Wednesday, January 09, 2008

down for the count. again.

On the way to dance rehearsal this morning, I took another fall. A crutch slid out from underneath me again. This time the surface was painted concrete that was damp from rain, and I landed on my arse instead of my knee, which has much (much) more padding.

To be certain:
I am not at all happy :-(

In attempt to clear my mind and go to my happy place, I'll end this sorry excuse for a post by showing what I knit yesterday:

Helix Glove #1 in progress, more details here if need be


lori said...

Bless your heart. Yet you keep getting up, keep on going. I am not made of nearly such stern stuff. But I'm getting there. Also, now I have to go stalk you, erm, I mean check out the helix on rav. Haven't seen that one before. Inspirational and Enabling--can't get much better than that!

The Bon said...

The worst spill I ever took was while walking was on hardpacked snow, into the path of an oncoming truck. Luckily, my friend got me up and out of the way but I had a massive bruise right on my hip bone [which is where I landed] for weeks.

How long until you get the new tips for your crutches?

The mitt is looking great! Fingers are fiddly but so satisfying to me once they're all done. I think they fit better with the fingers than without as well.

Ragnar said...

I've always thought that butts were padded for exactly that being in "recovery" is a great excuse to knit!

Anonymous said...

Rain and crutches are tough, even when the tips are brand new. I was lucky (living in the SW means not too many slippery sidewalks) and didn't have to many crazy falls. I always got very protective of my leg (hitting the end hurts so bad!) and didn't care what else hit the ground, as long as my baby leg survived!

I'm not going to presume you want suggestions or advice, but you know if you ever want to swap battle stories, e-mail me.

~Donna~ said...

I hope the dancing condoms didn't have anything to do with it...take care and heal fast! Hugs...D

Anonymous said...

Hope you aren't too bruised....
Have you seen this yet?

I have to admit I cried - in a good way :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, shit. :(
Are new crutch tips in the works?

Janice in GA said...

DUDE! That's horrible.

I remember after my knee surgery when I was on crutches. I slipped in the parking garage where I worked, and yes, it was on painted concrete. :(

I didn't QUITE fall, but I was pretty shaken up and upset by it.

Hang in there, kiddo.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Lori ~ I *am* TheHelix on Rav hahaha. Seriously though, the pattern hadn't been submitted yet, so I did it. Last I checked, I was the only one tagged as knitting them!

TheBon ~ I am getting new tips today. And yes, fiddly!

ragnar ~ I agree on both accounts.

jodie ~ thanks for commiserating, and I always welcome suggestions and advice :-)

donna ~ oh, yay! I can blame it on you! hahaha

Guernseygal ~ Yes, I have seen that. Cool, eh?? I think I first saw it over at WheelchairDancer's blog. This dancer's stump is a bit shorter than mine, and his arms are a bit longer, and that is how he manages that cool trick of sticking his stump on the crutch handle to create support for himself. Never ever have a wished for a shorter stump until now LOLOL.

jenna ~ yes, today, thank goodness. I am picky about what kind of tips I like to use, and I hadnt found anyone local that carried them until today. I had been driving back down to my old neighborhood to get them. I think TheMostImportantGuy finds me nuts for not ordering them online.

janice ~ thank you! I am trying to. I can't believe how much falling twice has done to mess up my sense of self. It's a trip.