Monday, December 11, 2006

let's hope this isn't a really bad idea

It seems to me that sending a FiberJunkie like me to Carolina Homespun during the She-Still-Has-Holiday-Gifts-To-Buy-For-People-Whom-Are-Not-Herself....well, it's just an accident just waiting to happen. Don't you think?

But off I go. I have an 11 am meeting with Morgaine who's gonna teach me some spinnin'. On the drive over there, I'm sure I'll be chanting all the way, "I'm really not going to buy anything...I'm just going to learn....I'm really not going to buy anything....I'm just going to learn..."

Umm yah.
I'll post about my inevitable failure later.

So why go there today to learn to spin, you ask?
But doll-face, you have no spinning wheel!

Well, actually...I almost do.

Several weeks ago, I was chatting with Beanmama at SnB, and she tells me that she found a wheel at a thrift store avery long time ago, but it needs some love. A cracked flyer and a missing tension screw and probably a few other issues. She said if I knew a woodworker who could restore it, and if I did, she'd love to pass it on.

Well, as it turns out, I do know a woodworker who is into this sort of thing. My dear friend's hubby Michael is totally into the antique tool thing. He belongs to a group of folks that only use old hand tools, and I think he even has some sort of treadle or bicycle operated saw or something. I mean, he's really into it. He's done a few very helpful things for me over the past couple of years. He made wooden seats for my wheelchairs (which to most people sound horrible, but let me tell you...they are wonderful for dancing), and he also restored a found pair of antique crutches, and adjusted them to fit me perfectly. I looove them. Next time I'm not on the fly and there is some good light to shoot them, I'll try to remember to post a photo. Gorgeous.

Anyhow. I asked Michael if he'd be into restoring the spinning wheel, and as it turns out, he is. Like totally into it. So into it that he's found out that several of his hand tool woodworking buddies have partners that are into the fiber arts. So into that he even took the wheel to the local Spinning Guild, and I have gotten reports back from people who saw my wheel there...hahaha.

Here's a progress shot.

It's a Clemes & Clemes.
This is gonna be fun :-)

But. I figure I should learn how to spin a bit. No?
So far, I only know how to use a spindle, and "using" is a misnomer.

Let's hope this isn't a bad idea. I swore I wasn't going to get all geared up with new hobby stuffs.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear how things went I really think you're going to love Morgaine and I fully expect to be introduced to the wheel when I come down to visit!

~Donna~ said...

Warning! Warning! Danger! Danger!

(picture me flailing my arms about like the robot on Lost In Space)

You are sooooo going to get sucked in...enjoy!

Hannah said...

Yippee!! We newbie spinners are going to take over the world!!

Anonymous said...

So cool!

I know you aren't going to get anything while you are there, because CH doesn't have ANY cool stuff. Nope, none at all. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

Absolutely do not buy any of the Crosspatch Creations batts they sell. Because the slubby goodness of the prep, completely unique composition (with the names of the sheep!) and the fact that your thick and thin yarn (standard for a beginner as they learn) will look gorgeous and you can totally blamethe inconsistency on the prep means they totally suck. As long as we define suck as rock.

(dork overload)

Well, at least you know that since you live in the area that you can always go back for more, you won't be subject to the panicked frenzy of those who go to shows and pay entry fees just to paw through their stuff (and try the $1200 wheel, Fiona).

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! How could there possibly be anything evil about learning a new skill? ;)

Lorena said...

Muhuwhahahah. Welcome to the dark side! You are going to love it. Spinning is even more like crack than knitting! Plus, now you get a yarn stash *and* a fiber stash! Tee!

Mouse said...

Ooh.. how exciting! I hope you love to spin- its really relaxing!

Cathy said...

Your friend Michael is on the Clemes yahoogroups list. I sent him the measurements for your wheel. I had no clue til I googled Clemes and Clemes to see if any were for sale anywhere. Come on over and join our list - we'd love to have you. In fact, today I posted a photo on my blog of my C7C kit wheel - not the fanciness of your charmer.