Sunday, September 24, 2006


I went to bed last night thinking about yesterday's blog post, and said to myself, "Oh, lordy. I've done it again. They're gonna read that and think I'm serious." We've had this happen before. Where the twisted sense of humor that spurts so freely from my mouth never quite oozes out onto the written page in quite the same way.

I woke up this morning dreading the comments and emails I realized I might have inspired...ones angry with me for doubting god or my faith and/or seeking to inspire. I was happy to see that Sara and the PurloinedLetter got it (yay), but let me clarify once more for any of you that are new here and aren't into surfing back into archives:

b) but I'm a little strange
c) does it help you to understand if I explain again that I make and wear shirts that say things like "25% off!" and "lucky for me he's an ass man"?
d) I'm not a professional writer, and I don't always capture irony or sarcasm well (but I am a professional chef and I make a mean steak au poivre).
e) I am not very religious, but I AM deeply spiritual, and I DO believe that my physical circumstances are a divined part of my path. I'm not quite sure what this all means yet, though. Oh, and hey...if you are listening up there? A little insight prior to being on the death-bed with my retrospect would be grand :-)


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm a little strange too but I thought yesterday's post was humorous! You do just fine in my book.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Pele does limb regeneration at all, just for the record.

This only makes sense to me as any kind of sequitur because I'm a little strange, too.

Scoutj said...

I like strange!

JohnK said...

I didn't really notice anything strange.
Isn't clarify something you do with butter?

Carol said...

I definitely got it.
You are honing in, in an ironical way, on the very thing that torments me about religion (okay, well, one of the things): how can you reconcile belief in an all-loving God with the reality that senseless and painful things seem to randomly happen, to completely "innocent" people?
While I can see the appeal of a "it's all a plan we can't understand" rationale, it just doesn't hit the spot for me.
Now, I'm wondering if the site you linked to is akin to those sites that say if you are a good Christian, God wants to make you rich.... I gotta get me some of THAT religion.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. That "25% off" shirt thing made me hurt my sinuses because I was swallowing and wasn't prepared for the laughter that exploded out my nose. And the link about God? Amazing. So profound. Though it's kinda tempting to get all your readers to pray as hard as they can, just to see how many legs we can get to grow on you at once. Why stop at one?

Lorena said...

I don't think I've said before, but I really do love love love your t-shirt phrases. The husbeast will be picking one out for me, for Christmas (not that he knows this yet, but trust me; he will). You? Rock. You rock like a big rocking thing that rocks a lot.