Friday, May 05, 2006

say it with pictures

Right after I wrote the last post (the part about "The Necklace" and trying to find the goodness in my heart), I went out to the Volvo to hang the necklace from the rearview mirror.
Look what was on my car:

It made me go "awwwww!" at first....

but to tell you the truth, I think that this is the handiwork of Juan the Garbage Collector, and I think that he has a crush on me (he drives by and honks even when it isn't my collection day...a little wierd, huh...should I be worried?).

I went to the Japanese Dollar Store...which actually, by the way, is called:

different things!

Here are the remaining bags, buck fifty each, and I'm sorry...although the remaining bags themselves are quite handy, the really funny coveted black ones are all gone. I'm willing to send them out if y'all want them though. Just pop me an email!

The tan says: We spent hours in the garden. That sounds romantic. Who loves a garden, love a greenhouse too.
The burgundy says: This is a delightful bouquet.
The navy says: The gift of flowers express "pleasant thoughts" and "greetings".

I've been using the little black one and I love it...except I realized that I didn't like having my "tools" just floating at the bottom tangling up in the skein, and possibly falling out as I shoved the little bag inside the big dance bag or whatever.
So while at the dollar store, I looked for...different things!

I picked up this little zippered pouch for a buck.
And it has engrish.

I have a hunch you guys are going to want some of those, too...huh. Hahaha. They came in red, black, and if I remember correctly, yellow (I would have taken a photo of the pile to remind myself, but by that point the store owners were looking at me like I was a nut).

So tell me what you want, and I'll try to do it.
If a kazillion of you ask and it starts breaking my piggy bank and I have to eat noodle soup for more than I week, well, I'll let you know *giggle*. But I think I'm good ;-)

Best yet...I got some photos of dance rehearsal today.

Eric decided he wanted to choreograph this one-legged dance he wants me to perform. Now this approach is new to me. So far in my disablity dance career, the choreography is shown to me first and then I, or we, figure out how to adapt it for my own physicality. But this time it was the other way around. Eric wanted to put together a little one legged jig.

He started to work with me alone, off to the side, and realized that he wasn't sure how to figure out how to show me what he wanted me to do because his own leg was in the way.

So he tied his leg back with his belt.

And then everyone else started messing with it.

And the next thing you know, it's developing into a peice. A piece that involves moves that are totally not found in my bellydance vocabulary. It kind of looks like a mixture of yoga and breakdancing.

Add rap music and you could call it Gimp-Hop.

It was a wonderful treat for me to have movement tailored to fit my own body...even though it is so acrobatic it's kicking my ass. And it was incredibly validating to watch the other dancers trying to figure out life on one leg. A few times Eric went to stand up and fell over because he forgot it wasn't there anymore (been there, done that). It was incredibly validating to hear dancers commenting on how tired they were getting, how sore their working leg was getting, and how hard it was to figure out how to move.

Not that I like seeing my friends all tortured and shit. Well, okay...I guess I've just recently copped to the fact of enjoying watching people have to work through stuff.

But seriously. It was just validating.
I don't get that every day.

Walk a mile in my shoe.


KnitAbout said...

I like watching people stuggle too. Not in a mean way but because it's nice to see someone grow and overcome something. It's compelling somehow.

I have been stalking everyone's blogs trying to find my SP who has dropped a few hints already. LOL! You are not her but I love your humor and projects. I also am addicte4d to reading everyone's answers to the questionnaire. Dunno why.