Thursday, December 14, 2006


I have skipped many important things in the last week, trying to speed up recovery time. To what I mentioned in my last post, you can add: visiting the convalescent hospital, a third pilates class, a therapy appointment, and Stitch n Bitch.

Clearly, I am not winning, because I still feel like crap-o-laaa.

I didn't help that yesterday and today I had to play catch up and run around all over town finishing up holiday stuff. Why??

Because holidays around here do not allow for 10 more shopping days until Christmas.
Holidays around here start tomorrow at 4:51 pm!!!!

Where are the Channukah Elves when you need them???


Carol said...

Chappy Channukah, m'love.

Mouse said...

Happy Channukah! I tried to get my 2 gifts out to husbands sister & her new husband for their first channukah as a married couple.. and completely botched it. I'm sending their presents for New Years instead. Oops. Hope wrangling a Jewish Knitting Elf goes better for you than it did for me - although I did eat the challah bread I was going to use to bait the traps..

~Donna~ said...

Happy Channukah!

Although I get to wait 9 more days, my presents need to be shipped out on Monday, so my family doesn't have to wait 10 days or more...

If we celebrated Channukah, I'd be SOL!