Friday, January 05, 2007

MyFavoriteKid is running me ragged. Hence my bloggy absence, email delays, and the lack of shipping out (still) long overdue packages.

The holiday break from school started late this year (the day after Channukah--how considerate). Of course, this means the kids go back to school late, too. Monday cannot come soon enough.

It took a few days longer than usual, but I've finally had enough of this time together business. My kid is seriously high-maintennance (wonder where he gets that from). It's not only me that he's maxed out. My parents took him for an overnighter at their place, but then came a call the next day requesting I pick him up earlier than planned. He ran them down.

Somehow I've managed to raise a kid that believes that life is about being constantly entertained....and mostly by the efforts of others.

Here's a sample of a normal morning conversation (I'm not making this up, he's does this to bug me...9-1/2, and the little twit is already a really good button pusher):

Me, "So, what do you want to do today?"
MyFK, "Go to Disneyland." (8 hours and hundreds of dollars away)
Me, "Be realistic. Seriously. Want to go for a little hike or to the library?"
MyFK, "No. How about the moon. Let's go to the moon."

Thanks. Helpful. Very very helpful.

Yes, he does occasionally entertain himself. Sadly, none of his solo interests are quite ones. Even if I get a break, there is the constant humm of kidlet in the background. There's the electric guitar. There are the Cartoon Network programs with all of their characters burping, screeching, and whining...all done by the same 6 voiceover artists . There's the handheld game system beeping and booping (the headphones that go with it? "Noooo mommmm....those are tooooo unnnnncommmmfortable"). MyFK has even decided that reading out loud is more entertaning than reading silently ("Mommmm, I'm practicing being a public speaker!").

So. Vacations mean that I'm either the source of all things fun, or that I'm trying to block out the racquet. And, if I'm not doing either of those things, then I'm in the kitchen washing the last round of dishes in preparation of yet another feeding for the a boychild whom is clearly beginning his bottomless pit phase.

I love my kid.
Big time.
And I'm a good mommy who has come up with plenty of interactive experiences for her kiddo.
But I don't know how you homeschoolers do it.
By all accounts, it appears y'all are having a good time.
If it were me, you'd find me at the end of every day draggin around the house to picking up all the hair I had ripped out my head.


M-H said...

Books. Is he old enough for Harry Potter? There are many kids' books that will keep him quiet for hours. The Narnia series?

JohnK said...

I'd suggest him washing some dishes. How about vacuuming?
Oh, boy you are going to have some fun teenage years.

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

I know where you are comin from. My son is 7 and I swear there are days his mouth never closes. I have to tape any shows I want to watch so that I can rewind and catch things his constant chatter made me miss. There was a time he barely talked and I took him to specialists to make sure there wasn't a problem, and now I find myself saying "shush" way too often. hehehe

Carrie said...

You are so right! I don't know how homeschooling moms do it, either! I'd give him jobs to do. Whenever my three bug me, I find laundry, dishes.. I can keep them busy all day. Plus it's good for them. I'm hoping it helps them not be so spoiled - haha. Anyway, once I start with the jobs, they wander off to do something else...

Scoutj said...


And I used to be a teacher!

Diane said...

My DD and I would have (and almost did anyway) killed each other if I had home schooled. Tutoring her was hard enough!

How about handing him the reading material of your choice and he can read it to you while you knit : )?

Kerry said...

You know how to solve the problem, right??? He needs a sibling. LOL Seriously though, I was an only child and I was the same way. My 3 kiddos are much better at entertaining themselves and each other than I ever was. My parents let me have my friends over whenever I asked. I thought they were just really cool...turns out they were just looking for a break. LOL

Sheepish Annie said...

That's why we teachers make such fat salaries. ;)

Hang in're almost done!