Friday, December 23, 2005

comments about comments

I still have not quite gotten over my surprise that there is actually someone out there reading any of this.

Well, get this one, folks:
I'd love to acknowledge that fact, but I don’t know how to reply to your comments!
I can’t (yet, but I am trying) figure out where your email address is located in relation to your posted feeback. 'Cuz I’m not a geek. Not even close. I’m a moron. Even though I am the daughter of a computer genius, I sadly did not inherit the geek-gene. It is amazing to me that I am even able to turn on the computer....and, that I think about it, I don’t even know how to do that. I actually broke the plastic power button on my CPU. Now the computer has to stay on all the time, drifting in and out of sleep mode.

I shall reply, here and now, here, to your comments:

To Jodi, who asked why I don’t write about my dancing:
Well, I DO write about it. I just haven't POSTED it yet. I’m getting there, though, I promise *smile*. I’m very new to this blog thing, and I’m still trying to understand what the differences are for me between journaling and blogging. I have many an entry just sitting in cold storage waiting to be worked over.
I have much to say about my dancing, and the neccessary editing job I am faced with is a bit daunting. I have four different dance projects/groups that I am involved with and I need to sort it all out. Stay tuned.

To mnvnjnsn:
I’d be glad to knit cat toys! Knitting and cats are two of my favorite things! Now if I can only figure out how to contact you!!!
By the way, I had no idea that Tad has a brother. “ Someone” (*ahem*) never mentioned it. There seems to be a growing list of animals left behind by “someone” in the wake of ending relationships (I was scowled at when I asked "someone" if there were more bastard "children" I hadn't heard of yet). I now realize that in addition to kittie toys, I may eventually need to knit up a dog sweater for a bereft corgie, too. Oh, and KnittyKittyToys are on the house.
Newsome, this is for you:

To Sara, the one person who I DO have the ability to email:
Aye aye aye!!!! I owe you an email! GADS! I have Sooooo much to tell you that it keeps me from sitting down to email you because I feel like I’ll be here for an hour, and I just don’t have an hour right now. So I do nothing. But I think of you OFTEN, and no, I don’t have $300+ for boots either, but I did find some that will fit my prosthesis for only $198.
I really really miss the days being able to walk into Payless Shoes on Buy-1-Get-1-Free-Day and walk out having only spent $15.

I hope some day to have TheMIG teach me how to do a few things on the computer. He is no ordinary geek, as he went shopping this week and has now transformed himself into SuperGeek aka LaptopBoy. And he is very yummy when he's being geeky, and don't ask me why (and don't laugh), but I get excited just watching him type and click and stuff. And now LaptopBoy can be doing that just about all the time. Anyhow, maybe he can teach me to do a few things....liiiiiiike reply to comments (doh!). And put links in the sidebar (so that it doesn't say "edit-me".) And get a photo up near/in my profile.

If I experiment long enough, I might be able to figure a few things out on my own (like I figured out how to put links and photos in the text), but when I do figure things out, it's usually just dumb luck.