Wednesday, November 29, 2006

things to think about from young and old

First, from the old. This came from Ellie, a lady at the convalescent hospital I have met in passing when going there to visit James.

AmpuT: Hi, Ellie! Remember me?

Ellie: Uh...hrmmm...

AmpuT: I came to here one day and we talked for awhile...

Ellie: Whaaa??? I can't hear that well. (leans in to bring her hearing aid to about 2 inches from my lips).

AmpuT: I visited you one time and you showed me all of those thing on the windowsill of your room (she has a very cool collection of things that would make even an uber-grump smile).

Ellie: OH YES! You are the bellydancer! You came to my room and looked at my things, like that blanket I made. You are the one who crow-shayyyys...

AmpuT: I knit.

Ellie: What??


Ellie: You made that hat for Robyn.

AmpuT: YES. (big visible nod to go with it).

Ellie: Well, of course I remember you! It's just that I'm 94 and I can't hear that well.

AmpuT: Ohhhh, that's okay!

Elllie: NO. IT. ISN'T. (pause) It's horrible! (longer pause) But I'm glad you come talk to me anyhow.


And from My 9yr old Favorite Kid:

AmpuT: Ok, this is your human snooze alarm ringing. Your 10 minutes are up. It's time to get up and ready for schoooool....

MyFK: Ohhhh, maaaaan! NO WAY has it been 10 minutes.

AmpuT: Yes it has. Look at the clock.

MyFK: (whining) I wasn't even having fun. How can time be flying?

(think about that one for a bit)


Diane said...

Considering at how incoherant I am when I first wake up, I am truly impressed at your Favorite Kid's wit first thing in the morning.

Anonymous said...

People are just neat...both young and not-so-young! Favorite Kid will be quite shocked to find how quickly time flies once you get a bit older. I don't recall having all that much fun in my thirties...but those years disappeared pretty darned fast!

Carol said...

Made me smile.
Hope you're smiling, too.

jodi said...

My goal in life is that one day, when I am shocked and perplexed at finding myself so old and on death's door, I will not be able to say, "I wasn't even having fun. How can time be flying?".

Gray said...

Good for you for visiting! A true mitzvah.

That's a pretty great kid you have here.

Scoutj said...

great post

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this post! Both conversations are food for thought.

Carrie said...

LOL! I'm with your favorite kid. How comes time flies when we're not even having fun?? Heehee.