Friday, January 12, 2007

pit stop

Very busy, and with any luck, a longer post later today answering some of those lunchbox questions.

Before I fly out the door, here's an official AmpuT product endoresement and some stuff from the elementary school kids that are good for a giggle.

If I Was Asked to Do An Infomercial Marketing This Stuff, I would:

The 2nd degree burns I took to the right breast two weeks ago are healed over even better than I had hoped. Thank you for all of your recommendations about aloe, vitamin E, etc...but let me show you what I use on my burns, that works so well, it amazes me every single time.

This is a topical that I picked up from my accupuncturist. It is called "Ching Wang Hung" by a company called "Great Wall Brand". There is a REALLY good detailed description of what is in here. You can buy it in the same green tub (which is inside a gold box) online here, and you can buy smaller tubes of it here.

It's a wee bit stinky, like most other chinese herbs, but not intolerable or overly offensive. Just sort of herbaceous and vegetal.

I was first given a jar of this as a cure for hemmoroids after my son was born. I had tried multiple rounds of many other western products. This stuff eliminated my problems with one application. Sorry to be so graphic, but hey, if I can help someone out...whateverrrrr. After that treatment, I discovered it was also used a burn cream, and I used it extensively during culinary school (which means very extensively). I only have one burn scar from culinary school, and it is the one I did not treat with this cream because I was out of it.

There ya' have it.

Tales From a Fourth Grade Classroom

I volunteer at the elementary school in my son's classroom once a week, doing various and sundry...but today I got to grade homework papers. Here are the highligts (I have made no corrections whatsoever):

From the math page. A page of word problems that were about tripling an ice-cream recipe...fractions and whatnot. Also included was instructions to make up your own recipe.

CHOCO ice cream
First get these ingredients;
3 eggs
2/3 cup
1-1/2 cup milk
6 cups salt
2-1/2 whipping cream
2 tablespoon vanilla
Next, pour all of the ingredients. Then, stir until it's brow. Finally, put it in the oven for about 5 hours.

From the spelling list. The kids have to write a sentence for each word on the list. These are compiled from more than one student (except the first set). Spelling words are underlined. I have made no corrections for you:

(from a student who is learning english as a second language...all 20 sentences were written in this style)
I ask my mom what citrus mean.
I ask my dad what germs are?
What is a generation?

(now the rest of the kids)
This is the 24th century I am living in.
Darian, front and center!
I was doing yoga on a cymball. (should be "cymbal" and most kids wrote sentences for the word "symbol")
Valerie is a genius. (written by Valerie)
I know how to circulate.

But seriously.
Parents. Read over your kid's homework for crying out loud.
These kids are our future.


Mouse said...

hee hee. My dad is a holistic doctor and I'm pretty sure I have used a product similar (if not identical) to the one you showed. I keep a tube of arnica ointment around for use on burns and scrapes because it makes them heal so fast.

Anonymous said...

I ordered some of that magic stuff. We are afflicted here in my family with eczema (me) and psoriasis (husband). I'm hoping this stuff will eliminate having to use topical cortisone -- which causes thinning of the skin when used long-term -- as much.