Thursday, November 22, 2007

on being thankful

(why yes, it sure as hell does)

You know, I didn't have my usual Ooey-Gooey-I-Am-Feeling-Thankful-Emo-Thing this year. Usually I have at least one of those moments when this day rolls around. Pass me the tissues.

This year was different, I think, because for the past several months, at some point every single morning, I take a minute or two and count my blessings. If I'm not up for counting them all, I try to at least think of just one and focus on that, and experience gratitude. It's been a really wonderful practice, and reflecting in this way seems to take away the desire to steep in it annually.

I hope (for those celebrating or not) that it was a wonderful day....and I hope for every day to be as wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Right on. :)