Wednesday, January 20, 2010

nothing like a funny face

I am behaving like such a crabcake today! Gah. I'm not sure if it's all the gray and rain, or the fact that I am feeling somewhat invisible. Maybe it's the gloom and doom of all the death and illness that seems to be hanging in the air around me (today, in addition to TheMostImortantGuy's dad being ill, and Rodger passing, we now have my mom+dad's cat is quite ill; we just brought in her in to the vet tonight, where she remains for a battery of tests).


Unfortunately, I wasted a portion of the day worrying about things and feeling invisible and pouting and scowling, watching the pouring rain. Not very productive.

I did manage to do a little spinning today, though. At least that felt productive.

It's for a 3-session class I am taking about how color in fiber plays out in handspun sock yarn. Homework.

Anyhow. My face today. I only think it smiled once, and that was while I was checking out Pride & Prejudice as told using Emoticons. If you are a fan of Jane Austen, you MUST click through.


~Donna~ said...

yeah...know what you mean...

I'm a big crabby cranky-pants myself. So many things right now that could go good or go bad.

Lots of nasty vibes in the air along with the rain and cold.

Linda said...

Nicely spun! Sorry about the wine:(