Saturday, November 18, 2006

9 random thoughts over a steaming cup of chai

This post was typed early this morning, while the house was quiet and my mind was rambling. Then things got busy, and now here I am drinking champange and wine with my beloved celebrating our meeting-a-versary in a Japanese style hotel in Japantown in SF (which, even though it's only 30 minutes from home, feels like another planet).

In actual order of brainfart:

1) Yesterday's post does count towards NaBloPoMo, because it took thought to compose...and it also counts even if only one person "got it", because it was composed for only that one person in the first place.

2) This morning finds me knitting my first stitch since last Friday.

3) I have been needle felting and fondling my stash, though. I bought a new underbed storage box to put it all (well most all..hehe) into, so it's all (mostly( in once place.

4) The shumps are almost done, but they are at a stage where I have to be willing to try them on every few rows to check for fit. Haven't had the time.

5) My two socks on the needles are sitting there with sad little frowns because both of them (Jaywalkers for me, Trekkings for TheMIG) have fit issues, and I don't have the brain power or will power to rip back.

6) It's 10 days until the mediation date for the lawsuit and I think I'd better get a refill on the ativan LOL.

7) Thanks for the comments about MyFK's artwork. For the record, when he showed it to me and asked me if I liked it, I told him I loved it and thought it was very creative (which is all true). He was also somewhat sitting in my lap, therefore in front of me, and thankfully could not see my face which was chuckling quizically. Last night I pulled the drawing out again and asked him to tell me more about it. He said the ladies were both underwater creatures. They live in shallow water, and the flowers on top of their hats are above water. The things coming out of their tummies are tentacles (I think it was TheBon scored on that one), and the one with the heels has a purse, while the one with the tennis shoes has a lunchbox. Then he produced from his stack another drawing, this time of the Underwater Guy that "lives a deeper in the water, and has a mating call that sounds like...insert throaty sound something like an ululation/zaghareet and a turkey gobble.
Lordy. *giggle* His creatures have mating calls.

8) I have to put flea meds on all the pets today.

9) I got D-S-eh-ehL…I got D-S-eh-ehL !!
(sung with an elementary school “neener-neener” voice for full impact)
Seriously. This is so cool. You know your life is going to be permanently changed when you go to visit the Harlot’s blog to read the last 3 posts you’ve been behind on, and shazaam!! The kajillion tour photos just immediately explode onto your screen.
Dudes. I’m actually catching up on everyone’s blogs! I'm almost there. I think I topped out at something like 178 feeds to be read via bloglines. Thank heavens some of them were blogger gooding and reposting stuff I'd already read. I'm under 50, and closin' in.

ok...back to TheMIG, the wine, the deep Japanese soaking tub.


Mouse said...

Good to know they were tentacles! Hope you have a nice meet-a-versary.

Anonymous said...

I am sure I puzzled my parents a million and one times with things like tentacles, so I'm glad I could call that one.

Anonymous said...

Mating calls. Wow. The kid thinks in multiple dimensions, that's for sure.

Yay for the soaking tub and anniversary fun!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...deep Japanese soaking tub...