Saturday, November 25, 2006

out with the felted pumpkins, in with the winter gnome

Well, I failed to take the knitting outside and shoot pics in the light of day, but this dude said it was too cold outside today anyhow....

Korknisse (aka CorkGnomeDude)
Yarn: Lambs Pride Worsted , M-160 "Dynamite Blue" and some metallic crochet thread for the snowflake...all from stash...except the cork...that was fresh ;-)
Needles: Lantern Moon US#3 dpns
Inspired by: KnittingIris
Pattern: SaartjeKnits
Modifications: I cast-on 16 stitches instead of 15 for both the sweater and the hat. For the sweater, I did the rib for 2 rows, but then knit 6 rounds before binding off. For the hat, I ribbed for 2 rows, knit 8 rounds, K2tog at the beginning of the 9th round to get back to the 15sts, then followed the instructions for decreasing.
Started & Finished: 11/24/06
Notes: Knitting with worsted weight yarn on US#3's on 16 sts in the round pretty much sucks. But this dude is too damn cute, and I think he'll probably have a girlfriend shortly.

A good excuse to crack another bottle of cabernet.
I'm thinking mulled wine is in order...


Anonymous said...

He's so cute! I can't wait to see his girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

So. Damned. Cute.

I'm not one who is into *cute* but this little guy cries out to my own wine corks. Who now think they all need little sweaters and hats. Thanks a bunch ;-)

twobadmice said...

Cute. Now I fucking need some new needles! I only go down to 5s.
When does it end?

(Never I hope.)

Sile Convery said...

These guys look very festive and wonderful. I got to you via Saartje! I too live in the SF Bay Area. Check out my website at: which also links to my blog. Off to cast on for this project--yiippee.Well actually I was a little hasty---I too only go down to 5's!

Acornbud said...

Oh so very cute in blue. I like the little adornment:)

Anonymous said...

I completely <3 the gnome!!! I am going to make on in pink!!

<3 <3 <3

Nice work!