Monday, July 03, 2006

Okay. That was some head cold.

I hardly get sick anymore, since the accident. I was unconcious for the first 2-1/2 weeks, but I've been told that they pumped me so full of three different antibiotics during that time that at one point I broke out into a full body hive. I have now been deemed allergic to penicillin. Point is, I hardly get sick anymore. I think I have some super-hero immunity built in now or something. Okay, well that, and the Airborne.

So I was pretty heavy duty ill from Wendesday through Friday, and I had just enough energy to take care of MyFK's needs and keep up with washing the soup bowls that were stacking up. Saturday I was at about 60%, but it was the day of MyFK's belated birthday party, so that's where all my energy went. And yesterday, Sunday, I felt pretty much like my old self, but had some serious catching up to do. I still had not upacked or done laundry, and there was what seemed to be a fine layer of dust and dog hair coating the entire interior of my house.

So I think I'm pretty much back to and house-wise.

And I have so much I want to post...knitting stuff, gimp stuff, trip stuff...but TheMIG is here visiting this morning and so well...I'm a gonna go for now...because MyFK is in camp today and TheMIG has the day off work, and when the cats away the mice will play *giggle*.