Tuesday, January 30, 2007

well, that wasn't so bad

Dudes, I finished 20 of the 23 things on my to do list yesterday.
I'm not even sure how.
(sorry, Kath...but blocking the shawl was 1 of the 3 left on the list, as was cleaning the cat box and washing that last pan that is too big to fit into my split sink)

I was hardly overwhelmed at all in getting all of the stuff done. The overwhelm came later when I was sitting down for dinner and had time to think about it all. TheMostImportantGuy was on his way out of town on business, but stopped by on his way with Vietnames take-out. Somehow sitting down to eat caused some slowdown of brainwaves represented by a couple pouty-faces. But after the TheMIG left, MyFavoriteKid and I squished under a blanket to watch Lord of the Rings. For the kajillionth time. Love it. No more pouty-face. Works like a charm.

Other than that dinner moment, things were good. Close to 3 years of gimpin' here, and I've finally figured out how to mop a floor from a wheelchair without making muddy donut tracks all over the place I just cleaned. Woohoo! Also yesterday I bought a few organizational tools for moving into Phase A.3 of purging the abundance of paper that insulates my house. Even bought a couple nice wooden magazine boxes to house my knitting mags on that newly rearranged shelf.

Some of the stresses for me right now are all about negotiations. Sure, there is the ongoing legal one...but I'm also in a negotiation zone with the director of Dandelion Dancetheater. We want to see if we can resolve some differences about the use of video, and all that buttons that arguing about it pushed for both of us. If we can get on track, I'd like to be able to perform with them again. But we're still in negotiations.

There is a whole lot of negotiation right now going on within the bellydance troupe about how best to create this next performance piece on a limited timeframe. My brain is in director-mode (as it should be) and I'm working too hard trying to keep everyone happy (as it probably shouldn't be).

I'm just kinda getting warped from too much thinking, feeling, talking, listening, processing, negotiating, thinking, feeling, talking, listening, processing....you get the idea. Sometimes these sort of things just go round and round the spin cycle for what feels like foreverrrrr.

That's what I need.
I need an iPod. LOL
Just one day to tune it all out.

Another post coming later today for 007 Snap A Dozen Days.

I first read about this sometime the first weekend in January. Since then, I've been jotting down little notes here and there about what January means to m.. I'm going to compile them into one post with a photo. Then my plan is to do that once a month for the rest of the year.

Neato, eh?
A little bloggy scrapbooky sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

20 out of 23? Want to come to my house? NO GO BLOCK THAT SHAWL! It's really not lace until you block it.

Wheelchair Dancer said...

explanations, PLEASE!! I've been trying to figure that one for ever.



Gray said...

Whoa. You should replace me at my job! 20/23 is way better than me. I only got to number 8 out of 13 on my list yesterday. Perhaps I should have had pho for lunch yesterday.

Carrie said...

You know, I haven't really thought about all of the things that you've had to relearn how to do from a wheelchair. Wow.

20 out of 23? Amazing.