Thursday, November 29, 2007

are we there yet??

Actually, I've been wondering if "we there yet" every single day since NaBloPoMo began.

Today my BloMoAss has been saved by the assistance of the mailman and another NaBloBlogger, OutOfCharacter. I strongly encourage you to give this chick a read. I can't eat or drink when I read her posts because if I do, I either choke or blow food out of my nose because I am laughing so hard. Go over there and read her entire month of November. You won't be bored. I promise you. You will love me for it.

Well, the ErinTheBlogMistress is also a little crafty. She has a etsy shop full of sock zombies.

The first one I ordered I THINK was this guy/girl/thing??):

The reason I'm not sure if this is the actual zombie I ordered, is because "It" was with me for only about 22 seconds. See, I had ordered "It" for myself. "It" arrived by post the same day as Hamish, who was called forth from the internets to go cheer up J, who has been in the hospital for a very loooong time.

While I was packing Hamish and the other assorted goodies into the gift bag for J, "It" jumped in. And when "It" got to the hospital, "It" jumped onto her lap, and she laughed and rubbed "It's" tummy.
Love, it was.
They were meant for each other, I tell ya'.

So I ordered another zombie for myself.

This new zombie arrived today, and the moment "ItSquared" popped out of the package, MyFavoriteKid yelled, "Ian!!!"

me: "Ian???!?!?"
MyFK: "Yeah! Ian!!!!! Ian loves me!!"
me: "Nuh uhhhhhh. Ian is MINE. Mine MINE MINE!" (this girl does not share toys well)
MyFK: "NO! He is mine!!! He matches my room!!! He wants to be with ME!!"

Well, ya' got me there. I knew I shoulda ordered the orange one. DANG IT.
Zombie-less again.

As I sit here typing this, MyFK is doing homework at the diningroom table (in otherwords, we are both doing homework), but MyFK just popped up for the third time now to go into his bedroom to check on "It".
Excuse me.
I mean, IAN.

He says Ian is sleeps with his eyes open.


Erin said...


It makes me so, so happy to know the zombies go to such loving homes!

And thank you for the sweet words. You're amazing!

Carrie said...

Those zombies are great! So original. How nice that your FK stole yours - you know he loves it =)

What do you mean, two more days? How much blogging are you going to drop down to? I've enjoyed this...

Megan said...

I love Etsy. I just bought a zombie!

Anonymous said...

They're just the happiest little zombies ever. Just the kind you would expect to find in alternative universe Disneyland. ;)

Those and Christmas lawns sporting disembodied neon legs.

Janice in GA said...

I love the zombies. It's always a good sign when everyone else wants to steal your toys.