Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My parents will probably kill me for posting this, but whatever. It wouldn't be the first time I was a bad kid, and besides, it's my blog, and I need something to write about ;-)

Yesterday my mom left a message on my phone saying that she was going to have a huge amount of dental work done today. I called my folks house around 2pm today to check in and see how she was doing and if they needed anything.
This is the actual conversation:

(*ring ring*)

Dad: Hello?

Me: Hi, Dad...it's me!

Dad: We just walked in.

Me: Ah, okay....well....I won't keep you long....it's just that I'm on my up to Napa to take MyFavoriteKid to Symphony Rehearsals, and I was wondering if mom might like me to pick her up some soup or something at Whole Foods. I could swing it by on the way home.

Dad: No, that's okay. We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home and I bought a box of wine.

Me: (??!?!) That's it?? A box of wine for dinner?

Dad: Something like that.

Me: So you are telling me that mom doesn't want food, and that all she needs is a box of wine?

Dad: Yeah, that's about all she can handle right now.

Me: (??!!?!) Ok. (?!) Talk to you soon.

Dad: Ok. Bye.

Sometimes my parent just totally crack me up :-)


Pickyknitter said...

Wait... why doesn't my TJ's sell box wine?????