Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Something like a Soap Blogpera

I’m such a retard about computers and the internet. So retarded actually, that about this time last year, I actually sent an instant message to TheMostImportantGuy in my life to ask, “What’s a blog?”.
I didn't know.

From TheMIG I get back an IM:
"Short for WEB-LOG"
and then:

My then 7-year old was hanging out in the same room with me, and since I’d already learned the hard way that opening a link from TheMIG might net me some kind of ass shot that I might not want my kidlet exposed to, I thought to ask first what the link was going to take me to before I clicked.

“It’s my friend Emily’s blog.”
“You mean like your EX-GIRLFRIEND Emily??”
“And why on earth would I want to read her blog?? I don’t want to know anything about your ex-girlfriend, and I especially do not want to bump into anything about you!”

Maybe it’s worth mentioning what our relationship looked like at this stage. We’d been seeing each other for about 9 months or so. We were an item and nobody knew about us. Our lives were completely autonomous. I had gone to see his current band play once, but nobody there really knew who I was or why I was there, and I don’t think any of his friends (except one) knew I even existed, and not a single member of his family knew he was seeing somebody new. He wasn't involved in any of my circles, either….well, until he was basically forced to during the time of my accident. He stayed in contact with one of my friends to keep abreast of my lengthy and unconcious stay in ICU.

Anyhow, the point is, TheMIG and I were very intimate, but our lives outside of our time together didn’t overlap. And we liked it that way. Quite frankly, I didn’t really want to know a damned thing about his ex-girlfriends. Now this was a first for me. For the first time in any relationship ever in my life, I honestly did not need or want details, nor did I have a single curiosity about his life before me. And I didn’t feel the need to get too involved with his current life beyond me. It was like we were super secret special friends, and it was really fun that way (and it still is a bit that way, and it still is really fun).

So back to my asking him, “WHY would I want to read this blog,” because it seemed like an especially good question.

“I sent you the link because her blog is good. She just writes well and it’s an entertaining read…a good example of a fine blog. She never writes about me. ”

So I click.

And I get this entry, which not only mentions TheMIG but also links to his photo!!!…..and I completely flip out. Because I KNEW this would happen, right? And I get overly upset about it...probably because I was pms-ing or something….but guess what?!?!
I keep reading the blog.
No, I don't mean I just finish reading that entry. I mean, in a few days I get over my initial shock, and I go back to read it some more. And I keep reading it. For days. And weeks. And months. And honestly, I know it sounds hard to believe, but I read this blog all the time and 99% of the time it never occurs to me at all that I’m reading the blog of my boyfriend's ex.

Why do I read it?? Well because she just writes well and it’s an entertaining read….a good example of a fine blog. And TheMIG is right, she never writes about him. Okay. Well. There was one other time. It was the day his band’s cd was released, and she posted an entry that included their high-school prom photo. But seriously, her blog really is about other stuff.

Here’s the Soap Opera part.

TheMIG is a dummer in a band, right?
And who do you think is the guitar player in his band??
The ex-girlfriend’s older sister.
Yes. I know. Small world.
And who’s getting married this Friday?
The guitar player in his band.
And who’s coming to the wedding?
The guitar player's little sister, TheMIG's ex-girlfriend.
And who’s also going to the wedding?
TheMIG....and me.
Is it a big wedding so I can kind of hide out?
Of course not. That would be too easy. It’s under 50 attendees.
Am I going to feel awkward meeting TheMIG’s ex-girlfriend??
But NOT because I’m meeting my boyfriend’s ex.
I'm going to nervous because I feel like I’m meeting some famous person that I’ve been reading about in tabloids. For crying out loud, I know where she works and when she’s been out of work, I know what kind of meds she’s on, I’ve read a few great ideas and a few brain farts, and I’ve seen a kazillion photos of her cats.
And I’m not exactly sure how to handle it! (any ideas out there???)

I’m not sure what she knows about me. If she knows anything, it probably comes from her sister I guess, and I can't imagine either one knows about this blog because I dont promote it. If she’s ever seen anything of mine, it would probably have been my ass.

Well, here’s the next car in the train of thoughts. The other day I was reading her blog and she was complaining that she had gained weight just in time for her sister’s wedding and that’s when I was hit over the head with the reality that I could be reading her blog the day after the wedding and what if there's some danged entry about how she met her ex-boyfriend’s current girl?

I am
cracking up
because it's
so funny.
So I guess I need to find a way to introduce myself and not come off like some kind of spy, which I'm not, but I resemble. Oughta be interesting, if nothing else.
Or maybe I keep my mouth shut so if she does post soemthing like that I get it nice and unedited.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


jodi said...

If she doesn't know that you read her blog, I think it would be a mistake to keep that a secret from her. Much better to give her the initial shock of introducing yourself and saying "I read your blog, and have been looking forward to meeting you in person". Because if she's meeting you as a stranger and assuming that you're meeting her as a stranger as well, when she finds out later that you know so much about her she's going to be really, really weirded out.

Anonymous said...

Well, now it's over and you've survived, and everything must have turned out okay because I saw your comment on her hilarious post about the bad wedding guest

You're right; she's a talented writer. Thanks for the link.