Friday, August 25, 2006

one very random friday

A fine assortment. Something for everyone.
Be prepared for brain-farts.
Lots of them.


For starters, thank you all so very much for the advice regarding talking to MyFK about the recent kitty drama. It was very helpful, and very much appreciated. My mom actually read the post and the comments, too.

My parenting style typically involves my only giving information that is neccessary or requested. The "just enough but not too much" approach. Like when MyFK was a toddler and first asked where babies came from, I'd basically say that they came out of mommies. You'll never hear me telling a cabbage patch story. And when he asked how babies got in the mommies in the first place, I'd say something about them growing there from parent's love. And he'd say, "Oh. Okay." And off he'd go, toddling away. And I'd not have wasted my time giving him more information than he really wanted or could handle at that point. (I've gone further with that story since he's gotten older, of course).

Anyhow, with the cat stuff, I've opted for the same open/honest/if you ask approach. My mom did have a conversation with MyFK and explained that her passing did involve a trip to the vet and what happened there. MyFK's having healthy expressions of sadness, and he has commented several times about how he can't see her anymore...but his only question so far has been about what happened with her body (I didn't know the answer to that actually, and need to call my mom to find out, now that I think of it). He hasn't asked the barrage of euthanasia questions I was dreading (yet). If he does, I'm really diggin' SLM's version of compassion for animals and will probably just print that out, keep it in my hip pocket, and if I need to, just pull it out and read it verbatim (hahaha...just kiddin').

Anyhow, thank you again...all of you. I am so very thankful.

I need a break from the hard stuff. SO.
Let's talk now about things warm and fuzzy instead.

Knitting: Finished Objects
Pele may have won the sock battle, but back on the mainland, I won the war.
I fixed plain 'ol stockinette sock survives surgery, and I finished the pair.

Plain Ol' Socks
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch (I think color #716)/70% Superwash, 23% Polymide, 7% Elastin.
Needles: Bryspun Bry-Flex Double Points, US2 (2.75mm), 5" shorties.
Pattern: no pattern...but seeing that this is my 4th pair of socks made up in this yarn this year (and I just love it so), I'm tracking this for next time: CO=52 sts; Cuff=K2,P2 rib for 15R; Leg=60R; Foot=45R
Notes: I used Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's book Knitting Rules! for notes on turning the heel, and I used Charlene's Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks for tips on picking up 2 extra stitches at the gusset. Picking up those 2 stitches is definitley my new favorite thing.
These Are For: me.
Started: I looong time ago. I think in April. My notes show I finished the 1st sock 4/15 , but I then knit pairs for Karen, for MyFK and for TheMIG before coming back to my own sock #2. I also started the lace socks somewhere in there. Get this one--I wore this 1st sock the whole damn time LOL. Being an amputee does have it's occasional upside.
Finished: 8/14/06

The Finished Object template was shamefully and quietly lifted from Kathy's blog (hope you don't mind Kath, but your organization inspires me to thievery).


Lace Scarf

Branching Out
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, color #35 -Ocean/65% wool, 35% silk/ 190 yards/1 skein
Needles: US 8, Denise
Pattern: Branching Out, Knitty
Notes: I would totally make this again. And again. And again. $7 for a really gorgeous gift, and it was joyful to knit.

Started: I dunno.
Finished: 8/20/06

What's On The Needles

I have successfully rescued (from Knitting Hell) the vintage lace sock, which is being worked up in Black Bunny Fibers. I've turned the heel, finished the gussets, and am making my way rapidly (I just typo'd: rabidly, HA!) down the foot. (sock#2=70%)

I have a Mason-Dixon linen handtowel in the works. (20%)

Cleo is stalled because I'm reworking the pattern to be an A-line instead of a Baby-Doll, and I'm also insterting a lace panel either running down the sides, or down the back (10%).

The dreaded Olympics Shawl that I never finished is now out of cold storage and back on the needles. I was SOoooo wishing I had it to cuddle up in this week while I was sick. I'm also sitting here watching that fall fog rolling in and simultaneously reflecting back on the pain of last winter's heating bills, and guess what. I'm starting to knit winter gear NOW. (75%)


$ Fixed $

Just for the record, the past couple of weeks have really been tough. Y’all know I’ve been sick (still am, actually), and you know that two cats have crossed over to the other side, but I never did mention that my clothes dryer went kapoot. It ate the leg of MyFK’s zip-off pants. It ended up being a very costly visit from the repairman.

I also never mentioned that my plumbing went haywire. Contents from the kitchen sink/garbage disposal made an appearance in the bathtub (yumm, soup). I ended up with another very costly visit from a different repair service, and it took two visits for them to get it right. So first there was soup, and then there was stew. I'm glad to report that it has been fixed, and the soup is back in the pot where it belong.


A Little TeeHee

The 2nd plumber that came to my house had me rolling (not laughing, I mean literally rolling--I was whizzing around in the wheelchair) back and forth between the bathroom and kitchen many times over as we ran faucets and shoved food down the garbage disposal to test things out.
At some point he says to me: “You amaze me.”
Me: "Why." (not that I don’t already know what’s coming…I am such a frickin’ inspiration) Plumber: "Well, you are so fast! Even with your…your…your "condition." You are so MO-VILE!!"
Great. I'm movile.


This Week's Best Google Search

Somebody got here by googling, "hip amputee lady," and I shit you not--I sat here smiling away just thrilled for myself and the fact that if you go looking for a cool, hip, amutee're gonna find...ME!

