Tuesday, January 15, 2008

is this some new art installation, or i have been cruising past it for 23 years?

I suspect that most people know "Berkeley, California" because of its historical relationship with hippies, protests, free love, and tie dye.

But did you know that Berkeley is also harmonically correct?

Or maybe the downtown area is in now in tune with the universe or something.

I post photos not for lack of something to say.
I post photos because I cannot organize my words around the many things I DO have to say.

Blogging 365 is a trip.


Laura said...

That has to be new. I live in the Bay Area also and I don't remember that there.


JohnK said...


enjoy the trip

Carol said...

Oh dear. Were those last few lines just for moi? (;

Anonymous said...

It's a giant "fork you."

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

laura ~ yeah, I'd never seen it before either! I'm kinda wondering if it's a work in progress...? Or maybe it really is just...a tuning fork. LOL

john ~ exactly. Or perhaps Kumbayaa.

Carol ~ I dont think so...(?) I think I really just wrote them as my way of announcing to myself that I am really good at being superficial.

sara ~ hahahahahahaha!

~Donna~ said...

That's been there for a while I think. I noticed it one time while driving about a few years back. How many? Who knows...I have an awful memory...

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Donna ~ Yeah? Well, I didn't even SEE it!