Thursday, June 01, 2006

let's light the best kind of candle--a birthday candle!

"Can I ask You something?"
"And please don’t say no…?”
(He frowns and lowers his head)
“On June 1st, can I post a picture of You? On my blog? For Your birthday?”
"Yes. But only if you post that one of you along with it. "
"And then you have to explain why.”
“Why I gave that picture to You?”
(girl thinks about it for a moment)
“Okay. I’ll explain why.”
“Well, wait. What is your interpretation of the why?”
“Well, I gave it to You because in that photo I was super-duper happy…my little cardboard house was my very favorite thing. And I loved it so. It made me feel safe and happy. It was my very own secret private place. Like how I feel when I am with You.”

~Happy Birthday to TheMostImportantGuy~


jodi said...

Aw. Happy birthday, TheMIG.

Anonymous said...

June babies are the best [and not just because my birthday is on Sunday.] Happy birthday to TheMIG!

Anonymous said...

Very cute pix!

Happy birthday, your MIGness. Hope you got everything you wanted.