Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well, I've been doing the knit-think-knit-think-knit-think thang today.

I have a lot more knitting to show for it than thinking, though.

Kitten Knittin'
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted (M120 Limeade), and scraps of Koigy for the eyes and whiskers
Needles: 2 Plymouth/wood US#7 dpns
Pattern: Felted Catnip Mouse, found here
Modifications: none
Notes: I felted this by hand in the kitchen sink. Easy breezy.
Started+Finished: 11/08/06

Knitting this was a snap. Maybe an hour from casting-on to being felted. I have a feeling I'll be whipping up a few more of these tonight and tomrrow. There are many new kittens out there needing toys *grin*. This first mousey, however, is destined to go to my mom and dad's new kitten, Hazel.

She's adorable, has extra front toes, is much smaller than she appears here, and was an SPCA rescue kitty.

More knitting....
In that picture up top, the background fabric that mousey was sitting on, that stripey thing there, that is a Jess Hutch toy.
I can't show the finished item yet as it yet it is a gift. But it is damn cute. As is all her stuff.

I'm also working on the shumps (the pajama shorts for my stump). They're almost done, actually. I hit another little roadblock upon seaming the crotch. I decided that those four seams were coming together in a place that would probably be not so cuddly and comfly, ya' know?? I decided that I really wanted to add a crotch gusset there. So I knit one up and sewed it in, but it looked like a linebacker's ballsack. A wee bit too much extra fabric and I look like I've got something very unnattractive going on under my skivvies. Gah. I'm working on v2.0 now. I think I've got it right this time.

And lastly, in relation to knitting, I am in sock hell right now.
I have been for weeks.
Both pairs on the needles are looking at me with the, "ha ha neeener neener maybe you should just frog me" face. Hate that. Haven't decided what to do about it.

No spaghettios today, but guess what.

Yesterday I heard the NeighborGuy doing some yardwork out front, so I dashed out there to ask him about the WhiteThingy. (if you need a recap, click here).

I said, "Hey, remember a few weeks ago when you said you'd lower that white tent thing?"
He said, "Oh, yeah. It's as low as it goes. It can't go any lower than that."
I said, "No it isn't. It's clicked up to it's highest setting!"
"Well, my wife's unlce came by when it was beginning to blow away, and he used duct tape to tape it to the patio railing, and now I can't lower it because the tape is in the way."
"I know that. You told me you'd cut it off and lower it and retape it. It's just tape."
(goddang dufus)

So then I whipped out the photos. Yup. I actually did it.

"Dude. Here's the before photo...see that little dark spot down there, that's the old blue awning...and now here, this is a photo of the new white one."

"Oooohhhhh maaannnnn!!!!! Wellllll.....IIIII dunnooooo....I don't really think I can do it. Let me think for a minute."

And then he left (to go look at it, or so I thought) and never came back out. And so far he hasn't lowered it.
I've already looked into county policies about obstruction of view, but I have no leg to stand on (HA--well I do have one) because it is considerred a "temporary structure." Even though it's been there for almost 17 months, it's temporary.

Jess suggested I should take all those shoes I'm not wearing anymore and have some sort of target practice. Several realtime friends have suggested I just flick a half-lit cigarette in that direction.

Not bad ideas. I am taking them into considerration.

I'm thinking the next step is to show up at his doorstep with some scissors, a role of fresh duct tape, and a bottle of tequila. Maybe he'll let me in and do some shots while I fix the problem for him myself.


Anonymous said...

I can't decide if you showing up with booze and scissors would be creepy or hilarious.

BeanMama said...

I like the tequila & duct tape idea. I think it's funny and kind of charming.

Have you seen this, btw? Might help with the sock mojo. Ain't it a beut? I saw it when I was looking up gansey gusset...

Mouse said...

I think that showing up with the combination of tequila and duct tape would be enough to make him question your motives for long enough to get the thing lowered.. lol.

Lorena said...

You whipped out the photos?! OMFG, you are my new hero.

~Donna~ said...

Getting him drunk so you can have your way with his tent - brilliant!

BTW - LOVE Jess Hutch and her critters. Have a few of those planned too.