Friday, December 14, 2007

fuzzy feet

TheMostImportantGuy's FuzzyFeet

Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted...colors m-08 Wild Oak, and m-140 Aran for the cuff

US #10-1/2's dpns, Crystal Palace (bamboo)

Fuzzy Feet by Theresa Vinson Stenerson


* I did not use a circular needle, only dpn's.
* Taking Mouse's advice, I made a longer cuff (hence using 2 colors--to make sure I had enough yarn). I did 25 rows for the cuff, 23 of them in the contrasting color, switching to do the last 2 of those rows in the main color before beginning the heel flap.
* At that point, I got all confused about the moving the marker issue, and just tossed the pattern and knit my standard sock recipe.
* I picked up two extra stitches at the gusset to avoid a hole (ala Charlene Schurch), and once the gusset decreases were complete, I knit 17 rows to match the length of his foot.
* For the toe, I had done the suggested toe decreases and the sock looked very pointy! I mean look!

too pointy!! good for elves, maybe??
TheMIG's feet are more rounded , so it seemed to make sense to change that. I decreased every other row until I got to 6 stitches on each needle, then decreased every row until there were 4 on each needle (total of 16 stitches).


Finished (knitting): 11/29

12/11 (what a slacker I am)

On Ravelry: here

I really enjoyed making these, but I'm waiting for more feedback from TheMIG about how he likes wearing them. It seemed like they might make for sweaty feet perhaps? (ewww) If all is well, I will be making more for...well... probably everyone LOL. It was an affordable, quick project (I know it took me a few days to knit up, but with the holidays, I was barely working on it. I am sure I could do a pair in a day or two, tops). All in all, a very satisfying knit ;-)

MyFavoriteKid has asked for a pair with flames on the sides. Now I have to figure out how to do that. I'm thinking needle felting. I just ordered a bag plant dyed fiber from Simmy.


The Bon said...

They look great! I'd be interested to hear about the sweaty foot factor, my feet get way too warm for slippers in general.

I think needle felting on the flames would be a great way to accomplish that, without having to worry about distorting via the fulling process.

Anonymous said...

And they look like fuzzy feet! They do!

Cool. :)

BeanMama said...

Love the fuzzy feet!

Could be modified somehow?

Anonymous said...

I definitely think that the needle felting would work. A friend of mine was doing that the other day with the felted clogs pattern. She was felting bunny skulls on black slippers. Only a knitter could do something that cool. :)

Suzanne said...

Those look like perfect socks for frigid mornings!