make one. Sure! Why not? Actually, the monk at the zen center told me that he had made his own. In zen practice, malas have 108 beads (plus the big one with the knot indicating the round)...except they often come in fractions of that number. The monk made his 54 beads and so he goes around twice. Mine is 27 and I go around 4 times. I do have one with 108 beads, but for me the 27 is easier to manage with the bowing. The 108 one goes flyin' around. Oh, and since you are the bead lady, check online (a place like here) for some lovely inspiration....and go for it! ;-)

8) from Jan 25, ragnar asks: Second of all...why did that make me start crying? After reading your comment, I realized I didn't really even know what caused me to cry! So I went and watched it again (the 4th or 5th time in two days, and it still gets me teary-eyed), and payed attention to when my eyes would well up. What I can tell you is that it is not the performance itself. It is primarily the response of the people watching. Watch it again, and pay attention to the onlookers!
There is something completely magical to me about what happens when we get to be witness to art (or anything, for that matter) that completely takes us by surprise. Look at the faces! Look at how the people watching just sort of get caught up and merge into the whole experience in their own varying ways! There is something so entirely profound about what happens when something so spontaneously surprises us! And I find it really powerful when that sort of experience happens to a whole group of people at once (it's actually very similar to the way people will connect over a tragedy as well, yah?)
What also made me happy-cry about this, is knowing that a whole huge group of people came together to create this magical scene for the witnesses. They become magicians. Shit stirrer-uppers (heh. I like that.).
And lastly, what makes me emo...look at what a range of performers! Look at them all! And look how soooo many different types of people pulled together to make this happen! This is not like being moved at the ballet by a troupe, ya' know? This is normal people. ANYONE could have been part of this project, and that to me (as a fan and participant of dance), is super-duper awesome.

9) not a question, but I must acknowledge this: Thanks for all the comments regarding migraines. Special thanks to Barb for pointing out the possible aspartame connecton. That may actually be it. I'm not sure I would have noticed that on my own. I'm tinkering, tracking, and recording.

10) Also not a question, but Gwen pointed out that my job description with the cancer stuff is to support the support. So very true. And I am also thinking that makes me S.S.AmpuTeeHee.

I'm going to add one more here. I can't call it #11 because it's so important it should come before #1. It's a personal note in response to Carol: I did not know about your dad :-( I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending love & light your way *hugs*.


The Bon said...

Flash mobs in general where there is some kind of performance portion tend to make me well up. I almost cried watching critical mass on halloween, and I've cried at more you tube videos of flash mobs than I care to admit to. It just tugs at my heart strings.


The following comment is from one of the Frozen Videos, and sums it up nicely. Loved your post today.

I don't entirely disagree, but I still feel these things have a positive effect in this terrifying age where no one's in charge, most news seems bad, everything's so fragile.

To live in that state and be able to come together to do something silly and fun for the sake of it, to briefly be part of something bigger than yourself that serves only to make people look at life and realise not everything is always as you expect: that's what flashmobbing is to me, it's joyous and absurd and wonderful.

Ellie said...

Ok, so I was catching up on bloglines, and you've inspired me to delurk ;-) I watched the flash mob and was totally moved (more than I expected to be). I now feel like I have more good juju to give away today after watching it, so will send it out there. Thank you for sharing it (and everything else!).

(and, plugging those chinese comments into google translate is just funny. Orthodontics? WTF?)

Anonymous said...

Answer to no. 8:
You cried because it was JULIE ANDREWS!! :-)

But seriously...I agree with everything you said about the video: response of the viewers, the diversity of the dancers, and I would add the everyperson-ness of the choreography. Compare it to this video:

Back to lurking,
Karen TDL

~Donna~ said...

Thanks for the link to the mala stuff. I've got so many beads here, I just might be able to make a few. For what reason...just because I can.

Anyway, I teared up at the video cos it was JULIE ANDREWS...and all the rest of the reasons too. Sound of Music is my most favoritest musical and I found myself wishing I was there as I would have DEFINITELY joined in. One of these days I'll be able to go to the Castro Theatre Sound of Music sing-a-long when they have it.

~Donna~ said...

PS...I just checked out your link. It was the same site I found when I went googling after I read your Mala post!

Gwen said...

I like S.S.Amputeehee. Sounds stately and dignified and working.

(Happy crying is good for you!)

jodi said...

Here it would be H.M.S. AmpuTeeHee. Hiya, Sailor!

Re: Whitesnake: never really liked them much, but I'm exactly the right age to have been watching videos 24 hours a day when they (and all the bands like them) were popular. A friend was really into them and she made me watch that movie "Witchboard" with her just because it had Coverdale's girlfriend, from the car-hood-rolling video scene, in it. Evil ghost comes through Ouija board and possesses unborn foetus! Ugh.