Friday, April 13, 2007

dear diary, it's me again

I'm so tired I cant stand myself.
I haven't been getting long stretches of sleep for weeks now. Just little pockets.

Yes I know that buying a house is stressful and all that, but it's really the furniture and paint color crap that keep my head spinning.

See, I looked at a bunch of houses before making an offer on the one I just went into escrow on...and for each and every single one of those other contenders, I'd come home to "sleep on it", but in actuality I'd be arranging furniture around in my head while I was dozing in and out. I had to see if I could fit what I want in a room and still be able to get around in a wheelchair. I'd wake up at 4am and doodle on graph paper. It seems silly, but how else would I know if the layout was going to work for me? Oy.

Then when I had figured that out all, I'd start interior decorating with colors and whatnot.
Here's a little known fact about me: My entire life I have lived in a house with all white walls, except for a couple of years worth of wood panelling. Even the house I live in now, that I own, I've been here 8-1/2 years, and the walls are still white.
I've never done color. And I want color in my next house.
So I drift in and out of sleep picking out carpets and paints and window coverings and and and...*sigh*

I'm leaving now to go to an all ages dive punk club tonight to see Babyland.
I am very excited to see these guys, even though I'm dragging so low you wouldn't know it.
For sure they wont be putting me to sleep (click the pic if you don't believe me).


Anonymous said...

Good to see you! My house is all white walls and I think that might be why I try to keep myself surrounded with yarncolor. So much easier than paint. ;-)

Good luck with all your planning! We redid the kitchens and the bathrooms when we moved into our place and I became obsessed (big surprise) with all of it. I would buy these magazines and cut stuff out and take notes and a few months after it was all done my husband threw the box away with all my stuff. It might just be the worst argument we ever had - I had worked SO HARD and it was gone. Of course I still had the house to live in.... It can all make you crazy!

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

I feel for ya hun. I'm constantly redecorating in my mind when I'm supposed to be sleeping. And I don't even have any plans to move! I live in a duplex owned by the county, so no color on the walls. White walls and brown, flat carpet with no nap. I'm always imagining what the inside of houses look like, how I would decorate it. sigh I just need out of this hole in the wall. hehehe

Carrie said...

Oooo, I hope you had fun! Yes, your first foray into color can cause sleeplessness. Just remember, you can always paint over if you don't like it, and paint always darkens a teensy bit when it's on the walls. I don't know why. =) I'm just happy for you! I have a housewarming gift all in mind.

Anonymous said...

I know just what you mean about drawing on graph paper to see how you could arrange your furniture; I did that before I bought my house, too, and I didn't have to worry about leaving paths for a wheelchair.

I went from years of white walls to color on the walls as well, and I love it. And as Carrie said, if you don't like it you can always paint over it.

Good luck and I hope you can get some sleep soon!

Gray said...

Enjoy your dreams of color. I think that all of us who have brought a house remember spending hours and hours re-arranging and re-painting in our minds.

Diane said...

My daughter broke the "paint phobia" for us. She wanted the walls in her room painted black. I said no, pick again. She picked navy blue and it looks great! Really makes the stained trim just pop. That said, when it was time to paint our bedroom, we chose red...a nice barn red. The ceiling is a nice creamy beige which isn't so contrasty as the classic ceiling white would have been.

Like others have said, it's just paint and can be done over easy enough.

Beadknitter said...

Hey! Have FUN! Decorating should be fun. We're redoing our living room and dining room this summer. I can relate to the white walls. I've lived with them ever since I left Mom and Dad to live on my own many many years ago. In fact, hubby and I have been in our current house for 14 years and we still have white walls. Considering how much I love color, that's downright weird. I told hubby we're painting the living room forest green. He had a cow until he saw it. (We have a software program, Better Home and Gardens Home Designer, where you can draw you're rooms, fill them with your furniture, and then experiment with paint colors, flooring, drapes, etc etc.) It's going to look really nice with the light bamboo flooring we're putting in. Again-HAVE FUN!