Wednesday, January 18, 2006

tip #27 for crutch users:

When woken up from a dead sleep by, let's say, a crying child having a nightmare....
Do not begin to make your way across the room on crutches before checking to see if either or both of your arms are asleep.

(unless you also want to end up crying)

One of these days I'll post a full list of the other (give or take) 26 tips....

To give you a little preview:
#25 Do not wear your newly hand-knit wool gloves when using crutches. When your palms begin to sweat, they will felt.
and #6 is a little lesson on how to carry a full glass of champagne, across the room, without spilling, on crutches.


Anonymous said...

I really, really want to know how to carry a full glass of champagne across a room without spilling it on crutches. Of course, I've rarely done it on two legs, organic or prosthetic, but the only way I know how to carry beverages across a room on crutches or using a walker is with a thermos or other covered container.

They make Tupperware-like covers for cat food cans, even the tiny three-ounce ones. I've been wondering idly whether one of those would fit a champagne flute. Hasn't come up in my life, though, so I've never found out. What's your secret?

Anonymous said...

Uh -- I don't mean I've rarely carried champagne; I mean I've rarely carried it without spilling it, no matter how many legs I had.

Born klutzy. Drinking champagne does not alleviate this condition.