Thursday, December 29, 2005

short walk to nowhere

I had my second PT appointment today and actually pulled off walking on a treadmill. I suppose 5 minutes at 1.2 mph doesn't seem all that impressive to you, but to me it was a big deal just to get the balls to get on the stupid thing. I had this very clear image in my head of me putting one foot down on the conveyor belt and just completely flying off the back end of the machine.
Must be from growing up with too many cartoons or episodes of I Love Lucy or something.


Anonymous said...

You're doing great! I still haven't been on a treadmill since my amputation -- not that I ever spent a lot of time on one before; I hate the buggers! That image of flying off has always been with me, and I even came close to enacting it more than once back when I had all my original parts. I really liked the rowing machine at the gym much, much better. No falling, and I set the speed!

Now, to put your speed into perspective, it may help you to know that when I first started walking to work with prosthetic and cane, it took me an hour and forty minutes to go 1.3 miles. Now I can still only walk about three miles an hour, on a perfectly flat, non-slippery, non-automated surface -- and if I don't mind ending up totally winded! :) But then, I like to walk slowly. Life is all about the details for me. If you want to go faster, you will.

Good work, kiddo! :)