Friday, January 20, 2006

knitting knews

There actually IS a correlation between being an amputee and knitting!

You see, we don't have to knit socks.....
We can actually just knit:


Seriously, though....even though I only have one leg, I still do knit the companion sock. I'm starting to use the prosthesis, and it feels really nice to dress her up in something special...and even if I'm not wearing the prostheisis and am only wearing one sock at a time, it's always grand to have an extra handknit sock to wear. The special knitter's bonus for me though, is that when I'm sitting and knitting one-legged style, I can legitimately wear the finished sock while I'm working on it's companion. I completely bypass that dreaded "second sock syndrome" knitters often get when they get excited by the success of finishing one sock, but then have the let down when they can't wear it yet. They are actually only half way done.

small note for other leg amp knitters out there (should you exist and be reading): I highly recommend using a reinforced thread in the heels and toes...especially in the "plastic barbie doll foot" does some serious wear and tear

I would assume that the "how an amputee relates to knitting thing" also applies to upper extremity amputees, too...because can always just knit:

GLOVE! right??

I shall be knitting the companion to this...but YES, I am wearing it already, too. Yes, both of my arms are still intact. And yes, I probably look silly with just one glove. I end up with some kind of 80's Cindi Lauper look. But my arm is FREEZING. Want to see why?

THAT is the hardware inside my forearm, kids. Two plates, eleven screws. Believe me...when it's cold out, my arm definitely feels it. So I'm wearing one glove while I knit the other. Wacth out Cindi. The fingerless gloves are in the same Koigu as my Rockstar Scarf, so I look flashy.

Speaking of scarf, I'm also about halfway done w/latifa:


In other knitting knews, I signed on for the the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics . Not quite sure what the hell I'm thinking...sheesh. As of this week, I am now dancing 5 days a week, swimming for three, trying to get used to living without a housemate, and then of course there is the rest of my life. But I figure once the Olympics are on, I'm going to be parked on my butt for several hours at a time watching them anyhow, so what the heck. But a mohair lace shawl?? And I've never knit lace OR knit with mohair?? I must be nuts. And of course, I'm trying to talk my knitting friends into joining me in this challenge....I mean, I don't want to have to look like I'm the only nut. hahaha

Also in the knews, the digital camera arrived yesterday...yay! I haven't used it yet (the above shots were taken by TheMIG a week or so ago), but I should have it up and running, instructions (sort of) read, by tomorrow.