Tuesday, November 20, 2007

the easy way out still counts

Today's hits to the blog from the statscounter:

14.29% dolphin gets tail
14.29% knitting
14.29% dishwasher kiss
14.29% ello john things are getting better,i just bought a brand new sweater
14.29% amputeehee
14.29% amputee crutching
14.29% fireplace bookcase

I can account for every one of these, including the kissing of the dishwasher.
Except that one there in the middle.
What the f%$# is that?????

Sorry for the short post, but I just have had ENOUGH today. Of EVERYTHING.
I am a crabcake.


Penny L. Richards said...

Good stuff! That middle line looks like it might be a scrap of a lyric?

We don't get such interesting searches as you do, though I did see "good looking women carrying protest signs" in the sitemeter a couple days ago. You gotta wonder...

Anonymous said...

Is it because you occasionally talk about sweaters?

Who is "ello john"? Does this have to do with Engrish?

Mouse said...

Interesting search results.. I'm sorry that you are a crabby-patty. (mmm..crabcakes) if you'd like to b*tch.. you know where to find me.
(also.. happy thanksgiving to you and your family..)