Monday, March 06, 2006


The last 24 hours have turned out to be full of fun little treasures and surprises.

First, I finally made it to the thrift store Sunday (going Saturday didn’t pan out). I bought some sweaters to frog (for the non-knitters, that means to "rip-it" out...get it?):

The purple-ish thing is a cotton, and my plan its to reknit it into the summer version of the“something to keep my shoulders warm” .
The brownish thing is wool, and it’s kinda ugly, but I think it’s going to make a couple pairs of really lovely felted slippers (and I’ve never felted before—on purpose, at least—so I wasn’t about to blow a wad on new wool for that experiment).
The forest green is a soft lambswool…and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it yet, but it was just too lovely to pass up. I’m thinking of maybe knitting a sweater for MyFK next fall after I burn out my sock obsession.

The next treat was the best…TheMIG bought some very special pampering-kinds-of-things yesterday, and then spent a chunk of the evening pampering me with them (use your own imagination, but I’ll bet you get it wrong).

I'm so in love.


For today's first bonus, I got to have breakfast with another member of Dandelion Dancetheater. We got to know each other personally a bit, outside of rehearsals. I’m working with some verrrry cool people ;-)


After breakfast, I arrived home to find these in the mail from jodi:

I fell in love with these right away when I saw them in her new shop, but sadly, I’d already burned out my “fun money” for the month of February. What was great though, is that she offered a trade, so I sent her some yummy yarn in exchange. Thanks, Jodi!!

There’s one more thing I’ve been dying to splurge on, but it will have to wait until I have $$ at the end of the week….you MUST click here to see this shirt of Franklin’s… (and DO click "view larger" and get a good view of the image) This shirt would be so very fitting on this amputee knitter :-) I can't wait to order it!)


The last bonus thing today was reading this:

"Another dancer makes a partner of her wheelchair, deftly twirling it in an elegant pirouette."

Dude, that's a quote about me!! (found here)


jodi said...

That was fast! I just came home to find your yarn in MY mailbox--thanks!

I wish I could see your dance performance; it's hard for me to visualize, since colour and texture and image is my thing, and dance is pretty foreign to me. When you say that you improvise movements in response to ideas, I can't really get my head around that at all. (did I ever tell you about the six months of bellydance classes, after which I still can't shimmy? pathetic).

Gray said...

Lots of nice things for you in one day. That was a nice article.

Anonymous said...

Have you frogged any sweaters before. I tried to recently, but it ended up being a ton of work. One of the sweaters is a nice dark blue wool, but the sides are surged together so they are really hard to get apart.

I really like that shirt! I'm going to have to think about getting one of those for me since I'm an amputee knitter myself