Wednesday, November 15, 2006

twice in one day. aren't you stoked?

Day 15.
It is exactly halfway through NaBloPoMo, and it is also the exact moment where I see the light.

I have no desire to be a daily blogger.

I can probably get through this month, and I have received the benefit of this "project" really making me think a whole lot about what it is that I write here, and my writing process. I'm digging that aspect.

But me no likey this thingy.

A fine example of what I'm trying to say here (because I am flat out of words at the moment) is yesterday's post.
I really didn't care to write what I wrote about yesterday.
It definitely was a picture into what was current for me in my life at that very moment, but it was pretty close to my telling you what I had for lunch, which supposedly we are never to do, but which I have already done.

What I really wanted to write about yesterday was something altogether different. Something about yarn, and little loops, and other people's afgans, which I hope to still do. But I couldn't write that yesterday. Yesterday I wasn't able to think straight. Clouding my mind were images of buttons and manuals and screens and menus. Because it was all that I could see, there was nothing else I could get myself to blog about. My daily events were a roadblock to what I really had to say.

Usually when I have moments like that, where I want to write about one thing, but am consumed by another, I just don't post that day. Simple.

But not this November.

The other thing driving me nuts is that I can't make the time to read the blogs I love reading so much...whether it be the lack of time, or the desire to flee from the computer as quickly as possible after creating my own post, or the guilt of taking the time to read blogs when I hear the clock ticking on my own entry that is due that day.

Personally, I'm with Neil* and am ready to do NaComPoMo--National Commenting on Posts Month. But I'm worried about that becoming an oBLOGation, too.

* for the record, I've only read five blogs today. BloodyCrafts because I knew it would be a picture. Inky's, because it had "meme" in the title. Carol's, because I saw from the title that it would engage me in thinking about something other than myself for 2 minutes. Fussy's because she's the hostess of nablopomo and it feels like required reading (even though I love her blog and will definitely continue to read once this is over). Neil was new read, and I only made it there because Fussy linked to it. Fussy linked to a few other blogs, and even reminded about the randomizer...but I could only manage one new click today, and Neil was it. Why? Because I haven't even caught up reading the blogs of the people I have made (cyber, albeit) friends with. There are 172 unread feeds in my bloglines. I feel like I'm missing my friends.
See what I mean?


Anonymous said...

I know. I am SO sick of the sound of my own voice.

This exercise is "forcing" me to organize my thoughts and clear out some long-mouldering cobwebs, though. There are a ton of things I've been wanting to just sit down and write, but what with one thing and another, I haven't. Now I am.

I doubt I'll blog a single thing in December. January's not looking real good, either, at this point.

Gray said...

I can't possibly keep with blog reading. As time goes on I have less and less time and want to read more and more blogs. Something has to give.

Thanks for your posts this week, even though I didn't get a chance to comment on them.