Wednesday, August 29, 2007

field of dreams v. hill of screams

Local news here in the Bay Area is going on and on about this newsworthy story (actually, I now see it has even hit the AP).

A Danville family (think land of "Richie Rich"), was feeling like the local parks were just too crowded for a decent little league practice. Besides, Daddy couldn't make it to practice on time to coach (musta been that long winding drive from the hilltop mansion down to the flats, eh Pops?).

Anyhow. So their solution? They build a baseball diamond for Junior and his team on their "spare" lot.

You're looking at $300k worth of the new and improved artificial turf, plus batting cages, and 14 high foot fences to prevent stray balls leaving foul ball territory.

Problem is, Mommy+Daddy never got a building permit, and it their Field of Dreams is not up to code. Especially in terms of meeting the "preserving the skyline" clause.

I'm kind of confused about how the house itself preserved the skyline, but whatever.

So the neighbors are bitching about the view being ugly. The city has decided they need to dismantle the whole thing. Or appeal the thing. I think Mommy is pissed because her idea was to just plant a bunch of trees around it and camouflage it.

This whole thing has kinda made me wonder if my own neighbors are up to code.

Behold. My own little piece of skyline view (not Danville)...

...this being the view I see from the kitchen window and/or from the den-office-spare bedroom.

Yes, folks. Indeed, that would be a trampoline perched on a hillside.

And it's a very steep hillside. And the thing is also quite perched.

No, I have never seen anyone on it. I've been casually keeping an eye on it since we moved here. I'm kinda thinking there was only ever one person stupid enough to take a jump on it, and they are probably still in traction up in that room in the upper right corner.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not eeeeven complaining about the view here. I actually find this whole trampoline thing a fun little oddity. Nice little conversaton piece ("Have you seen anyone on it?"..."Why no, I have not."..."Let's sneak up there and do it!")

And besides. Why complain. Anything beats the view my last neighbor gave me.


Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Oh lord your neighbors are nuts. I can just see my son flying halfway down the hill the first time he even stepped foot on it. hehehe

What I noticed most from your pics though is the lack of green!! Man y'all need some of the rain that we have been getting here in Iowa. I can't even imagine it being that darn brown around here.

jodi said...

And the trampoline people are too far away to reach over the fence and steal your avocadoes ;)

Carrie said...

Heehee - that trampoline cracks me up =) It's very frustrating when people do things without permits. I obey the law so much that I get a double "that's not fair" feeling when someone ignores it. Pretty view for the batters, though, hmm?

Anonymous said...

Ha, I think trampolines are bought by people who have Munchausen-by-proxy but are just too wussy to mess their kids up they buy the trampoline, which is just springy doom. That, or they really love the ER. I've never ever seen a trampoline being used where someone didn't get hurt. Never. Ever. Never ever.

Gray said...

As a parent I can only look upon the trampoline with dread! As for the baseball diamond, the arrogance makes me angry.

Like Becky I am struck by the lack of green. It is relatively dry now in New England, but except for many lawns, everything is green.. I live on one of the highest hills in the area, but from a distance all one can see of my neighborhood are the canopies of the maples, ashes, and oaks. Thanks for sharing a little of your own landscape.


Anonymous said...