Sunday, January 10, 2010

re-entry, what a bitch.

I'm actually transitioning to being at home (meaning IN the home) with no problem. Kinda diggin' it, actually. Restocking the house with fresh food, unpacking, laundry, being with the pets. It's all great and I'm actually enjoying it. It's been the coming back to the COLD that sucks!!

Just yesterday afternoon I was complaining that it was too hot to even be wearing a t-shirt, and dang it, why didn't I pack more tank tops?! And this morning?? A cowl-neck sweater, a pea-coat, and a handknit beret!!


I wanna go baaaaaaaack! I want more slices of pineapple and ripe juicy papaya (warm & golden from the sun!)...I don't want to be here craving a pot of stew! Waaahhh!

Ok. End of whine.
Tomorrow I go shopping again for soup ingredients.


~Donna~ said...

yeah, it's been horrible here in the "valley". It's been the coldest and foggiest in this area of the bay. I think I might pull out the crock pot and make some stew too.

Anonymous said...

Heehee re "warm and golden from the sun!" Glad you had a good time.

I like that "10 things I look forward to in 2010" meme, too. Shall think re.