It took me at least a full 5 minutes to realize someone (probably a perv) had googled to find a female amputee with a hip disarticulation (ie: missing her leg all the way up to her hip).

I'm such a dork.

Do Any Of You Fiber Folks Know Where To Find This Pattern?

Miss Sharon emailed me asking me if I knew of any toe sock patterns for kids. I sent her a very long email about toe-up socks. The virtures of them. My resistance to them. Brenda Daynes' current thoughts about them. Links to patterns for them.

Only to get an email back saying, “No no no…not toe UP socks. Just TOE socks. For kids.”

Oh.The silly socks. With the individual toes. Like gloves.
No. I don’t know of any. Do any of you?? Please pop me a comment or an email if you do.

Mail Call

When I came home from Hawaii, waiting for me was these absolutely adorable stitch markers that I’d ordered from Mouse’s online shop. I crack a smile every single time I look at them.

If you don’t know why a 2 Lllama’s and a Duck belong together, you absolutely MUST click here.

Showing the stitch markers and linking you to the shop is a pretty big “Neener neener…" though, although not intentional. I think poor Mousey just might be sick to death of making this particular set, and she is no longer taking special orders for them. But DO check out her shop anyhow, because they may come Mouse has lots of other really neat stuff for sale, too.

Also Available

Also selling useful goods for the knitter would be the handsome geek blogger from Sweater Project. If you’d like to have a blog (one that I suspect doesn’t piss and moan when you try to upload photos), and also get some extra features and customer service, do check out his offer to host your blog on his server.

Gear for Gimps

Wheelchair users…there’s a new gadget called the Wijit.
It seems like it kind of turns your wheelchair into a rowing machine or something. Benefits (as stated) include a reduction of strain on upper extremeties, propelling from an upright position, cardiovascular improvement, and CLEAN HANDS (that alone should make it worth at least investigating...ask any wheelchair user what it's like having everything on the streets potentially ending up in the palms of your hands. Ugh.)

The group Stumps R Us is going to be having a demo of the product at their September gathering in San Francisco if you are interested. I know it's a gathering for amputees, but it's a really nice bunch and I can't imaging them asking you to leave if you aren't one.

Best On-Line Order Form I've Ever Seen

I recently ordered from one of my very favorite places to shop: T-shirt Hell.
During checkout, it offered the folloing payment options:

O Credit Card Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
O PayPal pay using your Pypal account
O Money Order U.S.A. and Canada only
O Gift Certificate ID Pay with gift certificate (enter your ID on next page)
O Sexual Favors short on cash?

Well you know I just HAD to check off that last box...for which I got back:

You’re joking…right?
Do you actually think we’d accept sexual favors from you?
Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?
Now, go back and choose a payment method that actually makes sense for someone like you (hint: something that involves you giving us money).


One Parting Thought

Pele told me, “You will go heal people.”
And I’ve basically sick pretty much since I’ve been home.

I guess now that I think about it, I didn't really win the battle or the war.


Mouse said...

Yeah.. sorry about that. You hit the nail on the head though.. I'm a bit llama'ed out at the moment and I have a waiting list 2 pages long.

Anonymous said...

Pele is very real......I truly believe you will be a healer. Be patient. Aloha-------

Anonymous said...

I love the llama llama duck song! Every time I go to TheBoy's mom's house I sing it in my head while scanning the field for the llama. I think my favorite part of the llama [apart from his beautiful llama-ness] is the fact that I can stand at the top of the hill and call "hey llama-llama!" There's something about it that is just inately fun.

Glad to hear things went okay with MyFK. My family has always had a really pragmatic approach to animals and death since I grew up on a farm where we ate most of what we raised so I have a weird outlook on life and death because of that.

Rebecca said...


How funny, too, I just finished a branching out as well. First lace project and I'd say I only tinked back about 11ty billion times, so I guess that means it was easy?

I love yours in blue!

Gray said...

I like the lace scarf. Nice job.

You have really been through the wringer what with the clothes dryer and all. Wait, did I use a hood metaphor? I know how it feels when everything seems to be going down the tubes- or not, as the case may be. I hope that the dryer guy or gal did not take you to the cleaners.

On a more serious note, is dounds like you did a great job talking to your son.

Enjoy the weekend!

Carol said...

Before you can heal others, you have to heal yourself first. See, no reason to feel pressure from Pele. (Question for the less fey among us: who came first, the goddess or the soccer star?)

Glad it went well with kitty. When my kitty died, my oldest was about 5 or so, and I felt the same way, wondering how upset he'd be, whether he'd ask all kinds of difficult questions to which I don't know the answers. His response was: "Oh."

I think there's a toe sock pattern in the old XRX book, Socks Socks Socks. It's got some kind of nursery rhyme scheme but you could omit the doodads and use it as a base if you can't find one anywhere else. I am skeptical that toe socks are comfortable -- my kids would complain to no end about them, but whatev.

InkyW said...

Pele decided to hand you a heap of crap upon your return. But...she did say you'd heal people. Thinking about the times I've changed people's impressions about the heavily tattooed/pierced person being a "normal, acceptable member of society," and watching people be amazed by my wheelchair-bound neice, I wonder if you haven't already helped "heal" Mr. Mo-Vile by opening his eyes to someone that's different from him.

Although how bad can being Mo' Vile be really? LOL