Thursday, May 26, 2011

clouds coming going

Typing from iPad, so this update might be a choppy mess.

Dad went to our local Kaiser yesterday afternoon with chest pains. EKG showed issues, more tests needed, but they couldn't perform them there, so he was transferred up valley...that's where my post came from last night in the ICU.

All tests negative, heart strong, no blockages.But also not knowing what's wrong. Dad was out of it because tests required pain meds. Came back to hospital first thing this morning and dad was up, and alert, and feeling well. Doc thought he'd be transferred back to the local hospital, because they'd performed the tests Kaiser could not, and dad seemed stable.

I left for two hours to go get the mammogram (at our local Kaiser, no less) and also an x-ray for the right hand since we're still trying to sort that out. Called mom when I was done to see if dad was going to be transferred and if I should just stay put...but mom said while I was gone dad had other "event". Came back and dad was in lots of pain. They did more tests to check for clots...negative. Bunch of other stuff, negative. They got his pain managed and they said he was going to be stepped down from ICU and maybe transferred back to Kaiser tomorrow.

Left again to pick up MyFavoriteKid after school and to get him ready for his big school band concert. Last middle school band concert, and he's first clarinet, plus had a solo. Called mom after the show only to hear that dad is on a respirator. There's blood being pumped out from his stomach and his blood pressure is wackadoodle and low.

I come into ICU here just around 10pm and here's mom with PBS on watching a re-run of the special about the buddha.

And so that's where I am and where thing are. I am calm but very concerned and completely exhausted. And hungry. Going to try now to go fix at least that last one.

Thanks so much for all the notes and mojo. Will keep you posted.

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~Donna~ said...

Still sending the mojo....doubling efforts....

guernseygal said...

went through a similar thing with hubby - all the symptoms of a heart attack, but heart was fine - after 6 months of " attacks" they finally diagnosed it as gall bladder - whipped it out and now he is fine - just sharing to prove that sometimes these things are not as drastic as first thought - thinking of you and hoping for a swift resolution x

Anonymous said...

You have all my thoughts and prayers right now. Feed yourself, breathe and hold tight.

Lorena said...

Love you, sweetheart. Your family is in my thoughts.

Unknown said...

Oh, dear. Sending thoughts and mojo your way.

Maggie said...

Holding a vision of this stomach bleeding resolving, speedy diagnosis, correct and useful treatment, full recovery.

Also holding a vision that you and your mom come through the hard work of waiting and hoping ... and arrive comfortably at 'ok to relax now.'

Karen said...

Just adding a little more to the mojo pool. The candle is lit.

Anonymous said...

What a day. Hang in there, breathe, you can do it. (We don't get a choice.)
Best to you and your family,