Thursday, October 05, 2006

ketchup (ooooo, that was bad)

Knitting Knews
I finished my 2nd Branching Out scarf this week, this time in black. Here's your standard Draped-Amongst-The-Greenery photo, along with your complimentary My-Arm-Isn't-Long-Enough-So-I'll-Just-Lob-Off-My-Head shot.

The weight of this scarf is perfect for this time of year where I live. It's going to get a lot of use. And I love it done up in black. As I think I mentioned here when I cast-on for it, my fall "uniform" is often black bottoms and a colorful, but plain, long sleeved top. The black scarf really ties it all together. I look a little less like "Freida Frump." Of course, that coat of lipstick didn't hurt LOL. When I wear the scarf with all black (another fashion fave), it's got a romantic gothic feel to it (and no, I've never been cool enough to be a real goth...I'm just a poser and bit of a dork).

Branching Out Scarf
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, color 001 (black); 1 skein
Needles: Denise US#8
Pattern: Branching Out by Susan Pierce Lawrence, found at Knitty.
Modifications: It doesn't specify a bind off method, but I bound off in purl.
Started: sometime during the last week of September 'o6, and worked on it only occasionally
Finished: October 1, 2006
Notes: Having made this twice now, I think I've had enough. On the other hand, I think I've got the pattern repeat so wired that I could probably spit another one out in my sleep. Using only 1 skein, this would make an affordable, quick, and elegent gift. There may be more in my future for friends.

I recently bought the Forest Canopy Shawl pattern from the same designer, and I have yarn I am swatching with right now so I can see how I like them together. More on that soon, along with an update about what's on my needles.


ShiShi Tiki
YAY I got to hang out with mnvnjnsn last Monday! She is the author of the very first blog I ever read...and an excellent example of bloggy goodness, at that. Besides being one of my favorite reads, we have another interesting connection (previously blogged about here). Her ex is my current, and I'm now friends with her sister. Small world.

It was a photoworthy evening and somehow I managed to not take a single snapshot . Lame. I even had my camera out to show her pictures I had taken when I went to see the last gig of my boyfriend and her sister's band.

MyFK and I had taken the BART train to meet her (which I guess we don't do often enough, because he acted like we were getting on a ride at Disneyland or something). From there we hopped a cable car (another Disney-esque moment) and rode to the top of a very steep, classic, San Francisco hill. There lies perched the historic Fairmont Hotel.

We were early, so we snooped around the gilded halls for awhile and did things that a parent should not be teaching their child to do. For example, the ashtrays outside are models of exemplary maintennance. Some poor soul comes around, cleans out the butts, and presses a mold on top leaving a big fancy font impression of an "F" in the sand. So we went around and messed them all up and then hid and watched the special someone come fix it. I know. I'm an ass. But recently my son advised me that, "Mommy is only good for love" (not a bad thing to be good for, but...I happen to know I am good for that plus a whole bunch more) and he deemed his dad to be the "fun one." Screw that.

Anyhow, we finally made our way to meet mnvnjnsn at The Tonga Room for Happy Hour. It's basically a tiki lounge with an all you can eat buffet of chinese food, and while you snack, the place breaks out in a kitschy indoor rainstorm every 30 minutes. Luckily the drinks come with tiny umbrellas.

Now, it was MY brilliant idea to do the Tonga Room (note: that "brilliant" had a sarcastic tone). I looked it up online and was like, "Cool! $7 for the buffet! Cheap night out!".
Ummm, no LOL.
For starters, I didn't plan on MyFK not liking any of the buffet food and subsequently needing to order a grilled salmon entree at the fancy-pants-schmancy hotel prices. Yet because he had tried the buffet, we were billed for both. Nor did I factor in the 1 drink minimum, or tally in the fares for transportation (a cable car is apparently no longer transportation, but an "attraction"). The tab for the night was a wee bit painful. And uneccessary. I cook as good as what was served, and I should have brought a little homecooked "something-something" for mnvnjnsn as a show of my affection (I didn't even bring her the long overdue handknit kitty toys...I suck).

** Next time you come, girlfriend, I'm toting bubbly and fancy cheeses and we'll make a picnic in your hotel room. And btw...I really enjoyed yours. **

Oh. And we only shared one chuckle at our common friend's expense. Just one.

Whilst chatting about TheMIG's side business ventures, MyFK chimes in that maybe one day TheMIG will be rich and have a butler.
I replied, "Noooo...even if he could afford one, I don't think that TheMIG would ever spend his money on a butler."
"Why not?"
"Because he told me that when he was a kid he always wanted to grow up to be Oscar Madison."
Mnvnjnsn broke out in laughter, as did I the first time I heard it.

Then she said, "That explains a lot."

I would believe that it does.

StatsCounter Stuff

For starters, I can't believe that someone actually typed this in as a search:
thanks a million - that really helps! by jove i think i am getting it now!
I find it interesting that of the first "1 - 10 of about 146,000 results" you get links to THREE knitting blogs (myself, Crazy Aunt Purl, and Yarn Harlot). There is not a single word about knitting in the query. Bizarre.

Okay.Which one of you got here by googling:
no outfit is complete without dog hair pillow

And last but not least, someone from Israel got here by googling:
..of which there was a mention, true...but this got me searching to figure out if "poopis" actually translates to something in Hebrew or Yiddish (it appears it does not, but I don't know how to search for Hebrew slang, either. I might need to call grandma on this one).


Anonymous said...

Someone came to my blog searching for pig licking photo. I understand it, but feel a little sad. I hope they weren't looking for something other than the photo I had up, because if so, EW. I also got someone via "stolen pug sullivan's island" which break down into 4 posts over a varying amount of time: when the llama went missing and we feared he was stolen, something about TheBoy's mom's dog, a post relating to architecture and louis sullivan and either something about long island or whidbey island. Whee! It's fun to figure out where things come from.

Also, I'm giving you way advance notice that I've got plans in the very beginning stages for a visit to the Bay Area sometime between January-March. You've been warned. ;)

Hannah said...

Beautiful scarf! It is near the top of my must-knit list!

Anonymous said...

Knice knitting! (such a dork; I know)

Mnvnjnsn is witty and has very adorable cats. And your FK will figure out what else you're good for, and how very much that love thing alone is worth, never fear.

Anonymous said...

well, it's starting to get a wee bit chilly here in Florida if you can believe that...wink wink...

And all I know is that the BART must be cheaper than a trip to Disneyland. BTW - my son loves the subway/metro too. Whenever we go to a city that has one, he could care less about the sites - he just wants to ride mass transit!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, I got a good laugh out of the tiny umbrella crack. you so funny!

Rabbitch said...

I can never figure out where your email is. Clearly I am lame.

Send me your studio picture, so I can feel better, mmkay?

Anonymous said...

That scarf is simply gorgeous. I love.

Anonymous said...

I like Branching Out in black. It's the "Leaf Noir" version. ;)
I'm looking forward to seeing your Forest Canopy Shawl.

Kerry said...

I love the scarf! I've got some yarn sitting in my stash that was bought for that pattern but I still haven't gotten around to it yet. (I know, hard to believe.)

I've got to figure out how to see what is bringing people to my blog. I'm always amazed with what people are looking for. I imagine hours of side-splitting entertainment once I figure it out. LOL