Sunday, February 10, 2008

a peek inside

I behind on some posting I promised myself I would do.
Tomorrow I will (I will I will I will) post about the dance shows last weekend.
For now, here's some photos of the inside of the van...

From the front looking towards the back...galley on the left, bathroom on the right. Once you put down a little wooden platform and rearrange some cusions, the power sofa in the back converts into a queen sized bed.

From the couch facing forwards.

The little loo.

We took the van on a little jaunt today up into the Napa Valley for a picnic, the plan being to get a little bit more comfortable driving it. Next weekend will be the maiden-overnighter-voyage-test-run.


Mouse said...

How COOL! I'm very excited for you.. can't wait to hear how it works out! Do you have a stove, fridge, microwave in there?

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Mouse ~ Yup, sure do! Looking at the top photo, the silver blob in the bottom right corner is a 3 cu.ft. fridge. Above that, you can see the spigot for the sink (the countertop has a part you lift out and the basin is underneath). The countertop on the end, at the left, slides over and under that is a two-burner propane stove. The white thing up top is the microwave. The appliance that will be the only space waster for me is the built in coffee maker (the black thing above the fridge). I'm not drinking coffee anymore, and even if I was, I'd probably drag along my press pot for that. For TheMIG, this week I am testing an italian stovetop espresso maker. WeIsCoffeeSnobs ;-)