Saturday, May 14, 2011

snaps on saturday and a belated freebie friday

This blogging without a full sized computer is a real pain in the ass, I tell you. Waaaah!!

Thanks to TheMostImportantGuy however, the laptop is spending the weekend with one of his IT guys from the office, so with any luck, you won't hear me complaining much longer.

Here's a SnapOnSaturday:

It's the new ceiling fan in my future dance space at the new digs. Man, I am getting sooo excited now. The guts of the house are almost done. Insulation is wrapping up on Monday, and then it's floors and paint, and then...that's it!!

For awhile. LOL

In-law unit renovations still occur throughout the summer and early fall, and then early next year we're back into the main house for kitchen and bath remodeling...but hey! The main house will be functional and traffic free for a few months in between...woot!


Freebie Friday (on a Saturday LOL)

The winner of last week's super cool pattern keeper was Margaret, whom I can't link to, and is very new here (first timer, even?), and got here via Karen (and no, you didn't win because you and Karen think I am funny...hahahaha...but thank you guys!). You won because TheRandomGenerator chose your lucky number! Please see the link to my email address in the sidebar of my blog and send me your mailing address and I'll get this right out to you!

I'm also still waiting to hear from KathodeRayTube on the cute little WIP bag from the week before....and I may be missing something due to the laptop blowing up, so please do try me again!

On to this week's Freebie!

It is another one of my all time favorite knitting do-dads that I'd rather not live without.

The first time I saw one of these, I was at StitchesWest in the Carolina Homespun booth, and a few of them were sticking up in a bowl of rice near the register. I picked it up, looked at Morgaine, and said, "Holy crap, this is clever," to which she replied, "It's better than clever. It's genius. And I can't figure out why one hasn't existed before. We had to get Laci's to make it for us. One night a bunch of us were sitting around knitting at a retreat and we were complaining that what we really needed was a this exact tool. I crochet hook with a needle point at the end. We were talking about how it would solve all our problems, and we were trying to figure out what we'd call it if it existed, and we joked that it would be "A Tool Called Wanda". So it's now the Wanda Tool."

It's an awesome thing. I use my for EVERYTHING, but the basic use is for picking up those pesky dropped stitches or for fixing mistakes. Once you pick up your stitch you can knit right off the other pointy end. I cannot even tell you how handy that is if your mistake was in the middle of a bunch of decreases and yarn-overs in a lace project. One of my favorite other uses involves that little divet in the middle. It's really the thumb grip, but it also makes for a perfect cable needle. I go into the stitches with the hook end, slide then onto the divet, and knit off the pointy end.

And the double ended crochet hooks? Where the hooks are alternating, one up then one down? Perfect, I tell you, PERFECT for fixing a boo-boo in garter stitch. You never have to turn the hook around.

You can buy these through Laci's individually, but here you go: A full set.

To toss your name into the number generator, just leave a comment saying so, and it shall be done. I'll draw next Friday and post!

Hope y'all are having a great weekend :-)

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Karen said...

Woo hoo! Margaret won! I'll drop her a text tonight and let her know to connect with you.

P.S. You're going to love Margaret. She's fun!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm in. Generate my random number please.

Love, Karen TDL

Unknown said...

Ooh count me in!

You have my complete sympathy on trying to blog from the iPad. Friday I had to tweet a picture (for my social media job) from my iPhone and discovered how crashy the HootSuite app can be.

~Donna~ said...

I was there when you bought these! :)

I am SOOOO in for this drawing!

Jodie said...

Go ahead and put my name in the number generator. :)

Lorena said...

Ooo, shiny! Put my name in the drawing, please -- although if I don't win, I might buy some for myself. Win/win!

idyllicchick said...

Oooo! Pick me, random number generator, pick me!

InkyW said...

alright, Wanda is brilliant and forces me out of lurkdom ;)

Joan-in-Albuquerque said...

Wow, those are cool!

robin54 said...

throw my yarn into the pool! (not literally) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Please show my name the way to the number generator please. These are way cool. :)

M-H said...

This is a shameless comment: I WANT!!! That is all.

The Bon said...

I miss you lady!! (And I'd love for the RNG to pull my number).

berlinBat said...

Oh wow, you have so many things to give away from the axis clever-beautiful-amazing that words start to fail me. I'm in!

Jan said...

The house is really looking good so far!

Thanks for the contest.

vtcjan at yahoo dot com

Elisa said...

Cool tools! I'd love to be a winner!

Bev said...

Wonderful little gadget!