Monday, December 18, 2006

well, hello!

I just sort of found out by accident that the new Yarnival was posted yesterday...and I'm in it!(it's a link to my post about the rescued blankets)

SO: If this is your first time visiting, hi and thanks for stopping by :-)

AND: This isn't an actual knitting blog. I definitely do knit and post about it. But I also write about lots of other things. I ramble, I whine, I'm prone to foul language, poor grammer, and way too many elipses...but whatever. I have made a host of friends via the on-line knitting community...but I primarly post for myself, so that I have a way to remember who I am when I am old and senile.

ALSO: I did an entire month of posts for NaBloPoMo, so if you want know more about me (and my neighbors) than you could ever stand to know, paruse November. I've been recovering ever since, so December's entries have been few. Pardon the dust.

OH: I have difficulty replying to comments because your email addy doesn't always make it to me via the blogger comments. If you'd like me to write back to you, please be sure to email me (link in the sidebar).

Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

The story of the rescued blankets was wonderful!